Problem Split Order with Padme79 - UNRESOLVED MEMBER MP BANNED

Sep 24, 2010

    1. I contacted Padme79 (Lin) by pm on 07/31/2010 inquiring about her split/ group order for the Iplehouse Tokyo Story Soo. At the time she wanted only the doll head and I offered to offset the cost as we looked for someone to purchase the body by paying an extra $30 on top of the actual break down for my items.
      (I am no longer able to locate this split thread, it appears that it has been deleted, I do remember posting on the thread to let her know I sent her a PM - I am unsure if it is against the rules to delete a split thread before a transaction is closed)

      On 08/09/2010 we agreed to the order, I ordered the following:
      Soo Kimono and Wig, and additional $30 to help with offset: $208
      Shipping to me: $22.50

      I sent payment immediately to Lin at this time.

      On 08/15/2010 Lin contacted me to let me know that the entire order had been paid for and she would update me once she received shipping confirmation from Iplehouse. I did not reply to this pm since it was more of a notification. She had also let me know that she decided to purchase the head and the body since she was unable to find a split partner.

      On 09/21/2010 I noticed I received an alert from paypal that I had been refunded $230, a few minutes later the following pm arrived from Lin:

      I responded to Lin immediately quoting the DoA rules regarding flakey feedback for sellers agreeing to sell a doll to a specific person and cancelling.

      I'm very frustrated with this situation, I feel like I have been used as a loan service so she could buy these doll items without my knowledge. I was given no choice to give up the items that were purchased on my behalf by her, I don't believe the head of a split order has the right to pick and choose what they want to keep?

      I also feel like she has purchased these items from me at a cost I didn't agree to. The Iplehouse Tokyo Story dolls were limited and from what I have seen very few were purchased, it is unlikely that I will find the items I ordered for sale on the marketplace, or for the price that I was going to pay for them.

      In more recent pms her suggested resolution is that she contact Iplehouse to see if they will send her an additional limited kimono, at this point Lin will not indicate what she will do if Iplehouse will not provide a duplicate set to her. I have asked her in pm and she did not respond to the question in her following reply.

      Lin's most recent reply:
      Lin continues to send me very agressive emails, a few all in caps lock, repeat emails (up to 4 within the hour of the same pm) she has also threatened that she will be giving negative feedback because of my actions. I am willing to provide any and all pms to mods as requested, I have contacted a split partner of Lin's they are committed to split on September 24th and I gave her almost an exact copy of the above, at the time I told her Lin and I were working on it and I would keep her updated, I was unsure if this thread would be up by then and thought it was necessary to give warning so she did not go through the same thing as me.

      Recommended Solution
      The best scenario would be Lin accepts the payment back and sends the items as promised - although I am extremely wary to do so after our exchanges, she has become very heated in her responses and I feel sending the money back may put me at risk for being out both the money and the items.
    2. To the Mods and anyone reading, here is my side of the story/transaction.

      On 31st July 2010, Saturnrose( Sabrina) contacted me about the split I put up for Tokyo Story SID Soo. She told she is interested in the outfit, geta and wig.

      I have informed her I am undecided if I am selling the outfit and wig and wanted to wait till I see it in person before deciding.

      She agreed but she wanted to pay upfront just in case and if I changed my mind, I will refund her back.

      The order was placed and when I received the order. I informed her I will be keeping the outfit and refunded back her money.

      This is when things gets ugly, she told me she wanted the wig for her new doll, Soom Beryl and I have messed and ruined her plans for the doll.

      I politely told her I am keeping but she insisted on having the outfit and wig.

      Seeing I will not sucumb to her demands, she proceed to send me very nasty pms, attacking me, threatening me, falsely accusing me and even using another member, Riverkelpie who is involved with a current split for a Soom Tuff to threaten me and saying she will tarnish my reputation if I don't agree to her demands. She also threaten to give me an extremely negative feedback and my reputation will be over at DOA. She knows I have 100% positive feedback and using such a method to threaten me into agreeing to her demands is despicable.

      Saturnrose said she will keep this matter private and give me very good positive feedback if agree and send her the outfit and wig. If I don't agree, she will give me negative feedback and post on the problem thread about me so nobody will want to have anything to do with me, my reputation will be gone done the drain and I will be banned from DOA forever!

