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Resolved Problem Transacation with Gunter von Christ - RESOLVED

Dec 16, 2011

    1. I really hate to open a problem transaction thread but Gunter von Christ has left me no choice. I am seeking some retribution here, and also to use caution in dealing with her.

      On August 12, 2011, I purchased a Delf Woosoo from GVC. I entered a layaway August to December with her, and made note of a few things my doll would come with. Her original thread is here: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/s...-SOLD-ON-LAYAWAY&highlight=Woosoo+Delf+Gunter

      In her original MP thread she did specify that the doll would come loosely strung. I told her in PMs that was fine, that I would like to see what I could do with it before I would invest in new string. In one exchange of PM:

      ...she asked if she could ship the Woosoo disassembled which I gladly agreed to.

      Here are the things I understood entering the transaction, since it was written on her sales page.
      He would come loosely strung, he was in need of new string BUT he would come with it.
      He would come with 2 wigs and a pair of eyes.
      She was not sure, but she was thinking of including an outfit.

      Free outfit aside, he was going to come with his string, wigs, and eyes.

      Fast forward to December, I receive a PM from GVC AFTER SHE SHIPPED MY DOLL, that she had forgotten to send the elastic and extras. THEN she states that the elastic was broken. I replied that was alright, but to please send it anyway so I could at least try to put him together. She then told me she threw it away, and shipped the doll as is.

      FIRST, when you specify what is included with a doll sale, why would you throw something away and not tell the buyer first? At that point, I was basically receiving a disassembled doll that I could no longer put back together. While GVC offered in the PM to send a spare if she had it, she made no effort/mention to replace the elastic if she did not have any spares. It boggles me that one moment, she is 'looking for it', and can't remember if she threw it away if she had to disassemble the doll to ship him.

      SECOND, GVC admitted in her last PM, that she didn't notice the elastic was broken until she pulled out the doll right before packing him up. Why would you list information on the condition of a doll if you haven't looked at it in months? If you are selling something, you should have known/stated it's CURRENT condition when you listed it on the Marketplace; not misrepresent your item and tell the buyer after the layaway is over that it's in a different condition now because you actually bothered to look at it.

      LASTLY, I was supposed to receive wigs and eyes with my package. That was part of the deal according to the original sales post. Once the Woosoo was shipped she sent the following PM:

      Why wouldn't I want the items that were a part of the deal? I was very unsatisfied that I was already receiving no elastic with my doll, but then she responded to me like I was the one that requested the freebies. They were listed in the original sales thread! When I expressed my dissatisfaction that I felt cheated since I had no elastic, and the 'free' outfit she was wishy washy in the original sales thread was basically a shirt she became really defensive and said I had 'nerve to complain about free items' that she gave me out of 'common courtesy'.

      ^I only brought up the full outfit, because that is what she WROTE ON HER SALES PAGE. Honestly though, I don't care about the full outfit. I felt if she didn't include elastic it was the really LEAST she could do. I actually consider it common courtesy to SEND what you stated you would. Obviously by this point, she didn't care. She happily tells me to:

      In the final PM I received from her, she basically conceded that she took frustration out on me because she has been stressed out and on edge from other sales, but still implied that I was being unreasonable for complaining I did not get the free things I was promised. She still made NO offer to replace the elastic.

      So, now I would like to ask GVC, to send me the money for replacement elastic. You threw it away without asking/informing me first, you should have replaced it since that is what you promised would come with the doll. All I am asking for now is a measly refund of $4.15 to BUY new elastic. I will consider this transaction resolved once I receive that exact amount.
    2. Gunter Von Christ was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged.
    3. You have been given $5. That should be more than enough to buy some from MIC, which I did check for you and is in stock.
      I just woke up, and I don't feel like answering in order as I'm just darting around. So excuse the mess.

      I'm sorry that you didn't like that I threw away the elastic. I'm sorry that it seemed logical for me to do. It's broken, and worn, who would use that?! I wouldn't. That's why I assumed. I've had this issue happen before and the seller before (funny enough it was from a Delf made in 2006) was fine with and shrugged it off. I hoped that maybe you would be the same. It's my fault for assuming.

      I had not extra elastic, or I would have happily given it to, but I didn't. I know it said he would, and technically you did get elastic (As I believe I sent his arm elastic?) I just didn't have spar for the body elastic, and that's why I gave you the clothing. I did mention in thread a outfit, but I also said MAYBE. I was undecided, and I sold his shorts, stockings and shoes off before you had even paid him off and before I knew that the elastic had broken.

      And btw, what I meant as I hadn't looked for months is that I hadn't checked SINCE you bought him. He was put in the "Sold Doll Pillow" and was put on a shelf, and then later move to a closet, and then later moved back to a shelf and sort of took a nice tour till I had a free box I could stick him in. That's why I believe it broke. I do believe the elastic he had was from 2006? None of his previous owners had seemed to change it other then maybe the first. I was the third-fourth in the line? I've also had dolls just randomly break elastic...x.x

      I in no way was ASKING YOU "OH CAN I HAVE?" I was double checking. I was happy to go out but I've had plenty of sellers say they didn't want extras and told me to keep them. Gawd, kill me for double checking. :l

      I've already given you refund. Thank you for throwing a tantrum~ :3 I'm sorry that I was rude to you, and I do mean that from the bottom of my heart, but in now way did I do anything dishonest. I'm sorry I'm human and not perfect. Now leave me alone! 8D
    4. I can't kill my sarcasm in the morning, sorry. :l
    5. It's always nice to end a transaction with someone who can't act professional. I thank you for the refund but you should really question how you act as a seller because it is absolutely embarrassing. I did not throw a tantrum but brought to light how you are careless and uninformative as a seller. I wish you would learn from it instead of acting like a brat, but I suppose you'll just have to keep making mistakes until something really wakes you up.
    6. Only did that to you hon~ ;3
      And I promise I'm wide awake now.

      And that's my last trollish comment. Sorry, you just bring out the worst in me.
    7. Sounds like you're always at your worst honestly. I hope you never go into business...though from what I've heard about you, you'll never make it anywhere. But this is the end of this. I hope this has at least served as a warning to others about doing business with you.
    8. I'm popular enough that people are gossiping about me? I feel honored.
    9. Also, to make a point. My perfect reputation was destroyed over some string. I would rather dig myself into a ditch and act like a troll so that at least I can have a good laugh about the situation. ^^ Wait, bra, that too deep for you?
    10. The only thing ruining your 'rep' is your current behavior. You are the one throwing a tantrum because you've been proven to be in the wrong and can't stand that. I have contacted a mod to lock this as all you are doing is spamming.
    11. Trolling = trantrum?
      :D Fine with me then. At least I'm laughing now. :3 And I realize I'm spamming. As I said, I'm having fun.

      I know what I did wrong (Forgetting to ship, not checking doll every month), but I also find that you are extremely silly for throwing a tantrum over string, which was broken, and worn, might I add. ^^
    12. Has resolution been met in this transaction?
    13. Yes. Please close this, all she is doing is making a fool of herself and spamming.
    14. Eeeyup. I sent her $5 for string right away.
    15. Please post a link to this thread in Gunter von Christ's individual feedback thread.