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PhantomDoll Siamese comparison photos (Not WorkSafe!)

Jan 19, 2007

    1. I bought a PhantomDoll Siamese recently, and wanted to share some comparison photos with another doll I have, a HappyDoll Ein. The body sculpt for Ein is by Korean artist Inhyeungsa and is currently being used by Angel Region for their Fair line.

      The normal skin doll is the Inhyeungsa sculpt.
      The white skin doll is the Phantom sculpt.






      Inner torso joint:

      Top view of lower torso piece:

      Inside the upper torso piece:
    2. Here are some comparison photos of the PhantomDoll Siamese hands compared with CP/Luts Sleeping Chiwoo's hands.
      These photos were taken by DoA member Muffin. I'm posting this, but this whole post is a joint effort between Muffin and me.

      The normal skin hands belong to CP Sleeping Chiwoo.
      The white skin hands belong to PhantomDoll Siamese.





      Here are photos of two clay casts I made of the inside of the bodies:

      Phantom's comments:

      #1: I wrote to Phantom to ask about the similarities. Here is our correspondance:

      My question:
      'I love him but I am a little worried, because the body is almost exactly like that of another doll I have, and the hands are exactly like a different doll. Since your website says Siamese is an 'original doll' and not just an original head, I am confused. Would you please explain
      the similarities?'

      Phantom's response:
      'First of all, I'm not feeling too well as a doll's artist after receive your e-mail. The Siamese and Korat are the original doll by my work and, this is my pride. I sent my doll's the original form to reproduce-company for my doll's reproduce. And, the company is professional and believable by law. It is possible to see just similarly because already there is too many dolls. But, please, don't accept my creation likewise another dolls. I'm so sad.'

      I would like to add that Phantom is incredibly talented and has always been very professional with me. She addressed my question without hesitation.

      #2: I sent Phantom a link to my photographs, saying 'I am so sorry, but I think you have been deceived by this company...'

      Her response: 'Thank you for your interest and care.
      I saw your photos, and I'm surprised a little bit.
      But I think it looks like just similar,
      because I'm a maker of dolls, and I know it is possible sufficiently
      on process of manufacture.
      Of course, I feel unpleasant about this, and I'll solve with the company.
      Thanks to your help I come at this problem. Thank you!!'

      Again, Phantom responded very quickly.


      I sent them a link to the photographs of hands, asking if they were legitimately related.

      Their response:
      'Dear dezarii.
      Thank you for the record.

      By comparative images, we found out the white hand has very similar shape as CP.
      Right now, we are trying to clearfy about that.

      Again, thank you for all your concern.

      Thank you very much.'

      Angel Region:

      'Hello. Thank you for such information; we are not related to Phantomdolls in any
      way. We cannot confirm about copyright violation though the bodies look similar
      in pictures. So, we will verify the body by contacting Phantomdoll and comparing them.
      We will let you know about the outcome. It may take some time to ask and to receive their body, so we suggest you
      wait for about 2 weeks. Thank you, once again.'

      Regarding Glorydoll: There was some speculation that Phantom may have been involved in the scuplting of the Glorydoll body. She denied this and stated that she only did the faceup work on those dolls.

      As of December 2007: Phantom continues to politely insist that the body sculpt for Phantomdoll Siamese is entirely original, and that she has discussed the issue with Angel Region. She maintains that she is proud of her dolls and loves them.
    3. Wow, those are similar. But I'm assuming that's the point of this comparison an the transparency pictures?
    4. hmm.. they look too similar for my comfort..
    5. I agree with hisuida... but this makes me sad, because I've always loved PhantomDoll's work :(
    6. Seems pretty blatant to me, but that's probably not surprising. Will be interested to see if any of the artists who got copied will do anything about it, and if they'll win their case.
    7. What do you mean by this statement?
    8. I wonder how they'll cover their asses in this one. D:
    9. Wow. I'm usually very hesitant to judge, but the hands look like exact copies...
    10. Wow, that's really blatant. Looks like some slight alterations were done to the main body but look at the navel, the penis, the pecs and the collarbones, esp the navel which is very distinctive. They match perfectly. Everything else is an exact match with no alterations from what I can see. Phantom may have sculpted the head but that body is pure copypasta.
    11. Well funny this should come up... but I've always thought that Siamese and Korat's mouths are exactly like Lucas/Chris/F28's mouths... like the artist simply resculpted the head around it.

    12. I don't really think so, but I do have an F-28. But they seem quite different in person. Still, I can take photos of that too if you like.
    13. Speaking of Volks, Dezarii, do you have access to a Volks MSD boy body? The pelvic area on those two dolls looks very similar to it to me, but that's only my observation from photos as I don't own a boy yet, and I'd like to know what you think if you're experienced with all three.
    14. They do look alike, whoa.
    15. Inhyeungsa is also the artist who sculpted the body that is used by both Angel Region for their Little Fairs and Blue Fairy Tiny Fairies. The same striking resemblances are present between Phantom's sculpt and the Tiny Fairy body, with only a difference in scale.


      I'm sorry for the terrible flash, but Siamese's resin is so white its difficult to show definition in the chest sculpt.

      Phantomdoll is an artist who only produces doll in small quantities and works without assistants from what I understand. It is highly possible that no one else knows about the similarities between these two dolls, as the older Happydoll bodies are rather hard to come by.

      Phantom's reply to Dezarii is rather obscure, but does imply that a third party is involved in the casting procedure. It is possible that they may be more involved in the process of producing the dolls than is apparent from Phantom's website.
    16. Its a very small, photo, but there is an MSD boy with Siamese here.
      I would say Siamese is much more similar to the Tiny Fairy body than the MSD.

      I can't speak for Korat, but Siamese's lips are different from F28. His entire head is smaller, but the lips in particular are pursed differently, and have lip-lines/ creases sculpted on.
    17. I don't have a boy body atm but I have seen them and I do have an MSD girl and an SD-13 boy. I don't believe there is any particular resemblence between the AR dolls and Volks dolls. The AR dolls are extremely slender and just have a different aesthetic overall. Their jointing system is a bit different also, the hands & feet are different... I think there are some vague similarities but I honestly do not think they are related.
    18. Uhuh sure try to make US feel guilty for seeing the similarities *rolls eyes*

      I'm sure with all the dolls around it's hard to make a WHOLE new doll that looks like nothing that has already been released but THIS is not just a bit the same but EVERYTHING the same [except the chest but that could easily be done with adding putty and the head...I think XD]

      Dang it there are too many copycats around...I wonder what will become of this hobby if this doesn't stop :x
    19. Echoing the assertation that there are very few similarites between VOLKS and the Siamese doll; I've handled him in person before, and he's very, very different from both the MSD and SD13 boys.

      The body, though, and the hands...those are pretty dead on with Inhyeungsa and CP. Very sad news, indeed. :(
    20. The big similarities to me are the penis and the navel, but I guess it's just from the photos and they must look different in real life.