Petite Delf clothing, shoes, wig's fitting's discussion

Feb 6, 2017

    1. Hello,
      I m never 'lucky' to find what I search in the function Search or the forum. But seems there's no discussions about Petite Delf Luts dolls's clothes and shoes or wig. So I will open a topic myself.
      I wonder where do you buy shoes or outfits that fit this size? I mean, apart the usual Luts website. I wish to buy her mary jane shoes that can be wear with socks, but I cant find. There's some other dolls type that have this same measurements and I can also buy for her? especially less expensive than Luts items.
      Also wigs.. not always fit her head well. I buy a wig from Luts as well and it doesnt fit her good.. she appear too "bob" big head.

      Thank you! ;_;