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Problem transaction darkangelxix

Aug 4, 2010

    1. I have commisioned darkangelxix

      It started 04-27-2010
      I send a school A head, and a DOC hoo for faceups.
      She started on the school A head, but she said she would like to wait till after exams. I was fine with that, cuz I had exams too I know how busy it is. Then she started with my doc head and,

      this was the last pm from her:

      Re: commision Pictures
      Very good!! I am very happy with the result as well He definitely looks like his brother You will have pictures until Friday the latest

      now, the friday at latest, has passed, and I sent her a pm saturday, and an email, monday I believe, but no reply. communication till now was fairly good, with some delays and hickups but it never took this long.

      what happened?
    2. I got a pm today, she's been sick, but will send pics shortly, so no need to page her