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Problem transaction: Emberly

Nov 13, 2007

    1. I just received my Misia from Emberly.
      May I say the whole transaction has been a mini nightmare.

      Here is the original sale thread:

      The story:
      I finished my short layaway for her on October 26th, in plenty of time to get here before my trip(I was suppose to leave on the. She told me she would be shipped the monday or teusday following that, she didn't get shipped. I told her I needed her before Nov 5th, because I left that night.
      She told me she had been shipped that saturday(the 3rd) so I expected her to get there on Tuesday. My fiance said he would stay back an extra day to watch for her and get some house work done.

      Teusday rolled around and there was no package. I PMed Emberly and she responed with:
      So my fiance waited another day, and Nothing arrived. I PMed her that I was aggravated and wanted to know exactly when/how she was shipped and if there was a tracking #. She responded on Nov 7:

      She never did send me a tracking number after 2 PMs and blatantly LYING to me about the doll being shipped. The package was delivered on Friday but I didn't return until yesterday.

      I picked her up this morning and to my dismay, it was a box full of disappointment and horror. The doll was WAY diffrent than I excpected.

      List of damages:
      -Yellowed VERY badly
      -MOST of her nose is sanded off
      -Here eyes have been modded (Unevenly)
      -There are nicks around the eyes from the reshaping
      -dark stains on the arms and legs (possibly deep yellowing)
      -scratches all along her legs and arms that almost look like tiny cracks
      -one foot's toes are very badly and partially sperated
      -deep scratches on the sides of the feet
      -white paint has been scratched off of the ears, and the resin of the ears is scratched as well.

      I will be uploading pictures this afternoon.​

      I have packed her up and am ready to send her back after I get a refund. I am very sad and disappointed that I was lied about the shipping and the doll. This package caused me a lot of stress and anguish. As well as my fiance, that waited back home and got very angry over the package, while I stayed on location without him.

      I want my money back so I can buy another Misia... I really wanted this doll.
    2. She lied to me on a trade too! And when I asked to have the body back, she refused to give it back!

      I'm reporting her to the mods and I'll need your help and support.
    3. PS - I just read the Problem and Transaction page...It seems I have to make the trade public first before I contact a mod. I really want to avoid drama but I guess I must. *sigh*
    4. UPDATE:

      I asked Emberly for part of my money back and she has yet to respond to me. I am getting quite fed up with the slow communication.
    5. UPDATE:

      Emberly has not even made an EFFORT to contact me or resolve this.
    6. UPDATE

      Again no response from emberly. I still want a partial refund. I have been fixing misia myself and it has been time consuming and expensive. There is no way this doll was worth what I paid for it. I paid almost new price. I want a good amount of my money back.

      I have also heard she is very active on DoD. She needs to come forward and fix her transactions here, I am tired of waiting.....
    7. Did you get my PM?
    8. No I didnt!
      Please re send it. X_X
    9. I'm a little curious but couldn't you just file a paypal claim to get a partial refund?
    10. I know that posting if you aren't involved is against the rules, but I am a member of that other forum, and according to a post search she has not posted there in two weeks. Just an FYI. I hope someone has her email address and these issues can be resolved soon.
    11. The only reason why I posted that was bc I had three people PM me and tell me she was active. They are helping me try to contact her.

      thank you