Unresolved Problem Transaction w/ Bloodyrose82 - MEMBER MP BANNED

Aug 6, 2010

    1. Bloodyrose82 Bought my EL SS Custom on a 3-month layaway back in March. A non-refundable deposit of $100 USD came through on the 15th of March, I marked it as the beginning of the layaway and was okay with her making one big payment at the end of the layaway. Everything started off very nicely, with her promising to complete the layaway by the end of the 3 month period, but her lack of response and forthcomingness with communication soon turned what could have been a simple transaction into a nightmare.

      Up on receiving the deposit, I agreed to send her a reminder on the 15th of April as she said she might be able to make a second payment. I did so on the 15th of April, but no reply came through. Since there's still 2 months left on the layaway I decided to be patient and waited. I cc'ed my pm to her paypal e-mail address, and did eventually get in touch through e-mail, with her explaining that the DoA system had eaten the messages I sent her. We agreed to push the second payment towards the end of the layaway with her paying off the doll first then a separate payment for shipping. On the 15th of May I sent her a reminder through e-mail, stating that there's one month left to go for her Layaway and would love to hear from her and finalise a couple of details, such as a solid payment plan and shipping choices. Once again no reply. I began checking her activities and found her sales thread and read from it that her dental issues had gotten worse, I decided to be patient and sent her another friendly nudge on the 8th of June, telling her that if she needs to revise her payment plan I'm happy to accommodate that. I cc'ed the message to her paypal e-mail as well as the e-mail she had listed as contact on her sales thread.

      Days later she replied

      I quickly forwarded her the total of the remaining balance. Once again there were no replies. On the 14th of June, the day before the layaway was meant to end I sent her a reminder that she has one day left to go. Since at the time the DoA PM system was playing up a little, I gave her the benefit of the doubt and asked her to "resend" her payment plans to me, in case that she did sent it and I didn't receive it. I received her reply 2 days later:

      Knowing that she has her own circumstances I offered to extend the layaway by one month till the 15th of July, and prompted her that I cannot extend it any further than that. After that point I received no reply whatsoever. She did not send me any PMs of e-mails after that and did not send me any payment at the end of the month of June. Finally on the 3rd of July I sent her a demanding PM, asking her to come forward about the transaction and that I wouldn't want to drag this on pass the point of the 15th of July. Days later I received a response from her:

      As I really want this doll to go to a new home I decided to wait and see if the layaway will indeed finish on the 15th of July. Nothing came on that day, so I sent a PM off to her hoping that she'll respond, which she did:

      At the same time I noticed that her status had become MP Banned. Out of concern I asked if this will affect our transaction, since it was initiated before her ban, it seems unreasonable to shut her out because of someone else's transaction has gone wrong, and besides, I truly believe she was going through some rough times and though I should give her a chance to rectify the situation. To my concern she replied:

      No payment came on the 15th, and on the 16th I received this:

      I sent my paypal details to her as soon as I could and still no payment came through. As I was going through some very intensive training for work at the time, I didn't have the energy nor time to chase it up with her. On the 20th of July I received an e-mail from her:

      No payment came through on the wednesday she had promised. Finally on the 26th of July I sent yet another PM, asking where's the payment she had promised and on the 30th of July she replied to my e-mail:

      No payment came that night....

      On the 1st of August, I urged her to complete her layaway and no replies were received. On the 4th of August I sent her one last e-mail, giving her one last chance to own up to the agreement, and stated that if I do not receive full payment before friday the 6th, the transaction will be terminated and her deposit forfeited as compensation. It is now the end of Friday and still no response. I have been very patient and tolerant as I really want this boy to go to a new home, so that I can move on, but after 4 and 1/2 months of waiting, he's still here....

      I am very disappointed with Bloodyrose82, as throughout the entire layaway period she was never forth coming with communication, I sent her reminders via PM and E-mail, it often takes days before I hear anything back from her, sometimes even weeks. Correspondence is so broken it would seem that she had not read any of the messages I sent her at times. When she first started not replying my messages, I checked out her feedback thread, she has good feedbacks, while there were obvious communicational hiccups, she did manage to finish all her transactions.... I thought this is just the way she conducts herself in the MP and contented with that, but I was very wrong. For all the patience and tolerance I've shown her, this is how she repays me...

      I would highly discourage anyone from engaging in transactions with her as it's too painful to deal with her lack of responses and broken communications, as well as all the empty promises.