Please help me reach this member.

Oct 31, 2006

    1. Hello,
      please mods direct this thread to the right place but i really need help.
      I sent email messages to this member, we're supposed to be splitting a Homme Ducan.
      The order was placed on 28th sept.
      The last email i got from her is 19th oct.
      paypal say the latest i should do a filing is nov 13th, so I'd like to track her now to see what happened to her. I really dont want to be suspicious of anything, but i am way across the world, and if she cant go thruogh with the transaction I really need to get the money back as it worth around two thousand my currency.

      please if anyone could reach her for me:
      member name: Turynn
      state or town: Idaho, Boise

      please any info is greatly appreciated, thanks.
    2. Make sure you report it while you have the chance. If she doesn't get to you then report her in the bad users thread.

      Sadly these types of things happen sometimes... You have to be careful. There's not much you can do. Do you have her e-mail? Here (on DOA) you can look at her profile and e-mail her through the profile. Hopefully she will get to you.

      Fortunetely you did this through paypal and they will get you your money back if you report it in time.
    3. yeah, we have been contacting each other through email because pm can be kinda crazy at times. i really need to know if there's anything wrong at all.
    4. Yes, file on paypal IMMEDIATELY. If nothing else it will get a response right away if she is honest. If not at least you should be able to recover the money if you followed all of paypal's rules. I read too many times when people let it go to be nice then end up left with no money or doll.
    5. Friendly bump!
    6. Best of luck to you Atrika! Do go ahead and report. If she is just out of touch for a good reason, then she will understand. If not, then you have a paper trail to try and recover you doll/money. I feel so sad when dolly deals go sour. It touches too close to the heart!
    7. thank you for all of your support!
      i got a question if anyone face this before.
      i received an email from paypal saying that i have refund pending.
      included in that email is her msg, saying:

      "Hi, I'm not quite sure how the dispute part of paypal works or what it has done
      with the funds you had sent. From what I gather it has not sent you your money
      back? Soo... I hope with this "Issue a full refund to the buyer" option it all
      comes back alri"
      the msg was cut off there.
      i'm not sure what she meant?
    8. Bump for Atrika!
    9. Bump for Atrika!
    10. When I had a Pending refund I had to wait for the funds to clear the sellers account. It took about 5-6 days. Bascially, I got my money once Pay Pal was able to get it from the sellers account. I hope this helps. Good Luck!
    11. thanks for the support guys, i really appreaciate it. i really take care to have a smooth transaction be it here or ebay, i know how it feels if things go wrong. communication is very important to me, and it really worries me that i check her last post is late sept, and she answers me like once a week
      i filed two disputes on her as i sent 2 payments. only one of it was refunded. the other dispute, she did not reply at all on that dispute :/.
      thanks for all the bumps, ria2 ^^.
      i appreciate it.
    12. i guess you're right :/. only after the paypal disputes thing i saw her posts again. I didnt want to make it a personal thing, I just want to get my money back. I was kinda short in cash when i agreed to do the split with her, but i really did try and work out things to get the money. you can say i was losing hair over it.
      I was torn to whether warn others buying from her, because i dont want to look like its a personal agenda? heh, maybe im just too soft. :/
      handling two jobs to cover for those money and other stuff i only had around 6 hours more or less in the weekdays for myself (minus around 4hrs of sleep, eating n bathing time, thats realllllllly no life), and this just make me depressed. so maybe i should like look for a rest time to think things logically, not in a very tired psychotic mind.
      i thought i'd wait for the 2nd dispute to be done before i take any rasional action, i was kinda angry and US currency is pretty big crazy.
      Well, thanks treelore! ^^ maybe DOA should have a verified DOA database, or each country with a BJD community keeps their own database address that can help^^
    13. Hi everyone ^^v. Thanks to another member of showing me this thread!

      Member atrika and I have been in contact again now for over a week and are waiting for paypal to act (I can't do anything, and I believe she can't either in the paypal panel thing... if we had our choice the refund would've been completed ages ago). So it is not necessary for anyone to make me aware of this issue anymore and I thank you for your efforts. Member atrika has already been lengthily informed of the issues regarding my abscence, tardiness and deepest apologies, but I am more happy to answer any questions via PM, e-mail, phone, or msn messenger ^^v.

      (Ms atrika I understand about your job. It was exactly that situation plus school which worsened my medicle problems and caused me to have to quit and cancel our split. Please work hard but also rest properly ne~!).

      I am completely adamant in making sure she receives her full refund (I only wish paypal would hurry it up *_*).
    14. turynn's pm:
    15. Hi, i have no intention to try to make them question your sales. i think you should post all this that you posted to me in your good feedback thread, so the person who wants to buy from you can look them up.
      the thread you post me is at the time when i cant contact you at all. I would like to try see if anyone knew you personally so they can get in touch with you for me.
      I merely posted my thread to the latest celyne22 scammer thread, because im not sure what to do yet, as i dont really like leaving a negative feedback, and maybe opinions from others who shared the same fate can help my decision.
      Treelore saw my thread, and she said she posted it on your thread coz she dont want to take any chances.
      I didnt post any posts to warn off other members on any of your selling threads. it's just that after celyne22 thing i just feel guilty what if the same thing happened again and i dont want to jump into conclusion so i posted on the celyne thread to see what opinion i can get.
      like i said, what i can advice you is post what you msged to me now to your feedback thread, and if possible the starting of your selling thread. this will show that you are trying to correct things, and taking your own initiative to do it. dont wait until my negative feedback. i still have nodecision what to write as i like to weight everything into consideration.
      and you should be aware even a little mistake, or the fact that you rarely contact them will make them question you, because you're a seller without a face online, so they cant really judge how you are in person, they do it based on your action online.
      when i ran away from home at 16, always drunk and smoking 10 packs a day, people just see me as brat who dont care about stuff, when they dont know whats really happening at home.
      even now i've been try to be good for more than 6 yrs, if they stumble upon a cigarette butt inside the gate (workers throws trash around as they please) my family would be all over my face, saying that i did it.

