Problem transaction between Mishita and Miniatuur - RESOLVED

Feb 1, 2010

    1. I pourchased a doll from lovely Miniatuur. She sent me the tracking details, etc. However, after nearly 12 days: NO DOLL! and every time we contact ustoms, TNT, ParcelForce and Royal mail nobody has a reasonable explanation as to what has happened to the parcel.

      The details of the parcel everytime i try to track it comes like this:

      Track & Trace
      Destination country:
      Internationaal Pakket Plus / Global Pack

      TNT is adamant that the item is here, meanwhile royal mail and ParcelForce are adamant that the item has never left the Netherlands. Of course in his worry mu husband put a claim on to paypal. Which i dont think is fair as we are both loosing out! Dool, Money and this is causing distress to bth of us!
      Communication has been flawless, but since i have a very limited access to the internet while i am working underground and in a censored region, i fins that i am very very worried for the doll, for Miniatuur who is dealinjg wiht hte situation inEurope and for myself who is trapped here.

      Can anybody please guide us? Has anybody ever experienced this situation?
    2. I have a unsolved problem transaction with mishita
      I sold her a yosd doll for $100 +20$shipping from holland to the uk
      I shipped the doll on 18 januari
      with international plus package,insured for a lower amount of 50$ they wanted me to put that on the parcel
      and the tracking code said send to land of destination the uk on 19 januari
      no further information available
      the doll still hasnt arrived yet 12 days later
      so we had contact and I contacted TNT here and filled in an inquiry form to start an inevstigation because neither TNT or the royal mail in the uk couldnt give us any information
      but mishita and husband wouldnt wait anymore to see if the parcel can be tracked and found ,the inquiry only just started
      and they claimed their money back the whole 120$ form my paypal account
      I put this up to a claim because I dont think its fair
      they havent given it enough time
      and they want the whole amount of 120$ back and leave me the 50$that I must claim then at tnt if the doll is not found at all
      I dont think its fair to blame me for something TNT did wrong with shipping
      I cant do anything about that
      I hesitated to put this up here for a few days but now i put it here because it does not feel right to me at all
      I have a good feedback here and I am a good seller and then now this..
    3. The desicion reached is to share $60 each. As we have both lost money and doll. It is ridiculous that TNT, parcelforce, etc dont have an explanation as to where the item is. The item was posted from Holland to the UK! what happened to it? there is a ridiculous blank created there that both seller and I cannot fill and we both have lost dear things because of it.
    4. I noticed
      we agreed to give it two more weeks time
    5. we both decided to wait two more weeks untill 16 february
      to see if the dolls arrives
      and then we split the loss
    6. Hi guys. I'm pretty sure this will be deleted, so I will PM you too.

      Here is a link to a very good tracking website:

      Barcode: CC896571732NL
      Destination country: VERENIGD KONINKRIJK GR. BRITTANIE
      Product: Internationaal Pakket Plus / Global Pack

      The following information has been found regarding your consignment: Status information Date Location Parcel sent to country of destination 19-01-2010 UNITED KINGDOM Parcel received in country of destination 01-02-2010 UNITED KINGDOM Parcel has arrived at the distribution location 01-02-2010 UNITED KINGDOM

      1: COMMUNICATE ALWAYS! Miniatuur has been absolutely FANTASTIC! PATIENT AND KIND!

      THANK SO MUCH! ladies and gents, your experience has been of great use for the two of us!
    8. So, is this considered Resolved then? Both are happy with the refund, etc?
    9. we found the doll! ^^:fangirl::fangirl: the ladies here all poured together and helped us to track her ^^
    10. Are you considering this "resolved" then?
    11. maybe you can leave this open untill she really has arrived?
      it must be very soon now
    12. Dolly is in the UK ^^ go the call to let me know she has arrived well and safe, and with a letter of apology from the postal services. They lost her for 5 days!
    13. I am so glad she has finally arrived!!!!!
      Finally everythings solved and come to a good ending
      i dont want to ever experience something like this again