Problem Transaction-what else to do?

Sep 17, 2006

    1. i do not want to name names, i just need opinions on what to do in a situation. last sat i agreed to purchase a doll from a member off the sales thread. we were pm'ing eachother fine, i paid-and then she disappeared. no responses to either pm's or email. since this is an insane amount of money to me ($530) i didn't want to mess around and filed a dispute with paypal on thursday after not hearing a single word from the seller. i FINALLY get a response from the seller only stating that the pm system here is "sucky", no word on the doll, when she's sending him, etc. the pm system is working fine for me. yesterday when i still had not heard anything-and left messages through the dispute center on paypal yet again-i filed a full claim with paypal. now i know there are always unseen circumstances in everyone's lives-but i know this person has been online-and has just been ignoring me. how long does it take to send an email or pm? even if something happened, or there was a change of heart-just to let me know would just be common courtesy. i always keep my buyers updated no matter what. i'm not a pushy person, i'm quite easy going-but this is a lot of money to be messing around with. i don't think i've over-reacting by jumping to file a claim. now paypal states they will try to resolve the issue-but cannot guarantee retrieving my funds. this person lives less than 4 hours from me, so it would not be a problem on my part to file fraud charges and go to small claims court (i've talked to a friend's husband who is a lawyer already). i'm so stressed out over this, am i doing the right thing?
    2. You know, sometimes PMs don't get through... but sometimes e-mails don't go through either.

      But if you filed a dispute through Paypal she should be getting that message loud and clear.

      If a seller isn't communicating with you I'd walk away from the transaction. I've had some extremely irritating experiences with people/companies that simply DO NOT anwser questions at all. That's just plain and simple bad business.

      What if something went wrong with the transaction? You need to do deals with people that will communicate and address your concerns. Period.
    3. thanks mel.

      my thing is if she had the time to tell me that the pm's are 'sucky' then in that message she could have told me what was going on. where's the doll? if something happened then refund my money. there are 3 ways she can communicate with me-through pm's here, through the email address i gave her, or through posting a response with paypal's dispute-and NOTHING. i just want something-the doll or the money back-not more headaches
    4. I think you did the rigth thing. The PM system was "sucky" for me too the other day, but as soon as one of my buyers informed me that she didn't get any updates from me, I IMMEDIATELY apologized and told her everything she needed to know. I would think it's just common sense to do that no matter what amount of money is invoved.

      If it does turn out that the seller honestly is going through something personal that is delaying her responses and you do recieve your doll, then you can always re-send the money to her when you get your refund.

      I hope this turns out ok in the end. :)
    5. I'm not sure how you paid via paypal but if you used a credit card and paypal won't reslove the issue then talk to your credit card company

      a lot of them have buyer protection if you pay for something and it never arrives (or arrives damaged ect)
    6. Sometimes filing a paypal claim is the only way to get a response. When I had a problem with an item I bought not showing up, and the person never responding to emails and pms, I filed a slaim. My item "magically" showed up a few days later. Don't mess around. if people are serious about selling, they will keep in touch with you. If not, then get your money back as soon as possible.
    7. I had a similar experience on ebay - I bought several magazines from a seller and they hadn't arrived well after the shipping time stated - several ignored emails later I filed a claim and got no response - it was found in my favour and I emailed a v.curt message to the seller when I recieved no funds - a week later the magazines arrived (yayy!) but she could have saved herself all the trouble with a simple email.

      I hope it all works out for you! ^_^
    8. thank you everyone. i just hope i can resolve this without resorting to dragging things out in court or the police. i believe paypal freezes the seller's account when a claim is filed. i paid with a balance (i had sold 2 of my dolls)-so unfortunately i can't go through my credit card.
    9. I think she has had more than enough time to get back with you. You know what I think about her inability to contact you. If her computer isn't working she should go to a public computer to respond. In this day and age it isn't difficult to find some way to go online. This is a lot of money! I don't think her personal life should interfere with business. When you purchase something from Amazon, for instance, you don't care if the owner's sister died the night before or if his car broke down and they don't expect you to. It's a business transaction, personal problems do not matter. Send the doll or send the refund, end of story. I know how badly you wanted this doll, sorry it has turned into such a debacle! :(
    10. even just getting a message saying 'hey i'm having personal problems, will send next week' just SOMETHING telling me that this transaction is going to get completed either way.

