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Unresolved Problem Transaction Between sinead0491 & loli-hime - UNRESOLVED MEMBER BANNED

Jun 19, 2012

    1. sinead0491 sold me a Fairyland Littlefee Luna, who was advertised as “littlefee luna w/ default face-up in great condition”

      I paid At first, there were no issues. She communication was very quick and friendly while I paid, she marked the doll as I asked, which was great, and she arrived in a timely manner.

      When I first began to unpack Luna, I noticed that her box had an odd smell, it smelt of smoke, though sinead0491 claims to live in a smoke-free home. This wasn’t much of a problem, though I did purchase the doll because she’d be smoke-free. When Luna was unwrapped, I noticed that her face was most definitely NOT in the condition stated.

      1) Luna’s faceup was very dirty.
      2) Her hands were horribly stained, some of which can not be removed.
      3) The paint on her lips are nearly gone. Her bottom lip is basically blank and there are deep scratches under her cupid’s bow and the gloss has been chipped from there.
      4) There is a small mark her left eye that also can not be removed.

      I messaged her immediately, and after a short struggle and suddenly unfriendly and unprofessional pms, we agreed that she would send me a refund of 30$ on the upcoming Thursday.
      When Thursday came, I received this cheery pm:

      I sent her another message with clearer pictures, which of course, went ignored, as did a follow up pm.

      I would never deal with her again, nor would I encourage others to after her childish message. I no longer expect a refund, though it would be appreciated.
    2. After a few pms from wonderful people here on DoA, I feel I should clarify that I'm UNable to go through paypal to get the refund.

      sinead0491 asked me to pay as personal, and since the doll was 'in great condition' and that I asked her to take pictures of the packed doll, I stupidly agreed.

      For anyone wondering, the thread is here: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/s...land-LittleFee-Luna-(Normal-Skin)-335-Shipped

      Here are the pictures I sent of the damage. I know they aren't the best and the damage is hard to see, my camera is old and tempermental at best. It is VERY clear in person, though. If need, I'd be happy to take more pictures.


      I've been advised to post to the LJ 'Bad dolly deals' thread, so this will be X posted there.

      (Also, I noticed I have a few typos in the OP, but I can't edit it, so I apologize!)
    3. sinead0491 was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged. Please clearly state what resolution you would like in this transaction.
    4. Thank you, Zagzagael.

      I would like her to take responsibility and honour her agree to refund me $30usd, sent as personal, just like the payment was.
    5. Like I said I don't owe you anything..... Maybe you should have stopped at the fact that the doll looked dirty and i would have believed you. No one smokes in my house EVER!!!!!!!! so that's not my problem and i don't know what to tell you about that. Your pictures are blurry and don't show anything Sorry. I said you could send the doll back for a full refund but you said no. I don't trust you, out of all the transactions I have had, there was never an issue. SO whatever if I get banned so be it! ^^ Thanks I have made my peace.
    6. There is no 'stopping there' as I'm not making this up. I have no reason to.

      I believed you about the smoke issue, which is why I suggested it may have come from a previous home.

      I marked the damage in the last picture I sent (in the first pm you ignored), and I've stated that I will GLADLY take more pictures of her faceup. I'm aware my camera isn't the better. I've also offer to try and borrow someone elses.

      As a seller on DoA, it IS your responsibility to ensure your doll is described as accurately as possible, so yes, this is your problem. You informed me earlier that you have vision issues as well as you handle your dolls roughly. It doesn't take a lot to scuff a faceup off.

      I'm honestly not sure if you want to get banned or not, since you're putting happy faces after it, but banning you is not the goal here, I just want to be able to replace her faceup!

      I will not consider this issue resolved until I have a refund of $30 usd.
    7. Still no update from sinead0491. I've pmed her again. I've been told by another member that being told to pay by personal for non service is against the paypal TOS.
    8. Actually you didnt pm!........hmm you really like to lie!
    9. Ok, here is the Deal! i dont trust you! So find the face-up artist you want see if you can work something out and i will pay them the 30 dollars directly. ^^
    10. Please check you pms again. If you didn't get it, I will post it here.

      That arangement will not work. I need the money for shipping, not the faceups.
    11. dude I haven't gotten a Pm from you since 6/13
    12. Great, well, if you're not getting my pms, have you blocked me?
      If not, then let's just use this thread for communication.

      I will not bring in another member. Send the refund to me.
    13. No, i havent i dont even know who to block a person!!!
      Clearly your signature states your having issues!
    14. Yes, I am having issues, but this was after the first round of pms to you.

      I've sent you a payment request in paypal, please send the refund as soon as possible.
    15. Nothing from sin. No emails, pms, or refund.
    16. I told you what i am willing to do! That is it end of story! ^^
    17. Also its really hard to answer Pm when you dont have any just saying!
    18. It's very easy to send pms, sin.

      Also, I'd like to get a mod to clearify, but I can't see getting someone else involed being part of the rules.

      Send me the money you owe me, this is between the two of us, know one else. Please be realistic here.
    19. I don't owe you anything, ur being rediculous. I think your a lier and I have heard about people that do this kinda of crap all the time just to get money out of people. I will not give u a single cent. Unless you do it the way I want to? I offered a full refund if you send her back but since you said no multiple times that offer is also off the table.
    20. I’m really not sure what you’re not understanding. IT IS AGAINST THE RULES TO BRING IN ANOTHER MEMBER. THIS IS BETWEEN US.

      Your only option is to send me the money. This issue is not going away.

      You had no problem sending me the money before, what’s the problem now? I can provide proof of shipping to the faceup artist as well as who they are and when my spot is.