Paging Zully Quirke - RESOLVED

Aug 27, 2008

    1. HI Zully Quirke

      Just wondering if you can get in touch with me please!

      I paid for MSD sized plaid shorts and a skull shirt on 18 July - and the stuff hasn't shown up. I've pm'd you a couple of times, seen that you were about on DoA, but got no reply...

      Can you just let me know what has happened to the clothes? Did they get posted? Are they on their way? It's the not knowing.

      Please contact me.


    2. Zully Quirke is now Being Paged. She was last on the board 25AUG. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. [SIZE="-10"]Hello.

      I am also trying to reach Zully Quirke, but I don't know any other way to do so. She is currently in my Fairyland group order and I would like to know if she received the invoice that I sent to her on the 22nd of August.

      I really don't want to post this here as she hasn't really done anything wrong, but I don't know any other way to contact her other than through PMs. And she hasn't been on since the 25th. Which means that she was on three days after I sent out her invoice. Perhaps she didn't get my PM, perhaps she's been busy, that's okay. I'm a pretty understanding woman.

      By posting this here I'm hoping that someone that knows her can let her know that I'm waiting to hear from her and I just hope that everything is okay.

      Thank you.
    4. [SIZE="-10"]Zagzagael, In the best interest of myself and of everyone else in my group order, I have dropped Zully Quirke from the order for her blatant lack of communication. It's been seven days since invoices were sent and I have no contact what-so-ever. My Paypal request was not responded to and I just believe that the way that she has handled herself if atrocious. She could have at least responded to the invoice I sent or the reminder to say that she can't afford to remain in the order. But, I got nothing.

      Looking back, the only contact I've had from her was her initial order form which was sent to me on July 22nd, 2008. The terms for the group order were made known to everyone way ahead of time and there is no excuse for this type of behaviour. I just wanted to make it known that I am in no way pleased with the way that she conducts herself and I see that this is not the first time that someone has had problems with her. Hopefully others will be wiser and consider this before taking up transactions with her.

      Alice80, good luck with reaching her and getting your items.
    5. Forbidden ~ We don't allow negative feedback to be given for "flakey" sellers or buyers. I'm sure after you've read through the Marketplace Ethics thread in the General Discussion subforum you can understand why - we would be innundated with threads! However, this member does seem to be having some issues with communication and joining a group order in good faith and not following through on the verbal agreement seems worthy of feedback here.
    6. I'm about to open a dispute with Paypal. The last day is tomorrow, and while I don't like to do it, the complete lack of communication doesn't give me any alternative.

      I'm hoping it can all be resolved amicably...

    7. Any resolution? Any contact with this member?
    8. I hate to do this but I am very unhappy with a recent transaction with Zully who wont respond at all!

      Here are the details:

      I bought Lucky punch hands from Zully Quirke on 8/1/08 and I am in the US as is Zully. So On 8/13 I wrote Zully because they still havent arrived. She said she would get me tracking but then I never heard another Word.

      On 8/24 I wrote one last time STILL NO HANDS. DIDNT HEAR BACK.

      SO I basically had no choice but to put in a Paypal claim.. The claim was awarded in my favor but DUE TO LACK OF FUNDS was NOT PAID.

      I NEVER GOT MY HANDS AND AM OUT THE $$ Which is TOTALLY unacceptable! if I dont hear back I will be taking this all over to BDD as I am just soo sad that one of my first transactions on DOA ended like this :(
    9. I am also escalating to a claim, but fear that I won't see my money again...


      Zully Quirke has disappeared!

    10. Update -

      Well I currently have a refund pending from Zully Quirke - maybe it's form her and not forced through Paypal (I opened a claim). If it's from her, then well done of her to make it right. I hated to do this, and hopefully things will be fine.

      It's pending so I will update once it's cleared.

    11. I was just updated by Zully and Paypal that my refund has gone through. I appreciate that this is all cleared up now. Thank you.
    12. My paypal refund has cleared has well.

      Many thanks, Zully Quirke! I really appreciate that you refunded my money!