Problem Transaction - DoA User noi - MEMBER BANNED

Apr 10, 2009

    1. Okay, so as per instructions from a Mod, I'm posting this here.

      I'm pissed as hell right now. I was in a split for Glati's hoof legs and the horns. All of the split members paid in full (no layaway). The organizer, noi, told us she ordered and paid for both Glot and Glati. Almost a month has gone by since then (as an example, I sent my full payment on 03/12/09, and I think everyone else had their payments in around the same time), and then on 04/08/09 she PM'd all of us out of the blue and said SHE NEVER SENT THE PAYMENT and Soom canceled the order a while ago. But did she tell us this then? No, she just SAT ON OUR MONEY for a month.

      I suspect that noi ran into financial problems and wasn't able to cover the cost of her parts of the split, and rather than tell us about it up front she dithered around. She ended up saying (before she sent out our invoices) that she'd take the bodies along with the heads, since they hadn't been claimed, so it's possible the extra cost was too much for her to handle. However, whatever her reasons actually were, she should have been forthcoming about it and let us all know, if possible before the ordering period ended and at the very least before letting the payment default for so long that Soom canceled the order.

      Because of this, not only is there a very low chance I'll be able to get the horns and legs I ordered (and the same for the other members of the split, with their parts), but even if we do manage to find some we're going to end up paying considerably higher after-market prices.

      One of the other split members, hemlock, is attempting to get the order number from noi, in the hopes that they can contact Soom and arrange for the order to be reinstated so the rest of us can pay it off, but I personally don't have high hopes of success there.

      I have received my money back from noi, and I can only assume the other split members have, as well. But her behavior in this instance was unacceptable, in my opinion. I've run many splits of Soom MDs, and been in others, and have never had anything like this happen.


      The Split Thread (posted by noi)

    2. Yes, I agree. I really did want the resin wings for my babies and they will be marked up, if I can find them after. :...(

      If Noi would have told us there might be issues with the split and needed help leading the split. I'm sure any of the other members would have been able to pick up and help. I would have wished better communication on her part. And with the cost of the other body... yet if she would of told us I might have been able to get the wings elsewhere.

      Plus the time Noi put up the split thread to order time, was plenty to get things straightened out. I mean when planning for splits, GO's, and orders you plan ahead. She could have paid earlier too. :sigh I'm not going to join another split nor GO nor anything run by Noi again. Frustrating, really.
    3. Just want to let you guys know I contacted Soom and confirmed that the order#20090316111104490GC has been canceled on Apr.08.2009. It was automatically canceled after 5 days w/o payment from ordered date and Soom officially cancel it 2-3 weeks later.
      I'm wordless about Noi... I will not join any GO run by Noi either.