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Problem transaction: Buyer Luckyl - buyers remorse

Jan 14, 2008

    1. Buyers remorse?

      I posted my NS Bobobie Sprite this morning with a sales price of $125 without face-up. I noted that eyes were not included. I should have clarified in that thread that the zoukes in the photo were not included but that she would have acrylic eyes sent with her.

      PMs from the entire sale with Luckyl are posted below.

      As far as I am concerned this matter is closed.


      Bobobie sprite
      I am interested in your doll. Is she very loosely strung?

      What would shipping be to xxxxx Washington?




      Re: Bobobie sprite

      Yes, she is very loosely strung. I was planning on tightening her up before I sent her off.

      Shipping would be ~$10. I think I can fit her in one of the priority mail flat rate boxes. She did not come with a box of her own.

      Let me know if you are still interested.



      Hi again,

      If you would tighter her up, we have a deal.

      What is your paypal address?



      Hi Linda,

      My paypal is **************
      I'll get her tightened up and boxed up for you. She will be insured with delivery confirmation.


      Hi again!

      I sent payment! You would'nt happen to know where I can get a hold of some MSC flat would you?

      Thanks much!



      I'll send you the delivery confirmation/insurance number once she ships out on Monday.

      Thanks again!
      Volks has some new stuff http://www.volksusa.com/zmfinishspray.html which supposedly replaces MSC. I've never used it, but I have a friend who has done so and has been pleased with the results.

      It's in stock at the moment.

      Thanks Julia! That is very helpful!


      This last communication was at 12:25 pm. The next pm I received from her was at 3:20.

      I know this is a bit after the fact and I should have double checked prices a little closer, but I happenned to check on Junkyspots web site and they are offerring a new Sprite with faceup included for for 128.00 + 10.00 shipping. I guess I was thinking I was saving 20.00 by buying from you vs. buying a new one.

      Anyway you could refund me a little since I am actually going to wind up spending more for yours with having to buy MSC or paying for a faceup?

      I understand if you don't think this is fair to ask now, but I thought it would'nt hurt to ask.

      Thanks again,


      I took some time to think about how I wanted to respond, but before I could send her a pm I received the next pm at 3:43. She titled this pm as: "Bobobie Sprite Buyers Remorse"

      I have never done this before, but the more I am thinking about this, the more I am feeling kind taken. I know it is my fault because I did'nt double check prices.

      A new Sprite doll that comes in the original box, with eyes, and face-up is 128.00. I am wondering where you came up with your asking price?

      I would either like my money back or for you to discount the sale by 25.00. I think this is a fair request considering the market value of the doll.

      I am very sorry to do business like this, but I think I have recourse via paypal to cancel since i don't have the merchandise yet and you have'nt shipped yet.
      I will look into my rights with my credit card company and get back to you.

      Thanks for your reply,

      At which time I got ticked. She did not allow me to respond in any way before sending a "threatening" pm. I decided I was not going to waste my time with this, refunded her money and sent the following pm.
      I've refunded your money. Since a money transaction did take place, I will be leaving you bad feedback with snapshots of our entire conversation from today on all forums on which I participate.

      I received your first pm (written at 3:20) and after consideration, agreed with you. I had decided to either offer you a faceup or refund you some $$.

      You did not allow me to respond. Only 20 minutes passed between your first pm and your threatening second pm (wrritten at 3:43).

      As to where I received my price, I paid $118 for her without face-up from Junkyspot on November 6. I had noted in the sale thread that eyes were not included, and I should have clarified. The eyes in the photo are Volks zoukes and they were not included, however, I did include a pair of acrylic eyes which was what she came with.

      Based on our conversations in pm and the titles of your pms, I highly doubt that paypal would find in your favor. However, I have no desire to deal with you further.

      In future you might want to allow someone to respond to you before jumping to conclusions and starting to threaten with paypal/credit card disputes.

    2. Since nearly 200 people have viewed this thread now, I would like to give
      my thoughts on this negative transaction experience. If such a huge issue is going to be made of this, then you should hear my side also.

      I accept I should have waited for Julia's response before I "threatened" to check into what my options were with my credit card company and should have done my homework before buying the doll. No contest on that. I need to clarify something though for the record... She was the one that decided
      to refund my money. I asked for a discount or a refund, and she opted for the latter. This was her choice. I had every intention of going through with the transaction if she was willing to work something out. I can see why she did what she did and why she needed to give me negative feedback, but the "Beware- Buyer's Remorse" title seems rather overdramatic considering I did not tie up the doll more than a few hours and I believe she needs to take some responsibility for the outcome of this transaction herself.

      You will also notice that Julia did not post a copy of my last email to her here.
      It is because her description of it as "threatening" is an exaggeration. I was never rude or threatening in any way. To overexagerate her complaint about our transaction to this degree seems inappropriate and like abuse of power.

      It just stuns me that people here try to resell used items and try to knowingly get more than what they paid for them above fair market value, but yet fail to take any responsiblity for trying to pull one over on someone when they are called on the carpet for it.

      Just a question Julia, Have you taken your doll off the market now to give it a face-up? Just wondering. That should be an indicator right there that you also made a mistake in judgement when it came to pricing this doll.