      again if shortly after you agreed to split him with me you found out you were in truoble, your first priority should have been to contact me and return my money, not wait until i open a dispute. I was really worried and your emails are really little to comfort me or to still have trust. in that way also, you somehow have created a record with paypal, so if anything happens again even by mistake, things may not go to your favor.
      and again, as i remembered from your email, you said shortly after the agreement you found out you cant split, why did you tell me you cant email me because you were busy, and ask how i want to go through with this deal. when its actual have been confirmed through DOA pms a couple of weeks before?
      And about the part you pmed me you're short on funds to send to DOD, I never received that pm, but i instill trust on you anyway, again, maybe bcoz i understand whats its like not to be trusted even if you want to do things right earnestly.
      with all due respect, after the celyne case, where she 1st say her account got hacked, then it was etc etc etc. and there was a thing about (was it annguish?) back then saying because she was ill etc etc etc.
      I know for a fact theres a number of people on DOA who are very ill and seek dolls as their comfort (including me) but i try the best i can, even taking on extra hours even if my health is extremely not permiting. this is what we call responsibility for our actions. i will post this pm anyway, and maybe the buyer of your items can make judgement to give you 2nd chance, it is up to them. up until now i did not disclose our conversations on other members in respect of you, but i will post this one so they can see you are very sincere in your selling. good luck, god speed and god bless.
      I know you like BJD, so am I, i'm into this not only coz of interest but also for peace of mind to tackle over my own illness, so unnecessry worries can actually slow my breathing (the irony of God's wrath on all of those binging back those years).
      again, i'm not at you personally, but all sellers in every level must be proffesional and let them know their money is safe. not everyone bothers to know the story or try to comprehend the matter at hand like some people would. if not, they would not light their torch and hunt frankenstein.
      (sorry if im senseless).
    16. okay, for all of you who wants to do transaction with Turynn, please consider her very last pm.

      Thanks again for your pm. I am always seeking tips to be a better seller, although in this case I think I am pretty much aware of where I went wrong. And deeply apologize.

      I realize I can say all the words I like, but in the end it is up to others to decide their own minds. Even so, I'll say all I can without fear, because I won't run away from any questions... I know that all I want to do is conduct a fair business with anyone. But I do realize that one mistake like this can ruin confidence forever. But I intend to stay here still.

      I am not sure how much good it will do x_X but I just sent paypal another e-mail requesting that if possible, they speed up the "reviewing process". I told them again that I just want the money sent back to you as soon as possible. If they don't respond in 24-48 hours, and the case still isn't closed... I think I will call them up and see if there's [/i]anything[/i] that can be done. I didn't intend to keep your money and I still don't. I want it to be returned to you asap >_<.

      Also, I understand this is not a personal attack, so please do not feel like you are being mean to me. It is your right to say all the things you have said, and to bring all your concerns to light on DoA just as you have done. I would have done the same thing in this situation Please understand that I should be available for many hours each day until Dec 10. But I hope by then the paypal has been looong closed o__o;. So, I will be here whenever you wish to reach me.

      I apologize for everything that has gone wrong in this deal, and from now on I am providing all my buyers with all the information that is comfortable to provide for a normal transaction, and any further information upon request. I am and forever will be checking and responding to e-mails and messages from buyers/potential buyers within 24 hours because I want to prevent another accident like this from ever happening again. I agree that I was completely at fault for it turning out that you had to come to me with your concerns, rather than me contacting you immediately. Granted, I was busy at the time trying to organize life issues, I am still making time in my days from now on to send/respond messages asap.

      I will take your advice and post my references that I have provided to you in my feedback thread and also in my sales threads. I also thank you for posting them in your thread and helping me to become a better seller.

      Also, I am sorry to bring up the issue of illness. I know it's a common scapegoat that fradulent sellers would attempt to use so I didn't want to say it at first thinking it might look suspicious, but I have nothing to tell but the truth, so I will just tell it. I know my own self and am not afraid to share it. So, I'm glad to see that you can understand this. Er... well... I am not glad that you suffer through similar things and I wish for your good health... but in a way I am happy that you understand what I mean.

      Originally Posted by atrika
      again, i'm not at you personally, but all sellers in every level must be proffesional and let them know their money is safe.

      Thank you for saying this... I agree with you completely, and it pains me to think I could not deliver the service you deserve.

      I do want to be professional. I don't want anyone to worry about their money, because I know that I hate to worry about my money. I'm sorry you have worried over yours, and please be assured I am checking my e-mails and paypal constantly to look for any changes. I will be calling them in the next 24-48 hours if there are no updates... even if they can't say anything yet I would just like to know if they are doing anything about it =_=.

      Once again, thank you for your patience. I wish you the best for your health and your job. Please have a nice day!

    17. I dont think she intend to do me any malice, just a scatter-minded young person. I feel she have learnt her lesson, thats my opinion. i think all of you are of sound mind and can judge accordingly. i will now go back waiting for the damned paypal for my dispute.
    18. Turynn has returned me full refund, and I am thankful n grateful for that. I think she's on her word when she say this will not happen again, because she did have good feedback, but please dont take my words into account.