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Peak's Woods' Christmas Event Notice! - First LE added!

Nov 12, 2010

    1. Exciting! I can't wait to see the new LE products!
    2. Dear,

      Hi, this is peakswoods.
      First of all...... Sato, thank you very much for starting this thread for us.
      We are very much excited about our Christmas event as well and we hope our PW fellows can have as much fun as possible
      during the event period with us.
      Then..... here goes the first LE.
      Thank you very much and enjoy~~~~!!!

    3. Hi, this is PW the second LE, wake up Cue. Enjoy~~~!!!

    4. The 3rd PW LE, Hucky as a fullset. Enjoy~~!!!

    5. Hi, thank you for the question.
      LE Cue will be released late next week or the week after next week.
      Thank you very much~!!!
    6. The 4th LE, Briana. Have fun~~~~!!

    7. Thank you very much for the compliment~!!
      Here goes the 5th LE, Sky. Enjoy~~~~!!! Yay~!!!

    8. Will Sky be the last one for this week, & they'll start again on Monday 11/22? Thank you!
    9. Yes, it's Monday and Skiya is our 6th LE.
      Have a good day~~~!!!!

    10. The 7th LE, Fullset Naomi. Thank you~~~~!!!

    11. Surprise~~~~~!! The 8th LE is wake up Goldie, AGAIN. Enjoy~~~~!!!

    12. It seems like the LE dolls are selling out super fast! How many of each type are being released?

      Will you be releasing any LE versions of your MSD Bug line dolls or any more of your tiny size dolls?
    13. Lukyl they are all one offs. So they sell out as soon as someone buys the one they have listed. I checked this morning and the last one was still available so it takes a few hours for them to sell out.

    14. Hi, thank you very much for the questions.
      We are planning to release all of the peakswoods dolls one or more than one time if there has no change in a plan.
      And the maximum quantity of each item is three.
      And yes, there will be our FOB(MSD) and FOF(USD) line dolls as limited fullsets.
      Thank you again for your time and interest in PW.
    15. PW the 9th LE, Yeru. Enjoy~~~~~!!!

    16. Yes~! PW 10th LE is Goldie. Have fun~~~~!!!

    17. Hi, PW the 11th LE, Hucky. Enjoy~~~~!!!

    18. PW the 12th LE, Cue!!! Have a great weekend~~~!!!

    19. Hi, did you all have a great weekend?
      Here comes the 13th LE, Naomi. Enjoy~~~~!!!