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Resolved Problem Transaction for Urushi-kitty - RESOLVED

May 7, 2011

    1. I did a trade with Urushi-kitty before i was market placed banned, in January of this year.

      It was i was to trade my msd black boots with red fire markings for her Fairyland Minifee box. She had requested that i sent the boots to her first so i did. I have messaged her a few times asking her when she would send the box, each time saying she had a problem and couldn't but she would soon, I then waited a few weeks into February and then told her if she had a problem sending the box to just send the boots back, she then said she would send the box out immediately. It is now may and i have still not received the box or boots. I would like my Boots back now or what they are worth which i paid $45 for them when i was at a convention in tampa
    2. Urushi-kitty was last on the forum 8MAR. She is now Being Paged.
    3. still no reply :/ i feel like im at a loss
    4. Urushi-kitty has not returned to the forum since 8MAR.
    5. I am at a loss :/
    6. Hello, I know I have been gone long and I am here to explain what has happened and how I intend to fix it.

      At the time of the trade I was living with my mother who was very overbearing and she didn't let me go on the computer very much since I was living with her she was also my transportation. I made the trade confident that I could work it out but my mother's health went down the toilet so to speak. I did pester her about the trade but whenever I did she would yell at me & it ultimately ended up with me leaving here because my mother did not like me being on the computer so much because of anxiety. I know this sounds like an excuse but it was my fault and I handled this poorly but I want to make ammends as this situation has been on my mind for a long time.

      I have since moved out on my own, currently employed and in complete control of my internet habits & transportation. The trade was originally my MNF Box for boots. I am able to send back the boots and the original value of the boots + whatever was paid in shipping as a check or money order or paypal. I would like to contact you to make sure your address is still correct if possible. Thank you for your time & I am very sorry for whatever trouble I have caused.
    7. could a mod maybe page her or e-mail her or something?
    8. TwilightFerret is now being Paged; she was last on the forum on September 19, 2012.
    9. Alright, just for clarification there isn't anyway to get in contact with them besides this right? I'd like to try to fix this & get my marketplace privledges back (or at least the ability to edit my profile)
    10. The only other options to contact her would be the ones she publicly listed in her profile (instant messaging, etc.).
    11. yeah i was afraid of that since for some users the option to e-mail her shows but it doesn't for me :\
    12. I have been enformed by my sibbling and her friend I was being paged. I had given up on doa and this post along time ago thinking it was forever lost.
    13. I actually talked to FunnyLori (does she go by that on here?) and told her why this happened & how I felt & she helped me overcome my anxiety about this situation because I had given up hope living w my parents but now that I moved out & not dependant on others for transporation/finances I can fix this. Again I am really sorry about how this whole thing turned out it bothered me for this long which is why I'm fixing it. I hope you can forgive me someday for what happened. I'll update when I send the boots off.
    14. Sent the boots, sadly one was damged by landlords cat (i can pay for damages if you want) also sent TwilightFerret a pm with same info
    15. Twilight Ferret recieved the package I'll let them know to post in here, maybe we can work out something since one of the boots got damaged.
    16. All is well, boots recieved. Sad about damages but stuff happens. Thank you for coming back and setting thongs right. Mods can close this as settled and corrected
    17. I'm really glad we were able to work this out, could've gone worse all things considered.
    18. This can b closed now -w-