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Problem Transaction with Adae - RESOLVED UNHAPPILY

Apr 4, 2010

    1. I picked up my package (containing Galena talons) from Adae on 4/2/10. Upon opening it, I discovered that the nail had broken off one foot. I immediately contacted her with a picture of the damage and also enclosing a photo of my pick-up receipt from the post office, showing I had just signed for it a half-hour prior to PMing her.

      She apologized and told me that I should look into options from the post office on receiving compensation. I did so, and they told me that since it was an international parcel, she would have to do it from her end. She said she would fill out a form.

      However, the next day (yesterday) I talked to the postal service again, and was told most likely a claim would not go through because of insufficient packaging. So I requested a refund of 20% ($40) from Adae. I thought this was very reasonable, because I did not want the talons at all after finding them broken, but figured that I could sell them for $160. Adae replied that it was not her fault, and that her packaging was sturdy. The most she would refund was $20, which was the cost of shipping.

      THE PACKAGING WAS NOT ADEQUATE FOR BEING SHIPPED HALFWAY AROUND THE WORLD (OR EVEN DOMESTIC FOR THAT MATTER)! The box was the thickness of a shoebox, and there were only two layers of standard bubble wrap around each part... giving only 1/4" of padding between the parts and the box. There was no additional padding between the parts and the box, just 3 balls of paper wadded up between the parts themselves so they wouldn't rattle around. The box was not in another box, it was wrapped in paper.

      I have received Galena talons before (as well as Sphaler talons, and other SOOM feet/legs) and they all had at least 2" of buffer between the box edge and the parts. They were also shipped in boxes easily 3 times as thick. I also have 95+ feedback here, and 380+ on eBay, so I have shipped and received a good amount of packages and have a pretty good idea of what adequate packaging is.

      I would also like to note that in Adae's sales thread, the picture does not even show the toe that was broken, so for all I know it could've been shipped that way.

      Since Adae seems to take the attitude that since it left her hands it's not her responsibility, even though her packing job is at fault, I will try filing with PayPal for full-refund plus return-shipping costs. Unfortunately I do not expect them to reward any sort of refund since it was not an eBay transaction.


      Broken Talon
      Thickness of the box that they were shipped in
      Showing that box was too small for adequate padding
    2. 4/2/10

    3. 4/5/10
      It actually should've said Adae originally paid $165 for the parts.
      Split thread here: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?338765&highlight=adae

      Screen shot of split thread

      One more pic to show that this was definitely a decorative box that was not made for shipping.

      I decided to accept the $30 refund since I have no way of guaranteeing I would see a full refund if I were to send the parts back, I don't feel it's fair that I should have to pay the return shipping given the circumstances, and strongly believe the parts would be more broken if I was to use the same packing materials for the return as when they were sent to me.

      I am not happy with this, but it is not worth the additional time and stress to keep trying to point out that inadequate packaging was obviously used.

      The refund is in "pending" status until after the 14th, so I will update after it goes through as to whether this is truly (unhappily) resolved.

    4. Please put a link back to this Problem Transaction thread in this seller's individual feedback thread.
    5. Firstly, I must apologise that my mother had to step in on several accounts as I've been a frequent outpatient at the local hospital for the past few months. Which is why I was unable to settle this issue with myself personally.

      Secondly, don't post a thread where you slander the box the item was posted in, then fail to show the metal corners on the box or the fact the box itself doesn't have a scratch in order to make yourself look better and try to validate your claim. Also, it's not a shoebox, believe me shoeboxes don't have metal corners on the lid and are much worse. However I'm not going to argue with you about the box, as you've said yourself, the box is completely undamaged despite the fact you seem to like picking on it. Anyone can see the damage has been caused by the parts moving around inside the box during transit.

      In regards to the split thread, yes it was a split thread, that has nothing to do with this transaction aside from the fact my mother was $5 out on her guess. That's the price I paid for in the split which took place 4 months ago, and does not reflect the market value of the item. (Go check yourself, the average is $190-$210) So I'm failing to see why you've bothered to include that in this thread at all. Showing that you're simply desperately digging for anything you could hope to use against me.

      The talon was not broken when I shipped it. As an honest seller I wouldn't do such a thing to someone, just as you say:

      I can say "Would you like to prove the talon wasn't damaged whilst in your possession?" Because it was certainly in perfect condition when it was in mine. Don't make such crude accusations against me, I have never and will never lie in an advertisement.

      As aforementioned in the private message I sent to you, I shipped an identical pair of talons in the same box to Florida and they arrived completely undamaged. I already apologised that such a tiny break occured to you. However, Rather than continue to settle your problem through private messages and have it solved within a day or two you decided to jump straight into a paypal claim, adding another two weeks ontop:

      So why you chose to procastinate such a simple resolution by another 2 weeks is beyond my understanding. But then again, you were never a reasonable buyer to begin with and this is nothing short of absolutely ridiculous and over-exaggerated.

      This transaction is resolved now, you've recieved $30 compensation for the damage and I have repeatidly apologised for the damage that occured. This thread can be locked mods.
    6. Adae- The oops about the $5 was correcting myself if you look again and see who the quotes are attributed to.

      The metal corners on the top of the box have nothing to do with the bottom of the box where the talons were sitting or the fact that all sides of the box are flexible instead of rigid. Please don't make me take a picture of the thickness of a shoebox compared to the box you used. I've already provided a ton of evidence showing this was not proper packaging, and in my next post I will include the comparison pic I sent you of the corrugated cardboard. Anyone who looks at it can tell it's the same thickness as a shoebox.

      I posted the link to the original split thread to show you weren't out as much money as you were making yourself out to be. $190-200 for Galena talons is actually quite high, as there have been a couple sitting on the MP at that price for some time, and your own pair that I bought were listed for a week before I purchased them. So it's not as if you offered a phenomenal price. That is also keeping in mind that's for unbroken talons.

      I did contact you first and try to resolve the issue, but you were unwilling to compensate for an amount that I felt would be "market value", as you put it, for broken talons.
    7. 4/5/10

      Here is the comparison pic of a standard shipping box (congregated cardboard) and what they were actually shipped in:

      I have received my $30 refund, though I am not happy with the resolution because I do not feel that $170 is fair for broken talons. I feel that after this experience Adae will package her items more securely. It has taught me to video record all my box openings.