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Phantom Doll Siamese & Korat! (56cm)

Jun 3, 2006

    1. I was browsing through some sites when I saw these lovely new dolls by Phantom Doll. (It's down as of right now due to high hits per day -_-;;; )

      Both dolls are BW, modeled on cats and have ears.

      Siamese has slightly open mouth and no double eyelid (eye crease), giving him oriental look.

      Korat has closed eyes, giving him angelic look <3


      Height: 56cm
      Head: 22cm(8.6inch)
      Eye size: 16~18mm
      neck: 8.5cm
      Chest: 21cm
      Shouklders: 11.5cm
      Arms: 16cm
      Waish: 21cm
      Hip: 23cm
      leg: 26cm
      Feet: 6.5cm

      Prides depends on limited editions, and option choices (full potion comes with clothes and etc, and the other ome is only doll by itself).

      Gorgeous dolls :D
    2. Oh my gosh, PhantomDoll is making SD-sized dolls now?? They're famous for their beautiful tinies . . .

      I'll be very interested in checking the site out when it's up again. Do you happen to recall what the prices were for the various sets offhand? Or a general idea? Also, the edition size? Their tinies were extremely limited (I think 20 or less), so they sold out really quickly.

      Thanks much! :D

      -- A (this isn't chat, so I hope it can stay in the News thread, since we can't check the site for ourselves)
    3. I love Korat! How can we order from them?
    4. Does the artist sell the dolls directly from the site to the USA anyone know? Is the artist in Japan? I guess there might be a need for a buying service here.

      Nice that they are smaller SD size though I know from experience dressing a boy of smaller than SD13 size can be a bitch!!
    5. Are those ears like the Unoa ears? Like, are they connected the same way?
    6. It's a Korean site. I am interested also. I am asking around.
    7. http://page11.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/n40899894

      Freesia is selling both dolls, they come wearing girly maid outfits! fur wigs and big cat ears. The auction says the ears attach with magnets but it also mentions a ear band which would be the part that joins the ears. So I wonder if they attached individually.

      A Korat is also a type of cat so they both have cat breed names!
    8. eh ?__? is the only way to buy one of these is from Y!J ??
      i wish there were more info about ordering them
    9. NO thats not the only way, the artist sells them directly visit the site. However we don't know if they the artist will sell direct to the usa. OR if you would need to use a buyer service.
    10. Ooh, the site is back on now.
      As for the pricing, I looked but couldn't find it on the website...
      The artist began taking limited amounts of orders starting on 6/2. I don't think she sells internationally, you might need to get a translator(?) or someone to order for you.
    11. The bodies are a new thing but last year (Novemberish?) they put out the NoEl headmold which could be put on a 60cm body, I think only ten of him were made. Siamese looks suspicously similar to NoEl. Luv the face!!!
    12. Phantom speaks pretty good english, I think you can order through their board, or you could probably order through email, at phantomdoll@hotmail.com.

      They're super sweet, and really helpful, but they only accept bank transfer as payment.
    13. I sent an email but it bounced back as undeliverable to this email phantomdoll@hotmail.com. I left a message on the order board asking if they accept international orders. The site is down again but when it is back up I will check back and then post more info here.

      As far as pricing I think it said 584000 WON but not sure what that includes.

      I really wish these guys were 43cm.
    14. Has a discussion thread been made for them yet?
    15. does anyone know what the dolls come with ? like clothes ?wig ? face up ??
    16. Really? Phantom's doing face-ups for a few of my dolls, and I've been communicating with them through email rather than their board because it's hard for me to access sometimes.

      EDIT: Oops, the email is phantomdolllove@hotmail.com. Sorry guys! :sweat
    17. Amurai, ATM it looks like they are selling the "sky" and "pink" sets. But we are waiting for more word. Hopefully later today.
    18. one more question ! do they come togather or seprate ( i mean the two boys ) ?--?
      oh and are they in a limited amount ?
      these dolls are so tempting >w<
    19. Oh, you are right! SHe speaks good English ^^;; I just checked the board and she said she's accepting international orders. Yay! :]