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Resolved Problem Tranastion with LolitaFreak - RESOLVED

Oct 14, 2011

    1. I had done a trade with a member named Lolitafreak for a Doll Family Loong doll, that she said was in good condition and had no stains, in exchange for my Illusion Spirit Ardi who was brand new, with several outfits and clothes (As she requested SD girl clothes and clothes for Ardi in order to even do this trade). I had just received Loong in the mail today, and was shocked to see that he was VERY damaged, and it was not from the post office. He had face-up damage, his headcap was heavily chipped and damaged inside and out, he was filthy, had a few weird stains, and had body blushing I knew nothing about.

      When I brought this to Lolitafreak's attention, she said she had no clue about the damage, but had been taping his headcap on his head. I found the doll's first owner thread that stated he DID have headcap damage. It was also highly noticeable, that even a new collector would have taken notice. Not only that, the original owner showed the doll had eyelashes, which explained some of the eyeliner face-up damage. The only way this damage could have happened is if the eyelashes were forced out, meaning there must have been knowledge of this.

      When I had asked for compensation, she only wanted to trade dolls back, which was out of the question at this time. I no longer trusted her, nor do I want to trade with her again. When I asked for $75 to cover the doll's repairs, she told me she would file an insurance claim on the doll with the post office to get me the money I asked for. Meaning I would only get $75 of the insurance, under false pretenses as the damage did not occur in transit. So basically like mail fraud.

      Below are pictures of the doll I received and the original sales thread with the description as "good condition" and no talk of any damage.

      Loong Sale Thread by NicoleWagner2010, on Flickr

      Here is a picture of the skull cap with the pegs broken off:
      DSC_0054 by NicoleWagner2010, on Flickr

      One of the pegs is stuck inside of the head on the right side. The left peg is nowhere to be found:
      DSC_0052 by NicoleWagner2010, on Flickr

      The eyeliner damage to the face up:
      DSC_0051 by NicoleWagner2010, on Flickr

      The chips to the head and headcap:
      DSC_0049 by NicoleWagner2010, on Flickr

      DSC_0048 by NicoleWagner2010, on Flickr

      DSC_0045 by NicoleWagner2010, on Flickr

      DSC_0047 by NicoleWagner2010, on Flickr
    2. Lolitafreak was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. I just got a PM from LolitaFreak simply saying she wants my Paypal information, so she can send me the money for the repairs. I sent her my Paypal information, and am awaiting to see if she follows through.
    4. I just received a $75 payment from LolitaFreak to go and fix this poor doll. I wish to consider this issue now resolved, but I still have concerns about her selling practices.
    5. Please link to this thread in her feedback thread. Thank you.