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Paging Zully Quirke - RESOLVED

Jul 3, 2008

    1. I bought a CP boy body on 6/23, and Zully was supposed to have a tracking number to me by 6/28. I have not heard from her since that date although I have PMed several times as well as trying to contact her on another forum with no luck. It hasn't been SUPER long yet, but I want to get this resolved before it gets out of hand!
      Zully, please PM me!
    2. Updating to say I have heard from Zully & received a tracking #. Please leave up until body is received...
    3. jayne ~ will you please post resolution in this thread so it can be titled as resolved? Thanks.
    4. This issue is resolved, body has been received and everything's fine, but I don't think I can edit my title, can I? I don't have an edit button.