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Pet inspired dolls

Feb 18, 2017

    1. My two current resin boys are both inspired by my pets. Basically this is how I imagine my pets looking like if they were human. So here's somethings about them.


      The picture on the left is Rocky, my German Shepherd, and on the right is Nishi. Nishi is a ringdoll Sol style c.
      They both some similar character traits.
      - Intimidating looks with sweet personality
      - Canine family ( Nishi is a werewolf btw)
      - Loyal
      - loves to cuddle
      - pretends to be mad and angry all the time :XD:

      Next is Tori and Tori
      - Is and angel (birds have wings so that counts right? :whee:
      - always happy and smiling
      - perfect singing voice
      - cute and fluffy
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    2. Wow what a cute idea!! I feel like these sculpts really represent your pets well! I always wanted to get some anthros to represent my pets, but I may actually like your idea better of having human sculpts to represent them. It is honestly such a cool idea and I think you've done an amazing job with your dolls :)
    3. Thank you very much! I'd love to see you represent your pet as dolls! :XD::XD:
    4. Thank you, I think I will have to start looking at sculpts :D
    5. Gosh that is an adorable idea and the sculpts match your pets perfectly! Really cute, now I am honestly thinking of making bjds of my two chihuahuas ^^
    6. It wasn't planned, but I do have a character who looks like a pet I had. When I made this guy, I wanted him to look tough and intimidating. I had just finished The Grand Budapest Hotel, so that was a bit of the inspiration, and then I realized that he looked like a cat my family made friends with when I was younger (3-4yrs old).

      He looked a bit like this (I don't actually have a photo of him), except he had prominent scratches across his brow and nose from fights (he was The Boss of some of the other stray cats in our neighborhood) and the patches on his face were not symmetric, with one orange blotch going down one cheek.
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    7. I plan to get a cuarto dragon and three reptiledoll chameleons to make my pets, butbhave never based a human doll off of a pet..
    8. @Melancholic_dolly That's such a fun idea, I love how well the sculpts you chose match, the bird one is really making me smile XD Haha, iI might have to have a look if I can find matches for my pets. Buster the guinea pig is easiest has he's sporting the punk look but my snakes might be harder. For my white corn snake Little Prince it would have to be a super elegant character with long white hair (so anime!) but Yuma my Western Hognose would be tricky because look at that face XD
    9. Thank you very much! I actually never plan for the sculpts to match my pet actually, I just recently realize that they do indeed look alike. Your pet white corn snake is absolutely adorable! For your Western Hognose, I feel like a sculpt with some prominent nose profile might be good XD hahaha. But that's up to you. X
    10. *L* yes, it would have to be a fat smiley face with big eyes and and upturned nose, probably along the lines of this XD though I have to confess i'm seriously considering doing up a character based on Little Prince. It might be fun to make long flowing robes with a snake skin pattern, combined with a long white wig, pink eyes etc it could make an interesting looking character :)