Warning Problem Seller - lolitaryuusei

Dec 6, 2006

    1. As some of you pointed out, this seller was misrepresenting dolls from an online shop as her own - a bannable offence.
      After we banned her, she's immediately come back with various accounts, littlesnowfairy and misguided_angel - pretending to be a new member.
      If she returns, please report it to a moderator - and be wary of any dealings with her.
    2. Thank you for the headsup. You can't ban her IP address? Just curious . . .
    3. We have banned her IP address - but that's not necessarily a permanent solution.
      As always, we ask that people use extreme caution in their dealings in the Marketplace.
    4. Appreciate the heads-up!

    5. Thanks For The Heads-up!!
    6. thank you ! ^_^
    7. thank you so much for watching out for us. God, when will the problem sellers here STOP already?? LOL
    8. Rofl. Never.

      Thanks for the heads up!!!
    9. Thank you for the warning!
    10. thanks sounds so scary
    11. What's a good way to tell if it's her? Some aliases and adresses would help as well.
    12. I would recommend that if anyone PMs you regarding a WTB that you had posted, you should ask for specific photos of whatever it is that you're trying to buy. For example, asking for a picture of the [whatever] with a piece of paper with the username to prove that they have it.
    13. Thanks for the heads up!