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Problem Transaction with Angelik_Fiona - RESOLVED

Feb 27, 2008

    1. This transaction has been truly frustrating...here goes:

      On 2/20 I Pm'd Angelik_Fiona wanting to buy the Bobobie Charisma for $200 that she had for sale..it came with free clothes and free ship. I had previously PM'd her because I wanted to buy some MSD clothes and was told they were available, so when I PM'd about the Charisma I told her I wanted the MSD clothes and the doll with clothes shipped together if I could....she responded saying the clothes were already spoken for..so I assumed she meant the clothes that came with the doll..but it turns out she didn't even hold the MSD clothes for me, and sold them to someone else...all I was waiting for was for her to send me her Paypal info and that the clothes that came with the doll were still included. - First confusion

      Then I waited for her to send the Paypal info for the doll...and had to PM her again to get her info and let her know I was paying with a bank transfer {I assumed she knew what I was talking about} she responded by saying all she took was Paypal...and still no info..
      so I Pm'd her again and told her that Bank transfer just meant I wouldn't have to use a Credit Card {I thought just in case she has two PP accounts she could send me the one that doesn't take CC to save on fees}
      Finally she understood and send the info...and I Paypaled immediately.
      Then later I PM'd her again and told her if she wanted to save on shipping as it was included she could unstring the doll {she told me she had just restrung it} as I was going to by dyeing anyway.. she asked if I had enough elastic, and said she could send some...I Pm'd her and said I didn't and thanked her, also told me it would go out on 2/23.
      On 2/24 after not hearing from her I Pm'd her and asked if she had been sent...I got a reply saying, "There was like an all day meetup, it will go out sometime this week" and that was it...:| {So much for honoring her statement in her sales thread that any item bought would be shipped the following Sat}
      Now I am getting a bad feeling about this transaction so on 2/25 I Pm her and ask if it will be sent Insured and with Delivery Confirmation if not I would pay for it, she responded "it is sent the cheapest way as its coming out fo my pocket!!"
      I replied and told her that 'I would be paying for it and if she didn't want to send it that way even though I would pay for it she could just refund my money and we could drop the transaction, that I wanted to protect my investment and it would cover her butt as well"
      Her response was " Ok Hun, I totally understand".. later on 2/25 I Paypal $8 to cover the Insurance and Delivery confirmation both payments have been completed...
      I have not heard from her since..I Pm'd and emailed her today telling her that she had until the end of the week to send the doll, with Insurance and Delivery Confirmation and I wanted her to PM me the number that I would be contacting Paypal and I was going to wait to put up a thread like this but with the advice from one of the Mods, they told me to go ahead and put this up.

      She has been on several times a day, buying and putting up WTB threads..

    2. First off, The clothes with the doll would never have been sold seperately, they are packaged with her right now and the MSD clothes were already spoken for before you even asked about them. I was awaiting the paypal payment for the clothes to come through before I marked them as sold! No problem there! I just ahd so many sales going on at once though, I can see how it got confusing for you as it did for me at some points!!!!!

      Lastly, I am not on 24/7 as you seem to assume I am, I have a life to live!

      There has been alot going on here hun that you don't understand!

      1) I have been ill
      2) Saturday's ride to the meetup was by another girl in town who collects BJDs and she picks up several people for meetups!
      3) I am leaving tonight to go to LA to pick up an LE2 at the Elfdoll store there! I purchased her when Elfdoll came!
      4) Friday I have a handiman coming to fix my garbage disposal and one of my lights which has come loose from my ceiling, otherwise I would ship on Friday!

      I had sold alot lately and had to wrap up and package for safe travel so many dolls, doll clothes, wigs, and accessories the last few days! I have a life and I volunteer daily at an animal shelter! I have had my arms full right now! I have a husband and animals to tend to!

      I got alot of the stuff out on Friday, but not everything, especially the dolls that needed extra packaging!

      I am doing my best to get everything out to everyone ASAP!

      I have completely finished packaging everything today, but I am leaving to go to LA in 3 hours!

      When I come back from LA, my handiman is coming the next day and then on Saturday I'll ship the rest fo the packages I have to go out, including your's!

      Also, I am disabled! I can not drive due to vision and seizures I get frequently, which I am sure you knew. I have to rely on other's to give me rides places, as I've explained ot many people!

      My husband works and so I rely on other's most the time to take me places! I do not want to burden my rides down by asking them to take me places every single day, so I let my packages and errands pile up for a few days a week!

      You need to be more udnerstanding of situations and people's lives!
    3. And another point, those clothes were available when you first PMed me, but then you never responded letting me know you were still interested in them and wanting to pay, so I figured you no longer wanted them and just didn't tell me and I let them go to the next person!
    4. Bank transfer: I thought this meant sending money from her bank account directly into mine. I don't have a bank account and she neevr mentioned it meant from her bank account in her paypal account to my paypal balance!

      99% of the time, I do honor what I say in ym sales threads, but this is one of those times when life get's in the way! It is difficult for me to get to the PO to ship stuff in the first place and when I sell stuff I give excellent deals on the prices!!!!!!
    5. First off-- I sent you a PM thanking you for your PM and explaining your situation, as you done here. And I won't re-hash all of the miscommunications that led up to this thread, its already been stated.

      I do want to say that I am very understanding and if you have checked out my feedback thread, that I have done above and beyond..when there was a problem, so I am not going to address that.

      I did tell you what a Bank transfer was after you told me you didn't take it.

      The Mixup about the Charisma and clothes, and the MSD clothes all happened within minutes..You told me they were available I PM several times asking for your PP info...and even after you told me they were sold I still had to PM more to get it for the doll..:|

      But enough of that, its old.

      again I have replied to your PM and I await the PM from you this weekend with the Delivery Confirmation number/Insurance.:kitty1
    6. Catdancer ~ Please keep this thread updated as to the arrival/condition of your purchase.
    7. Angelik_Fiona was able to ship my doll today and has sent me the DHK number.

      and the postal scale is $39.99...I finally bought one..:sweat
    8. oops I meant DHL number.
    9. Charisma arrived today in great condition and unstrung {I had asked her to be} and Angelik_Fiona sent along a very kewl pink and black wig, she came with blue cat eyes and some elastic to restring her and you awesome Cherrydoll outfit..

      so everything has been worked out and both parties satisfied!!!