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Problem transaction with amaeta--not pleasant, but solved

Apr 25, 2007

    1. I sold a Yori head to amaeta, she contacted me and she paid shortly after on mar.30. She want it ship via Global Priority via package instead of EMS (i gave her quotes from usps site for both methods and EMS cost nearly 3 times). I printed out label and ship it out the next day (my mailman picks up package). She contacted me a few times saying tracking dont work. i told her that only EMS has tracking other methods dont have that. The last time she pm me was the 23 apr. and i was worried so i told her if she does not recieved by the end of the week, i will go down to the post office. After that no more reponse from her but she went and file a dispute saying that tracking does not work after i told her GP airmial don't have one. The other part of message is in French so i don't understand. I shipped to France so i assume it's in French language. Any likes to help translate that would be great.

      So i am not sure if she has the package or it's in limbo somewhere but i have a huge negative amount in my paypal instead.

      As of right now, i pmed her if the package gets there, reject it and i will refund her, so i will wait on that and paypal to review case since the money is on hold by them..

    2. Global priority is untrackable in the sense that EMS is step-by-step trackable, but if you enter in the tracking number, it should tell you that it was accepted at the post office. Double check the number and enter it on the USPS site.

      I had a similar problem with a global priority sent to france. If you need any more information on global priority, please PM me!
    3. I went to paypal and went straight through the site there cuz they have all the info. USPS ask for the date then zip code, but i don't even know if international have one.
      Since i can't do anything with me account and going through, i have ask buyer to reject the head. I don't even want to deal with this transaction anymore
    4. SO AM I SWANN 20 !
      I can say the same about you. You are not very kind to wrote all that about me, I just do what it is recommended by paypal.

      I have only excellent feedbacks on doa, ebay and MC, I never got problems with any shipping since five years I made transactions with USA !

      I done what they say on paypal to recover my money in case of non arriving
      because there is a delay and I can't wait more I think.
      As you say I don't have a good english so maybe I can make a mistaken but NOT MISTAKEN ABOUT HEAD NOT RECEIVED, I have never wait so much to receive a parcel by GP.
      If I choose global it is because I think it is secure and I repeat I didn't have any problem with them before.

      As I don't know the procedure because this is the first time I got problems, I asked to friend and they told me to make a litige on paypal to have a appeal latter.

      As I already said you by pm If the head arrive before the last delay of paypal I WILL KEEP it because I DO WANT IT, I don't want to be refund.

      I'm sorry if I hurt you and I send you all my apologies for all that, but understand please that I must protect me.

      Edit : I just read on paypal that sellers who have more than 3% of litigation, get their account limited ... is that the problem with yours?
    5. I gave you two options when you asked, first is EMS, the second is Global Priority (both quotes from usps site). you choose GP because it's cheaper since it only cost you $10.50 instead of the $27+). How can you expect me to give you tracking when you didn't choose the method that has it. And on top of that, you expect me to pay for the lost item also when you know there is a chance of it getting lost or damage.
      As for Global i use this alot member has emial me saying packages do get lost .
      You secure your money with paypal and i have shipped item, provide you with Custom Del so you can check and all info on Paypal since i ship through them. So you put in a negative hold because you dont want to pay for EMS and by what you say, i should be responsible when i ship to your choice of Shipping method and given you no just a reciept of shipment from them but alot with other things that is in with transaction.

      Refund??? Not only i have lost a head but all the money in paypal since they took it and put on Hold since you want to secure you money???

      If i can i rather have the head back , it's such a horrible transaction i rather not deal with anymore.

      and NO, my paypal is not limited but i have a huge negative debt i need to pay off before doing any sending or shipping out stuff. I don't money lying around for that.
    6. I'm not dishonest Swan. I never got problem with shipping before so why I choose EMS?

      I just do what I had to do on paypal.

      You know too what you risk with this job....we all depend of the shipping finally!

      But If you lost money by my fault I will refund you all .

      I don't have use bad relationship, never!

      Now I think I will choose ONLY EMS, like that I will be free from reproach.
    7. When you chose anything and sometimes even EMS, nothing is guarantee.
      I already lost money as took took and on hold.
      I don't control the po and since called them and GP has no tracking. That is all they can say as that is what you ask and paid for to be shipped.
      "Risk" of what??? getting scammed,yes it happens. just the same as risk when you have your item ship with no insurance or tracking.

      what "job"??? it's a hobby, i don't sell so many dolls or doll parts each day and ship to France via GP. I would say this is the first time to France with a doll head.

      I dont' think i am hard on you as you asked me to ship your head out via GP, and i did, then you claim tracking don't work when there isn't one with your choice of shipping, and so i am in a negative hole. I was worried before but not just upset. It seems to me that you are saying it doesn't matter if it's late or lost or damage, i should be the one responsible to paying it back.

      I have lost the money, and it's you who didn't even tell me a chance like i said in the pm and had paypal took the money, and you said to refund me if i loose money, i will wait and see on that.

      Ps. why dont we just take a break and calm down, pray and hope Yori gets there or returned to me if anything happens. I think we are both worry , upset, and not helping here. I will give it a few days and see.
    8. She got her head and closed the dispute. All i can say is this is a bad transaction for me. At least it's over and paypal let me use my account again.
      I would never ship any doll/doll items anything other than EMS. GP gets to buyer just slower then time listed, but having to go through this because people can't wait a few days just just cause too much problems.x.
    9. Swan Don't call few days a waiting for 25 days, please.

      For me I think I'll take shipping by EMS in future.
      It is not for the problem we have had that I will not make deals with US seller in future too!

      I didn't have any problems before with any seller.

      But all is right now for both.
    10. Sending things to France is always awful... don't get me wrong I love France and go there almost every year... but their Post is simply awful. They break and lose things and their customs agents are completely savage.

      I'd advise anyone shipping to Europe to ALWAYS use tracking (EMS or whatever the USPS is about to change it to). This is to protect yourself as a seller from chargebacks and claims.

      Also, things take much longer... EMS takes AT LEAST one week (seven business days) to arrive. Same for Italy and Spain.

      In any case, thank you swan20 for posting this and reminding us all to be extra careful...!