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Resolved Please HELP! STOLEN Mini Super Dollfie Head! - RESOLVED

Apr 4, 2006

    1. First, I apologize if I am breaking any rules, as I am not a regular member here and am not fully versed in forum's rules.

      But this is an EMERGENCY, and I really need your help.

      My friend has had her Volks Mini Super Dollfie Head STOLEN.

      The head was a limited-edition Akira:

      She sent it into be customized to who she believed was a trustworthy customizer. First the customizer offered to buy the head from her, and my friend refused the offer.

      Then the customizer failed to post pictures of the reportedly customized doll, even after numerous requests. At the same time, the customizer was posting photos of other dolls, proving that she both had the time to take photos and a working camera.

      Then, even worse, the customizer DISAPPEARED. She stopped responding to emails for nearly a month, even though during this period she (1) posted on her livejournal, (2) read her personal messages on my space, and (3) was seen on MSN Messenger, and even chatted with people.

      Now the customizer has returned, claiming that she was sick with the flu and strep throat at the same time, and that her grandmother recently died, so that was why she was gone. However, she has offered no reasonable explanation for why she could not have sent a simple email -- "I'm sick, things will be delayed" -- during her month-long absence.

      Furthermore, she is also claiming that the head has been BROKEN -- but once again, has not posted photos of the supposedly broken head to prove this claim. She has offered a refund of $150, but both my friend and I believe that the missing Akira head is worth much more than that and that this is an attempt to effectively steal the head.

      We are looking into contacting the police to file a fraud report, but first we need to know the actual value of the Akira head.

      If you know of the Akira's head value, or even better, if you have proof -- a Yahoo Japan auction, a sale on an LJ site, a friend who recently bought one -- please, please, PLEASE contact me.

      Please help us nail this scammer, liar and thief!

      My email is cauldroness(at)gmail.com

      Any and all information you could give us would be greatly appreciated.

      We don't want her to scam anyone else, ever!
    2. Oh wow. I'm sorry. I hope you get the settled. I don't know much about Akira, but I sure somone on DOA can help you.
    3. I'm also a friend of the victim. And well, supposedly an acquaintance of the thief, too. >>

      None of us know what to do anymore... the girl has had the head for a few months before any of this even happened, which is WAY too long. It just makes me so sad and angry. I want to see pictures of Kieran again(the Akira's name). T^T
    4. I'd suggest posting about the customizer (with their name) in the Feedback Forum -- that tends to get a fairly speedy result, since people don't like to lose their reputation and future customers.

      Do me a favor, though, and run your post by a mod beforehand, because there are some rules about posting people's personal information on here. However, if you use their DoA or business name, that's certainly allowed.

      Good luck getting your head back!

      -- Andi <3
    5. I know Akira has gone upwards of $600 recently, and MSD bodies only go for about $100, so the head would be worth much more than $150, more in the range of $300+

      I really hope things work out! @_@
    6. Wow, how horrible! I sadly don't know anything about Akira, but I really hope someone here can help. Good luck, I hope it all works out!
    7. I'm actually going to suggest that you have your friend post this in the feedback forum, with the customizer's name/DoA handle and website (but not home address, please). It really would be better if the victim posted him/herself and provided the information. Also, if she can post pictures of the doll before she sent it, and also a description of what was supposedly being done to it... it might help people to keep an eye out for the head.

      Your friend might want to demand the head back, even if it's broken, and then figure out the payment issue.
    8. The user on DoA was CrazyClam, that is pretty much the same alias she uses everywhere, to my knowledge. She didn't post very much, she ordered a group order of HairStar wigs for a group of people at a Pullip Doll forum, and only about 3-4 people have recieved their wigs. People are talking about going the police(and have, but CrazyClam's local police department told the person to report it to her local department, I think the person has an appoinmtent this Friday).

      This girl was offering free faceups to make a portfolio for a "Pullip Spa" shop that did customizations, custom outfits, etc, and as she was friends with a lot of people on the forum people trusted her and sent them their doll heads.
      The owner of the shop said that CrazyClam did not even inform her of this idea, let alone using the store's name and by doing so affiliating the store owner in her theft? I don't really know what to call it. But out of the 10 people who sent their head to be painted, I don't think any have recieved them. They are Pullip heads, though and not worth nearly as much as the Akira MSD head.

      I'm not even really sure how CrazyClam became reputable. She participated in many swaps(one on DoA form her posts) and has never sent the gifts out... and she has a track record of not sending things out unless you bug her 50 million times. And the 49 million times you bug her before that, she lies about the item already being shipped.

      Also, there was a shop she was affiliated with, the owner couldn't use paypal for certain resons and so CrazyCLam was recieving the money and then giving it to the owner(I am not sure by what means...) But the most recent order of this store, CrazyClam kept the money...

