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Resolved Paging Zeta-Byte - RESOLVED

Oct 29, 2011

    1. I bought a Des head from Zeta-Byte and paid on October 19th, she's actually not been too bad about getting back to me when I have PM'd her, but first she had to wait for the money to go from the payPal to her bank account (reasonable) so that she would have shipping money,.. and then she was waiting for other things to be paid for so that she could make one trip in her stepmother's car to get to the post office.*_* Normally I wouldn't mind waiting, but as I told her in PMs, time is tight for me as I am moving to Chicago and the house will be empty in a few days. So I really need her to get down to the Post Office and send me my little Des head! Rilly soon now! I have offered and will still pay her another 10 for postage (though postage was included in the purchase price) once she sends me the signature confirmation tracking numbers. Thanks much!
    2. Zeta-Byte was last on the forum yesterday. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Hi!

      0311 0240 0001 6063 9033

      That's the delivery confirmation number. Shipped via PriorityMail today with all the other packages.

      Very Sorry about the wait. :( hope she arrives soon!

      Please let them know that this was resolved.
    4. Yep, sent the extra postage too on my end.. hopefully the head will appear Tues/Wed--I'll update then and this can be closed up! Muy thanks!
    5. The head is here, just as promised, carefully wrapped and on time--with eyes! So happy! So you can mark this happily resolved and thank you to Zeta-Byte!