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Pipos posts a new piggy

Mar 8, 2010

    1. I wonder why they used the orange resin instead of pink or beige (at least, it appears orange to me)? I have never seen an orange pig before, but I'm not exactly an expert on piggies...

      Are both pigs the same head sculpt? It looks like it to me, only with very different faceups.

      At least Pipos is doing something new! It's refreshing to see a new animal sculpt from them, even if it's not really for me.

      EDIT: The one on the left has an expression like, "I just DARE you to make fun of this diaper!!" Ha ha.
    2. i think it's the same resin as the Cheese Mouse??
    3. Aww i think they're pretty cute though I like the dollfactory piggys a little better:) Didn't CCC relese an orange pig?
    4. yep ccc released bubu in orange and then bubu2 in mango, he's very cute!
    5. I'm not going to lie, I'm very disappointed in these new pigs. They look far more like dollzones to me. :/
    6. It doesn't really look like the Pipos style

      kinda an evil look on that standing one...I kinda like it XD

      ....the sitting one is absolutely adorable though
    7. I usually LOVE piggies....and I have most if not all anthro piggies....but I am really not sure about these....the standing one looks evil...do not like evil piggies........the sitting one might not be too bad...if they show more pictures later.....I'll see...
    8. Yeah, but...why? It makes them look less like pigs, and more like...I'm not sure what.
    9. Maybe that's what put me off from them. :/ Something about them doesn't look like Pipos' soft style. Not that I have anything against the Dollzone anthros, of course. xD
    10. for those of you who wanted a pink piggy ... look at the curly tail!


      now if only they would do the limited girl faceup on the pink resin piggy!
    11. I asked pipos if it's possible to get the limited girl pig (outfit & faceup) on the pink resin ... i'll let you guys know w hat they say!
    12. They're quite cute!

      They look a bit... startled, though. Not sure if that's a bad thing!

      I'm definitely loving the pink resin, I may have to get a piggy as a friend for my ringo! :3
    13. Oh! SO much cuter in the pink! And I have a sort of fondness for the grey one too.
    14. I still don't like them much at all. I've been really been looking forward to pipos doing something other than cats and rabbits but now I'm not so sure. Though they look like their Junior Pi? I haven't seen a Junior Pi I like from them so I still have hope.

      I hope they prove me wrong.
    15. I'm torn really. I like CCC's black pig...but cost wise, don't know if I could manage it. Now I don't see a price on Pipos {says they are sold out actually}. Are they already sold our or is it they just aren't ready to post all the info? They can't be sold out...they just posted them! Would prefer a black piggy but would settle for grey.
    16. Yeah I thought it over. I think I will just save up and get CCC's Ophelia Licorice.
    17. Often when a company is about to release a doll they post a teaser pic and the doll is labeled "sold out" because they aren't available yet. They haven't been released yet, hence the limited pictures, and "sold out" on the front page. It will change once they are released but you should check the prices of the Junior Pi's (I assume these are Junior Pi's) They will be around that price.
    18. It's the ears....they are not quite right....maybe too small...or something......they just have not "captured" the essence of PIG ears.....