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Posability skill of Dollshe DSAM35 dolls

Apr 9, 2009

    1. I don't know if there is a thread that talk about it, I tried to find one but failed so I am here ^^

      I recently fell in love with the "idea" of the great posability of SDAM35 body from Dollshe Craft. I was tempted to adopt one of them but first I wish to see more about his posability skill and ask something about the doll itself.

      Do you find it easy to be handled?

      I explain: I have had several dolls during the past years and few of them very posable but always with some problems of stability, like the "pop out belly" the "floppy leg" or something.
      Some of them were unable to keep the pose without a proper sueding and others were able to strech their bodies but unable to keep a natural position...
      I wish to know if the DSAM35 can stand without problems, if you can pose him without forcing him in some positions... if he is "user friendly" I could say ^^ if he need sueding or if he can do pretty well in the way he is.

      Please consider that I almost know nothing about this doll, cause I disliked it the first time I saw the photos, but than I started to change my mind and, as there are several owners now, I prefer to gather real experience about it rather than look at the compay photos and descriptions only.

      Thank you very much in advance to anyone who will answer my questions ^_^

    2. Searches for Orijean in the gallery and box opening/arrival galleries get some results for the DSAM35 body :) .
      This thread
      has a lot of posing pictures.
      Other than that, I have no idea. I hope that you get some info; I'm interested, as well :) .
    3. I don't have any more pictures than the sitting-up one I posted in the Box Opening Gallery, but my Orijean poses pretty well. Poseability-wise, he is definitely an improvement over the old Dollshe body. There is still a slight tendency to pop at the belly, but nowhere near as bad as I was used to with the old Dollshe boys. Mine doesn't seem to need sueding, it's definitely a well-engineered body.

      The aesthetics of it when posing are not for everyone though. For one thing, the back tends to separate into a lot of sections, which might be a problem when wearing some outfits as it could show through or pinch cloth. I have to say that artists like Twigling and Donn seem to have done a better job in my mind of balancing the poseability with the aesthetics of how the body actually looks, to make a nice/ "pretty" body that also poses reasonably well. Perhaps the newer DSAM 32 will be some improvement.

      I have heard some comments that stringing tension can really affect these dolls and how well they pose. I'm not surprised because the doll has way more moving parts than most BJDs so it seems like if its "adjustment" is off that would really mess it up.
    4. Thank you very very much Sojourner, the links was really useful, a lot of photos there :) showing some issues I was really interested in.

      Thank you bunnydots. This was the answer I was waiting for ^^ As I saw the photos linked by Sojourner, I decided that maybe the DSAM32 could be the body for me, as I totally dislike the "pop up" belly, in the old Dollshe but in other dolls too. I think the DSAM32 has no problem about it, looking at him in the dollshe photos...

      About the posability, well I was worried about the issue of the many joints covered by clothes. It should be difficult to pose a doll like that without messing with the clothes indeed... It is something I have to think about.

      Thank you a lot for these answers. I hope other owners will post their experience too =)
    5. Glad the photos helped ^_^ If there is a particular pose you are looking for maybe I could help you out? Mine is pretty good at standing, no problems, with both feet. If he isn't on two feet solidly then it seems to be a matter of finding how to balance him. He's really good at lounging and natural looking poses when he is resting on something. (If he isn't resting on something then the problem is mostly finding his balance point and getting him to stay that way-which is kind of scary without a stand because you have to back up a bit to get a full body shot :sweat) If you don't like the belly popping I would definitely go with the 32 option ^_^ Good luck with whatever you decide ^_^v
    6. Thank you a lot puri, yep your photos are really useful for me! =) I am still thinking about the usual collector problem "buy or not to buy, this is the question" XD And of course the mold, the color.... argh... I think I will take some time to take a decision ^^
      Actually I like a lot every mold I saw but, incredible, I like them mostly without face up that with it XD maybe cause they looks a bit "alien" or "robotic" the fact that they are without a face up seems to suit them well XD
    7. They look very alien to me, particularly Orijean with the 35 body. But some of the posing pictures I've seen have been very impressive. The bodies are so stylized (particularly the 35), that if you like to do realistic, sensual nude doll shots, I don't see how they would work. Excellent clothed, though.

      They do almost look better without face-ups, don't they?
    8. I can't speak for everyone, but when I did my O's faceup I went with a light hand because I really liked his features and didn't want to distract from how gorgeous (imho) his features are sans faceup. In the promo photos he does look very alien like but with a wig and clothes not so much-which I think is really cool because it allows for a lot of versatility depending on what you want to do with him :) Just my $.02 ^_^