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Unresolved Problem Transaction Alizee - UNRESOLVED MEMBER BANNED

May 10, 2011

    1. Problem transaction

      I have a SDC Renee on layaway from the user: Alizee
      The doll costs $2600 CAD
      I agreed to pay the amount over 5 months ($400 minimum payment for each month).
      The deal was made on March 7th.
      I paid $500 on March 7th
      $500 on April 3rd
      and $400 May 9th
      The seller said my payment was a week late and refused to sell me the doll and said:

      sorry it is one week away from the dead line, in this case i believe that our agreement expired and i refund the last payment, however consider u have made some amount payment already i offer 2 way to continue our deal
      option 1: use msd mihim fullset as payment for 600CAD
      option 2: make extra 200USD as late fee in the next 3day
      please let me know ur reply in next 3 day, thx


      I think this is incredibly unfair because the seller knows how rare this doll is and I think she is just trying to take advantage of me my demanding more money. We never said 7th of every month. Last month I paid 4 days early and this month was 2 days late. I think this is very unfair. I really think this person is trying to take advantage of me.

      I jut heard back from the seller who is apparently mad at me for buying a Volks Mihmi off the marketplace that she had her eye on, so now she's trying to threaten me to get my doll or lose the $1400 CAD (close to $1500USD) I have already paid her. I don'y know if I have to take this up with the police at this point. Here is what the seller said:

      sorry to do this, but it is also somekind hard for me to know that u take a few mins advantage getting that mihmi, i have been trying to get her for 2 weeks at that time, u can try to get moderator involved, but i dont think this will change anything on my side, also if u do that i will just consider u are not accepting any of my option to continue our deal, i belived it is good if both of us can have the opportunity to get the girl we love, i will take care of shipping if u choose the first one(i prefer this option), however please let me know how u thinks


      I offered to pay off the remaining balance of $1200CAD by June 7th (one month EARLIER than out agreed upon time). Hopefully this should resolve the issue. I'm not very happy about this ugly situation.

      The seller got back to me again saying:
      She refunded me $400 CAD of the $1400CAD I paid her. So she still has $1000 CAD (about $1100USD) of my money and is demanding I give her my Mihmi or pay a $200 penalty...FOR WHAT??!?!?!?!? For legitimately purchasing a doll off the marketplace she had her eyes on?
    2. I want either the remaining $1000CAD refunded to me or for the seller to honor out transaction and my offer to pay off the doll one month early. I can not pay an additional $200 "late fee" especially since the seller never mentioned this fee if the payment was not made on the 7th. I will not give her my Mihmi because that's crazy to blackmail someone because they bought a doll before you did.
    3. Alizee was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated.
    4. I filed a dispute with paypal to get the remainder of my money back ($1000CAD). Since the payments were made through personal (at the seller's request) I'm not sure what will happen now. I may have to go to a higher authority like the police or something if all of my money is not returned. I don't believe I have violated any contract since we did not agree to the 7th being the payment date each month. The seller has DRASTICALLY changed the sales terms without prior notification. I was not informed of any of this at any point. Let's see what the seller has to say or what paypal decides. I would really prefer if the seller would just refund my money completely or accept the remainder of the payment for the doll (WITHOUT the ridiculous $200 "late fee" that was NEVER mentioned before the transaction was initiated).
    5. Here are the seller's own layaway terms from the original sales thread:

      so she is violating her own terms by penalizing and extorting me.

      I am also in the process of filing a fraud complaint with the United States Postal Inspector and the Canadian fraud authorities.

      Alizee this is EXTORTION and it is a CRIME. Please refund all the money I have paid you...the remaining $1000CAD.
    6. A complaint has been filed with the United States Postal Inspector. :( I will retract the complaints if the issue is resolved.
    7. The original sales thread is now here.
    8. hi

      i have to say i am keep on trying to contacting u and solve the problem
      and i have no intention to take ur money for nothing
      it is u who break our agreement at first place
      and i believe i didnot make any mistake in the process
      however i have received ur pp dispute
      i wil keep things updated

    9. Hi,

      I have space in my inbox for PMs but I think it is better if we communicate on this thread so there are no misunderstandings.
      I do not believe that I have broken any agreement because in the listing it was stated that each month can be flexible. There was no mention of each payment being due on the 7th of each month. You ignored that I sent the second payment 4 days early but you can't get over the fact that the third payment was 2 days "late"?