      This girl is really annoying... always making excuses and blaming her family members for her responsibilities...

      I'm sure my friend will post all of the information soon, she is not a member of this forum. But I am sure she'll join to get her head back. :D (i'm sorry for grammar mistakes or if I left information out, I am highly sleep deprived...)
    9. OMG, this is scary! I actually met her twice when she lived in my town a couple months back. I don't know her really well so I can't offer much. All I know is that she mainly collects Pullips and does faceups/mods for them.

      She suddenly moved back home to Los Angeles last month, and basically disappeared from AIM since I haven't seen her since the time she moved back home.

      That's all I can offer, I'm afraid. I hope she can explain to everyone what's been going on soon. :(
    10. Omg, this is Kieran!? T__T Just when she had decided to keep him too... I'm so sorry. I really hope that everything gets worked out.
    11. Wow. Way to go, giving developing customizers a bad name. X_x. Hearing this, it might be harder for other people to open up some face-up/customizing stores too. Especially since this isn't the first time I've heard of stuff like this. :/.

      I'm really sorry this happened to your friend. I wish her the best and a helluva lot better luck in dealing with future sellers/buyers. We're not all like that. She's giving online services a bad name. :/.
    12. My advice: contact your local PD!
      CrazyClam is obviously lying or trying to cover something up...and if she indeed did break the head, you can haul her arss to small-claims court and get the money back.

      I'm terribly sorry this had to happen, she does give online services a bad name. Good luck with getting Kieren back!
    13. I definatly agree with ferret-hime. Have your friend contact the police and give them all of the available information. A serious response as this will likely bring a good result. Also, do post in the feedback forum to warn others of this customizer.
    14. I agree. There are a few things you can do. Firstly you'll want any photos you had of the head before it was sent (proof that it was yours plus condition in case she really has broken it).

      Next - when contacting the police let them know that it was a expensive collector's item worth probably about $3-500 USD in the current market. Then let them know it's a rare dolls head that had been sent for some additional customization work to be done on it. The $$ will catch their attention and make them more aware of the seriousness rather than brush it off as a girl with a silly doll head that went missing.

      If you're in the US you can actually file internet fraud as well...can't remember where online since I'm not a US citizen.

      Another option also is to go to a lawyer - they'll serve papers if you have the person's address or can obtain their addy (police could do so more easily through ISP LJ or whatever places she posted on or PayPal if you paid thrugh that). Serving papers generally will scare someone into the right action, however can be costly. Might want to look into lawyers that don't charge until you've won the 'case' or see how much consultation fees would cost.

      If you need info the police will most likely be your best bet.....not sure what other things you can do down there though...might want to check out another thread though in the market feedback forums...I think someone else experienced something similar

      Your friend probably wants the head back more than monitary return I'm guessing...so lawyer may be the way along with police. Especially if the other person is of age they could possibly get something on their permanent record or some such unless charges are dropped...but I'm not sure about that...
    15. Holy *insert swear word of choice*! I am so sorry Cauldy! I'm going to PM you in the P:st board about this because I REALLY want to help you and your friend ;_;.

      And rilly- I didn't know you had an account!
    16. Not making excuses for this girl at all, cause it totally sounds like she's trying to steal the head for herself, but I wanted to address the issue that she is giving a bad name to customizers. I think anyone offering customizations who has no reputation should be required to get one by selling things on eBay or something first. I think a lot of people get into the hobby, and think, hey, I can do cheap/free face-ups for people! That'll be fun and help me start making money when I get good enough! Then they take a list of 10 commissions, and get a bunch of heads in the mail. They start to mess with a couple, then realize it's not as easy as they thought, and not so much fun anymore, especially when people are e-mailing you asking for info and pics and "can you line the eyes with metallic silver paint?" that you have to go buy.

      If the person has had to get a reputation by selling other things for a while, they start to get an idea of what it's like to have a deadline on sending things out, and the amount of work that goes into doing commissions - getting an idea of what the person wants, taking frequent progress photos, etc. There's a reason that people charge money for them!

      Anyway, just my two cents. ^^; Also, if you are going to send your head to an unknown, please... send your Dark Elf Soo head or something, just in case.
    17. Gosh, that is so horrible! There was a person here on DoA that was doing head swaps like this last year sometime, I wonder if it's the same person...
      Since it was necessary to mail the head, you can also file a mail fraud case at the post office you mailed it from.

    18. With this in mind, I think I'll post a link to my eBay feedback in my free faceup offers thread.
    19. That's terrible! >_<
      This is why I prefer buying dolls that already have a face up...
      I really hope your friend will have her doll head back soon!
    20. That's terrible - good luck with sorting it out!