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Paging Zully Quirk - RESOLVED

Jul 31, 2008

    1. I don't think she's been on, but its been 4 days since I've paid, and I've heard nothing at all from her, even though I've sent her multiple pm's T_T I just want to know when they'll be sent out!
      thanks bunches!
    2. I bought an FDoll body from Zully Quirke on 6/22 and after I sent the payment I've heard nothing back from her and haven't received the body. I PM'd about 2 nights ago and haven't gotten a reply, and I haven't noticed her online. It's been over a month and I'm concerned.
    3. She just pm'd tonight saying she was going to ship out my item tomorrow. perhaps you should try putting up a page specifically for the transaction?
      i hope your item arrives to you!
    4. Well in the past I've seen the mods merge posts for the same member being paged to save space so I figured I'd just post here.

      Yes, I was just PM'd as well with the same message. Let's post again when our items arrive and everything is resolved. Good luck to you too!
    5. I just got my delivery confirmation! So as soon as they arrive, my issue will be resolved! I hope you get yours shortly larien!
    6. My pukisha parts arrived safe and sound! So I'm resolved! Please wait for Larien to say she's resolved!
    7. Larien ~ Please update this when you have resolution!
    8. Just want to note that according to the tracking information I have, Larien has received her package from me.

      0794 2435 6110 3800 3149
    9. Thank you! Larien, please confirm.
    10. Yes, I received my package yesterday! So it's resolved :) Sorry I am late in letting you know, we've had guests all week.