      I have informed her I will do my level best to resolve this and try my very best to get the outift for her. I will email Iplehouse once they reopen on the 24th to see if I can get an extra fullset kimono and wig for her.

      She did not reply.

      I believe out of anger when she saw I posted about my new SID Soo doll, she surprised me by posting on the Sid Tokyo Storm and Soo discussion thread telling everyone how she got into this split and the leader decided not to keep the outfit and what an unfair world we live in. She did not keep to her words to keep this matter private until we resolve this but instead used this chance to attack me although no name mentioned and also to gain sympathy and get people riled up against me.

      Here is the link:!-New-SID-boy-Storm-amp-SID-girl-Soo/page36

      When I pm her to ask why she did this and why she broke her word to keep this private, she threatened me, saying she will only remove the posts if I agree to send her the outfit and wig. She said I stole her things, I stole money from her, I took a loan from her without permission and many more.

      Finally, I reached my breaking point and send her this pm which she claimed I am being aggressive to her.

      I have had enough of the abuse, threats, false accusations from this member, Saturnrose/Sabrina! I want nothing to do with this member and have proceed to add her to my ignore list so I won't receive any more abusive pms from her. I fear whatever pms I sent to her may be used against me and the pms manipulated and words in my orignal pms changed/modify to her advantage. I do not trust this member anymore after she did not keep her word to keep this matter private until we resolve this matter. I would like to caution this.

      Recommended Solution

      For Saturnrose to stop harassing me and threatening me and send abusive pms to me and for her to put a WTB thread on the MarketPlace so she can obtain the fullset kimono outfit and wig. This is the best solution for both of us.

      I hope for the Mods to consider my 100% positive feedback ratings and all the wonderful and perfect transactions I had so far with many members on DOA and the clean record I have of not breaking any rules on DOA and not to ban me from DOA because of this matter because I love DOA and I do not want my hobby for doll collecting to turn into a nightmare because of this member!
    3. This is probably the only point I need to respond to but,
      This is an outright lie, I do not have a single bit of documentation through our pms or on her sales thread to back up that she was 'undecided' on the wig or kimono. I NEVER agreed that she could sample the item and decide to refund me, this was not once brought to my attention. Based on my desire for this item I would never have entered into a split with a seller who was unsure if they would send these items. I am willing to post every pm before this doll's arrival as proof or to fw to the mods.

      This is the pm where Padme thinks I am "threatening her"

      I let Lin know that RiverKelpie was going to continue with her split, the pm that I sent RiverKelpie is almost verbatim to the facts of this thread, I gave a factual time line, cost, how Lin changed her mind and sent a refund. I advised her I would keep her updated with the outcome, that i was hopeful, and that Lin and I were trying to work out a resolution, I did not slander her as she accuses.

      Lin's only solution is she will send the items that I paid for, if she can be absolutely sure to secure a set for herself, she has not shared any plans with me of returning the items if she cannot own them herself.
      I posted to the discussion thread that I was disappointed, I had a split leader who chose to withhold my items, I did not mention a name or do it out of maliciousness towards Padme79, it is a thread full of people receiving the items I thought I would own, I am happy for them and at the same time sad for my own loss. This was not an attack on Padme79, she continues to turn any occurrence where I am a victim into an accusation of me threatening or "flaming" her.!-New-SID-boy-Storm-amp-SID-girl-Soo/page36

      This is the pm she refers to, no evidence of "threatening" and I do not make a deal to remove my posts.

      Now talk about threatening here is her response to the fact that I posted in the iplehouse thread:
      I have not altered or edited any of these pms, every thing has been posted in full, I'm willing to send copies to any of the mods if necessary to prove this.
    4. Lin's split thread has been located:!-Ordered

      This is further proof that she was never on the fence about any of the items other then the one she wanted to order (the head) in this split.

      She has also modified the thread as of 09/20/2010 specifically to remove my name from the items I ordered.

      The editing job is not the best considering the items I ordered are specifically grouped together.

      I have logged screen caps of the thread at this point if it does happen to be taken down.