Practice faceups on resin or plastic heads?

Feb 21, 2021

  1. Resin all the way though

  2. Plastic (not risking it!)

  3. Bit of both

    1. To all face up artist out there! I have been really wanting to practice my face up skills with a blank doll I ordered. It obviously didn't turn out too good, so I redid it short after. I have heard resin gets more difficult to paint after a few face ups, so I am really scared to continue practising on this specific doll, as I would really like to keep her. Some people advised plastic heads for practice, but I really don't enjoy working on those. Please tell me it is not just me being picky :XD: Poll just out of curiosity!
    2. If you clean it thoroughly, there's no reason that you can't repaint a head multiple times. However, if you don't feel like using your 'keeper' doll, you can buy resin practice heads for $20 and under on eBay, at some dealers (like Alice's, for example) and even here on the MP.
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    3. Along with Alice's Collections, Clover Singing also sells cheap practise heads too (look in the 'other BJD brands' section). I think its best to practise with the same texture material as your fine work so you get the feel for it :)
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    4. Yup, I picked up an old head from someone on a Facebook group for $15. It's obviously had several faceups before I started on it, but taking them off with isopropyl alcohol is pretty easy. I'm just practicing on that.
    5. Polyurethane is plastic. ;)
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    6. I did not know about this, thank you!!!

      Agree. I did not like the texture on the practice heads at all. There's something quite nice about painting on resin somehow! Thank you :3nodding:

      I will definitely have a look on Facebook groups, thank you for the suggestion!

      :XD: :lol:Thanks for clarifying!
    7. If you use proper materials, you won’t hurt the head. My first doll has probably had more than 20 faceups and he’s still perfectly fine! Even though you use the same materials on vinyl or plastic heads, the texture is different. I think it’s best to learn on what you’ll be planning to collect.
    8. [​IMG]

      Not my image, but I've seen this practice palette some folks are using. More info on Macaron Doll's FB page.
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    9. For cheap practice painting on a rounded surface, I've seen a couple of people practice eyebrow hairs and the like on eggs (regular grocery store eggs).

      @skyo I don't use Facebook, so can you say a little more about this palette? Is it resin or ordinary plastic like a painting palette? Also, where did they get the doll face impressions? Did they create that themselves or did they use another companies work? Only asking 'cause this could be a recasting issue if they made it using another brands doll faces without express permission...
    10. I'm not a face up artist by any stretch of the imagination, but I got into these dolls to customize them myself. I enjoy painting, I've painted most of my life now and I love customizing most of my toys whether they are resin or any other type of plastic. I find it a lot easier to paint on larger heads, regardless of the type of plastic. I do find it a little bit of a pain in the gut to paint on tinier heads, but that's not dependent on the material just the size, because I have terrible shaky hands. Having said that, painting on soft vinyl is a lot different than painting on hard plastics (including resin); I find it easier to blend pastel on hard plastics than on soft vinyl (sometimes), but painting with actual paint is pretty similar on both. If you want to practice painting resin heads, there are legitimate companies that sell practice heads under $30, on Alice Collections or other legitimate dealers. (:
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    11. Since I am on the same boat as yours I'd rather practice on resin in that way you will get familiar with the canvas and stick with the water based materials.
    12. So I dont consider myself a faceup artist, just a hobbyist c: and I've painted my fair share of monster high dolls for fun c: I guess those are what I had to practice on before I did my first resin faceup. I painted my Soom Petit Gem Leepy and it was definitely different from the vinyl heads I'm used to c: I wish I had known about the practice head idea but transitioning from vinyl to resin wasnt crazy. The texture is very different but similar methods apply c: I cant wait to see the faceups you make though! I love when people share what they are working on <3
    13. I started doll repaint with cheap Monster High dolls :) I think it was a good way to learn to use the material correctly! Then I did a Pullip custom and only after that I started repainting resin bjds! :thumbup
      I was too scared to start directly with the really expensive dolls :shudder
    14. So I’ve gotten into collecting dolls, now I’m tempted to make wigs and maybe eyes for them. I would LOVE to make some really good ones. I want a hobby I will love. And bjd seems to be it
    15. Thank you all so much for all the suggestions!! I will definitely be looking them up!