      Do I feel that justifies me giving her negative feedback and heading it up "Beware of Julia" Ripoff attempt? No. I know that would'nt be fair or accurate.
    3. Adding final pm's


      That is fine if you feel you need to leave negative feedback, that is up to your discretion. I only mentioned I was planning on checking into my options, and if that is a threat, then that is your interpretation.

      I thank you for your prompt refund, and I am sorry that I made such a foolish mistake for not checking around more first.

      I do not plan on leaving you negative feedback.


      In the future you need to be more clear with what you intend. Your statement: "I think I have recourse via paypal to cancel since i don't have the merchandise yet and you have'nt shipped yet.
      I will look into my rights with my credit card company and get back to you.
      does not sound as if you were waiting to hear from me. It sounds like you wanted me to know that if I didn't do as you thought correct, then you felt you had options to force me to do so.

      You did not give me the benefit of the doubt. You assumed you had been taken advantage of and acted accordingly. You did not think.

      I understand that there are many instances of people being scammed/screwed in the marketplace, however, had you checked my feedback you might have seen that I've bought and sold many many times on DoA with no issues at all.

      I've left feedback in the Feedback -problem transactions section. Please feel free to post your side if you feel that I have misrepresented anything.


      received January 14 @6:47pm


      You are right about my reacting on feelings and not thinking first, I am guilty as charged on all counts. I should not have sent the second email until I heard back on the first one.

      I have learned some important lessons here. Unfortunately, the hard way.

      I really do apologize for everything.

      Take care,
    4. Thank you Julia for posting my last two messages to you. Would you consider changing the title of the thread to be less inflamatory?
    5. I am glad that you decided to post your side. This is the purpose of the problem transaction threads.

      You are the one who titled your pm to me as Buyer's Remorse after the transaction was complete. All I did was put a seller beware up using your pm title.

      It is not a matter of how long you tied up the doll. The transaction was complete. Asking for a discount or a refund after the completion of a transaction is not acceptable.

      I do take responsibility for refunding you and taking steps to protect myself. And I do understand that you were taking the steps you felt necessary to protect yourself. In the same way that there have been many buyers scammed recently, there have been many sellers screwed after a buyer received/purchased a doll, decided they really didn't want it and opened a paypal claim to get their money back. I wanted to avoid that possibility.

      I had not posted the final pm's to this thread yet, because after receiving your last pm last night at 6:37, I felt bad for you and was considering asking the mods to delete this thread and I didn't want it pushed to the top of the "bad" list in the interim.

      All of our communication has been via pm. I've posted all pm's in their entirety. It is up to those reviewing this thread to determine whether you threatened, implied a threat or what. I have not added or subtracted anything from the actual pm's themselves. As a result I do not think there is an ovexaggeration, just your and my actual words. I did add comments towards the end to explain time between pms and my thoughts. I have no power on this board, so there is nothing to abuse.

      I agree that you were never rude. You did jump the gun however and told me that you would be talking to your cc company and would get back to me without waiting for my response.

      I agree with this entirely. However, you also need to keep in mind that the marketplace is entirely buyer beware. I do not think I tried to pull one over on anyone.

      In our situation, I sold you a doll with no face-up for $125 plus shipping. After the transaction was complete, after paying me, after agreeing to my price, after I had packaged up the doll to send out on Monday, you checked the Junkyspot website and found that the new price on the doll with faceup was $128 plus shipping and decided I was trying to rip you off.

      You asked (once again after the transaction was complete) where I got my price and I told you I bought her in November 2007 from Junkyspot for $118 plus shipping a $7 difference from my selling price. I as a seller can set any price I want. You as a buyer can question that price and offer another before completing the transaction. Once a transaction is complete, the option to negotiate is no longer open.

      The doll has sold. The same evening you sent your email, and I refunded and posted in this thread, I had friends over who decided they liked Sprite. I traded her to Juubei (a member here on DoA) that evening without face-up for $125 worth of manga she was selling on Craig's list.

      If I had relisted her for sale, I would have done so at the same price with no face-up. It's entirely possible that she would not have sold while Junkyspot had her in stock, but she does sell out regularly. If she continued to not sell, I probably would have given her a faceup, not as an indicator of "my mistake in judgement in pricing", but in an attempt to make her more appealing. At that time I may or may not have increased the price.

      If you truly feel that I attempted to rip you off, then I would suggest that you do post bad feedback. It will then be up to the members who view these threads to determine what happened.

      I am very sorry that this transaction turned out this way. I posted bad feedback because of your second pm. Had you left it at the first pm, I am sure that we could have reached an equitable agreement, whether I would have reduced the price slightly or whether I would have given her a faceup. Not because I feel that I had overpriced Sprite, but because I prefer to have people who buy from me be satisfied with what they receive.

      However, regardless of what I may or may not have done at that time, as I said above, the time for negotiations is before a transaction is complete not after.
    6. Sorry. Posts crossed.

      I do not have a problem with changing the title of the thread. However, posts in the bad feedback forum cannot be changed/edited cannot be edited by the poster. Only the mods can change things.

      I will leave it up to the discretion of the mods whether the title should be changed or whether the entire thread should be removed.
    7. What would you like the title changed to?
    8. Could you change the "seller beware" to "problem transaction" and leave the rest?