Pipos Anthro discussion part 2

Apr 1, 2015

    1. I've been quite inactive here in DoA but lately I've been trying to cath up a little now that I have more time for my dolls. I was surprised I hadn't subscribed to this thread yet, despite the fact that I've owned my Pipos Baha (sleeping version) from 2010! xD
      It's so nice to see pretty pictures of other anthros! I hadn't realized how adorably big the ears of the bunnies are! So cute!

      Here's my Kitten, playing with Saburou's head (I was cleaning Saburou's old bodyblush and I put his head somewhere safe so I wouldn't accidentally knock it down) by banging it like a drum!


      Btw, what are those pop headed pipos cuties some of you had? :D I've missed them completely!


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    2. does anyone know if pipos sends out emails confirming your order after you've paid...? Been almost a week and I haven't heard anything from them. Can't rememebr of that's normal of them or not... It's been a while.
    3. That's normal. You won't get any email from them until your order ships. ^_^
      You can sign in to check your order status.
    4. Wow! I had to jump on this special sale! (How could I resist the chance to add a blue bunny to my Carrot Crew?)

      I have a Loa on the way! My Curo, Rooney, and Cube will be so thrilled with another cousin. :dance
    5. Loving everyone's spam, especially your bunny poeticsoul!! :D

      This event is really cool, but I'm super bummed that vanilla Ringo is not part of it. She was next on my wishlist...

      Heres Tsai hanging out with the geisha girls
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    6. That is certainly a lovely photo of Tsai.:) And BonBon, my Curo, thanks you and offers another photo of him from that recent shoot in honor of our new thread!

    7. PoeticSoul, your BonBon is adorable!

      You are so lucky to have found a Fullset Curo. What a special little guy!
    8. [​IMG]

      Trevor Croakington III telling me all about alpacas
    9. [​IMG]

      I got a Rooney!! eeeeeeee!
      I'm not sure what size this is... it's definitely smaller than the PO11 Rosie - does anyone know what to search for to find clothes that fit?
      I'm torn though, I love the faceup already but want to do something different by myself... ugh, anyone else had this dilemma?
    10. I ordered a Pipos mint green Roggie from Denver Dolls. So excited! I just love his little face :D Does anyone have any pics of their Roggie?
    11. Trevor is so cute! I would love to get one of these froggies before I croak,

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    12. Do you guys know if the roggie has a faceplate system or a regular head?
    13. I love Roggies but don't have one to check about the faceplate, unfortunately. I would guess it's a faceplate, since Pipos tends to use those for most of its dolls...

      I've got a Tomo on layaway. So cool that Pipos has so many frog/toad choices!
    14. Hey guys!

      I'm wondering if any of you have ordered a happy line body? I don't expect any of them to have arrived yet since they were released so recently. I was already smitten with the cheese mouse, but when they released the happy line bodies I was so happy, I like the proportions of that body much better than the jr. pi body.

      I'm just curious about where to pick up clothes for them! The happy line body is pretty awkward in that it has quite a long torso and long arms compared to a lot of similarly sized tinies so I'm sure I'm going to struggle to find stuff that fits properly!
    15. I did order a Trudy frog with the taller Happy Line body because I felt the original body the Trudy frogs came on, made them too tiny for me. I love my Tomo, but couldn't resist the lure of a bright blue Trudy froggie! I also have a couple of cheesemice and a fox Robin, so I can compare the bodies when my blue Trudy comes in.
    16. I just received an email, that my Ringo is flying to me already!! YeY!!!
    17. I also received a shipping notice for my Pink Rooney! :dance :cheer I was hoping to have Pockets my patchwork mouse painted by the time she came home, but with all this heavy rain it looks like he's not going to be ready in time! :sweat
    18. Yey! Can't wait to see them all :D
    19. Today I'm introducing Felicia :) I just reassembled her after the makeup process and sadly she doesn't have a proper wardrobe yet and is lending a shirt from another doll.