      i wish she would just send the doll or the refund, i don't want to make the situation get ugly-but if it needs to be then it will. i am sick over the idea that i've been scammed.
    11. What disturbs me is that she actually contacted you just to tell you that "pm's are sucky" & no word at all about your doll-instant tip off that she has no personal problems/etc. going on. I think you should definitely file a complaint with the Internet Fraud Center, call the Police dept. in her city, & email her to keep her posted about what you are doing-you have been plenty patient. The biggest thing is NOT letting anyone get away with something like this-it's a pain to go through but since she is relatively close, my bet it that someone else here lives even closer to her & could help you out as well. I managed to complete a transaction the other day when pm's were weird-so that's no excuse. Keep us posted here.
    12. Im sorry to hear you are having this problem. I would do what Noirdoll said to do. I wouldnt give her more time. She has had time to let you know more then just pm's are Sucky. Like you said- She could have said- 'Im having personnal problems, But will send the Doll such & Such day'. Or- I will just refund your Money. She ignored the main issue. I think they only way to get her moving on one or the other- is to continue to take action.

      I hope that you get the doll or a refund this week!
    13. well yet another day has gone by with nothing in the mail or any kind of response. i sent my first angry-yet firm-message to the seller, both PM and email-so there's no excuse she didn't get it. i told her i would be forced to call her local police department and file fraud charges if i didn't get either a tracking number to prove she sent the doll or a full refund. at this point she's leaving me no other choice. if i do have to file suit she can also be responsible for my travel costs
    14. Good for you.
      Too many people think it's quite ok to use the relative anonymity of the Internet to scam others. I got treated to the "mail an almost-empty-envelope-with-a-tracking-number" bit about a year ago in trying to get a Halloween costume for one of my girls. Because it actually got delivered -- the envelope got put in the box -- Paypal couldn't do anything. And because it was only a cheap thing I let it drop.

      But geez that made me mad. Those of us who go about trying to do business in good faith shouldn't have to put up with this kind of crap. I really hope you do get the police involved if necessary. That's way too much money to have stolen from you.
    15. Any Communication from the seller yet? a Doll Or a Refund??
    16. Doll arrived yesterday! i had to go as far as to threaten to call the police, i had no other choice with the lack of communication. when you're dealing with that amount of money nobody can take chances. but i'm really happy that it turned out good and my boy is home!
    17. YEAH!! So glad he arrived!
    18. not that i'm totally defending your seller, but, the PM system here has been Wonky.....:( I've sent and resent things to someone, and had them not get them. I'm in a situation with someone now, and probably will lose my money, but i know for a FACT they know about the situation, because we've talked about it.

      but, realize that Here on DOA, some people have trouble with the PM system, and others don't.

      Paypal gives you 45 days to file a claim. If she cannot prove that she has sent you your doll, they WILL give you your money back, and they will freeze her account until she gives it to you, if the money is not in there. If the money is in there, they automatically pull it out and refund you.
    19. i did get the doll, and i'm thrilled with him. so this is kinda like beating the dead horse with a stick-but my beef was i sent her messages through PM's, through email, through paypal's complaint center, then finally had to join myspace and attempted to contact her through that. until i said i was calling the authorities, i didn't get any kind of response from her. everyone's concern over this situation has been wonderful, but it's sad it drug out the way it did

      i hope your situation works out. sometimes you have to light a major fire to get things moving along. good luck
    20. wow I really don't mean to jump in and I hope I don't come across as rude but to me that just sounded so awful. I've had plenty of personal problems in my life where it does end up interfering with business, but I've always let the other person know what's going on. and also a girl I bought some stuff from went to a funeral recently which was why I have yet to receive my stuff from her. but she let me know and that was the nice thing. sorry but if someone's loved one died and they just couldn't send off your stuff at that time you wouldn't even care? would you be that mean to insist that they need to move on and send your stuff?
      anyways, just my two cents...