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Problem ebay buyer: saewara !!

Jan 18, 2006

    1. She bought a wig from me on Sept 27 2005 and paid. Fund status was supposed to be clear in a week time . I sent the wig out on Oct 3 2005.

      She bought 2 more wigs on Oct 11 2005 and paid. I checked the above transaction, still under pending after 7 days. I told her I would wait for all 2 transactions clear then sending her these 2 wigs.

      Ok, all fund are unclaimed after 30 days. I emailed her and she paid the total amount again but of course not sucessful. I asked her (around Xmas time )to double check her paypal account and she replied that her account was over limit that she could not send any more and will ask her friend who has paypal and pay for this. I wait then.

      No reply . I sent reminder on Jan 10 ,11 and 15(last reminder I stated, if she did not reply, I won't keep the wigs and will complain to ebay) . She finally replied me yesterday and said that her friend account was broken too. And now she don't know how to do.
      But well, she is active on ebay as usual. Her last transaction was on Jan 12 2006.

      I told her to send me cash by registered airmail. Now waiting for her answer.
    2. No reply from her.
      She has money keep on buying things on ebay but no money for paying for my items.
      I am going to report Ebay right now.
    3. That's not good Cancan. You are such a nice person and have wonderful items on eBay. I hope you get your money back somehow?

    4. So sad....
      Ebay only accepted dispute within 45 days. And all my transactions are over 60 days. I cannot do nothing right now.
      Her last active transaction is on Jan 22.

      ...am I too kind? >_<

      I am confusing seems that other sellers she bought from don't have the same problem as mine. or only she did it to me?
    5. i know how you feel... :sigh
    6. I emailed her yesterday and said that disaponited with her, then she replied quickly. She said that she did sent the money out last week and post office receipt attached by email to me.
      Now I hope everything to be clear up soon. (a 4 months transaction.....^^")
    7. Today is Feb 14. Nothing I receive from her by post or emails. I doubt that if she sent the money to me or not. The receipt she provided is not in English, I cannot understand.

      I give up now.
    8. just leave her negative feedback and be done with it. Shes obviously not paying.
    9. All of our transaction were over 60 days, ebay has deleted them already. I cannot do anything.

      Her latest active transaction was Feb 28.

      Please beware of this buyer.
    10. Paypal warns not to send goods untill funds clear. It sucks though that she scammed you. I hope you get your money.
    11. I nearly posted off a book, until I realised I'd been sent an e-cheque, which was odd as the book only cost about &#163;10....I hung onto it, and the buyer even messaged me asking where the book was etc....the funding failed after eight days.
      She paid again, this time NOT sending an e-cheque, and it went through, so I sent the book. She understood-I think she'd made a mistake during payment, and we both left each other good feedback.