      Here are the two options that you have:
      I can resend the $400CAD as this month's payment. I can also send you the balance $1200CAD (that's the June AND July payment) on June 15th. I planned to pay her off by July at first, but I want this transaction settled as soon as possible so we can both be on our way. I will NOT pay a $200 "late fee" or trade my Mihmi.

      You refund me the $1000CAD (any fees will be on you because I paid the extra fees when I sent you the money) and we will both be on our way.

      I will cancel any disputes filed with either option.
    10. I really need a response before I take more drastic measures. I will wait until tomorrow night, but then I will have to file a report with the police and the Internet Crime Complaint Center as well as initiating charge backs through my bank.
    11. U have my options already, that is all I have to say.
    12. If you REALLY have no intention of taking my money for nothing (like you just mentioned above), you will refund me my $1000CAD. You changing your mind about wanting to sell your doll is one thing, but you can not just keep my money AND your doll. You are making the situation worse for yourself by PUBLICLY being extremely unfair.
    13. There is no refund if u choose not to continue our deal, that is the fundament of layaway, if I want to take ur money, it is easy for me to just simply close the deal and ignore all ur messages. I don't like the way u look at this thing, also I don't like the way u deal it. That is I have to say for now.
    14. I have the seller's full name, address, and email along with the original sales thread information, the private messages, and the information here. I have taken all this information and filed a report with the Canadian investigation authorities at the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center. I am not in the process of contacting NYPD and consulting with several attorneys. My bank and paypal has been notified.
    15. correction, I am NOW contacting NYPD and several attorneys.
    16. OK!
      I am being polite but u keep going out range!
      U ignore the basic fact, no contacting and try to threat me.
      U and me both know what I the every month mean when we write down the layaway term.
      Even you yourself admit it
      There is no way you can deny it.
      I have the buyer's full name, address, and email along with the original sales thread information, the private messages, and the information here kept.
      I stated the whole situation the PayPal dispute center.
      I will not refund the money since i refused other offer during the layaway period.
      U can continue our deal with following condition

      We have a cleared term on monthly payment
      "400CAD minimum payment every month by the 7th.
      if u didnot make the payment and not contacting me made a new agreement by that time, the deal close with no refund"
      Cancel the dispute on PP.
      I will not asking the payment again for this month(u can still make it any time u want), but next due date is June 7th for 400 CAD minimum

      that is all

      ps:u are still free to do any thing in NYPD if u want!
    17. I feel that this information should be shared just in case the seller was not aware. The amount of money involved in a potential refund is not worth the consequences the authorities are capable of charging them with:

      In Canada, theft under $5000 is a hybrid offense, meaning it can be summary or indictable. There is no minimum, but as summary the maximum is 6 months in prison and a $5000 fine. As indictable, the maximum is two years in prison.

      In Canada, extortion (without a firearm) is a, indictable offense. It has no minimum, but the maximum penalty is LIFE in prison.

    18. That said, after all this trouble, I am extremely cautious about what we can do next to make sure this transaction is carried out smoothly. I am no longer comfortable trusting more of my money to the seller because I'm not sure if I will be receiving the doll at all at this point.

      From what I understand, the seller is agreeing to the original layaway plan to pay off $1600CAD by taking $400CAD minimum payments per month? The next payment would be due on June 7th (minimum $400CAD).

      I want to make sure that ALL the terms are cleared before we take the next step.
    19. If I make any future payment, it will be through paypal regular (NO MORE PERSONAL PAYMENTS), if paypal takes out fees, so be it, but I will not be responsible for those fees. I may also consider asking someone to do a local pick up once the doll is paid off so that they can inspect it and mail it to me.
    20. I said u can do ANYTHING in NYPD, I am just tired dealing with u.

      Regular payment is ok, but in that case I require ONE FULL payment and PP fee is EXTRA.
      SHIP WITH TRACKING AND FULL INSURANCE is ONLY way for Regular PP payment item.
      U can ask someone to come to pick up, in that case, CASH or PP PERSONAL is the ONLY payment method.
      There is still 1600CAD + insurance(if applicable) to go, next due date is June 7th, all payment must be done by July 7th.

      I hope we are clear on this