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problem transaction with astarvingartist - RESOLVED UNHAPPILY

Jun 7, 2011

    1. about:
      Soom Dolomi (CW) split, eyes.

      Ok the last time i got notice from you was 05-25-2011 07:08 PM, i'm starting to get tired. I have been very patient. And i just want to know what is going on. I want to know the tracking number. please answer.
    2. sorry i forget place this:


      this is the split.

      she place this on 04-13-2011 03:12 PM

      "Shipped, arrived, and been sorted into everyone's piles, just a matter of being lucid enough to get quotes. Sorry for the delays, I can get the quotes tomorrow. Didn't mean to be too sick to go anywhere today, so sorry! "

      i know i don't pay the shipping the next day... we talk about the price and i delay a little. but in the case you don't answer i want to know what is going on.
    3. Just popping in to say I'm working hard to resolve this. It was my fault, I'm sure, the customs form wasn't filled out properly and they bounced it back to my grandma's place. I'm working to get the eyes sent back out asap.
    4. well just write to tell you i sent the adress the same day you ask for it. Want to know if you get or not. I sent another pm today, if some friend see this please tell to astarvingartist
    5. well astarvingartist sent me a email. The eyes are sent but not arrive yet.
    6. the day 16/06/2011 astarvingartist sent me an email that my eyes was shipped. Today is 12/07 and any notice. I ask for an tracking number. and she say she lost or someting. I just sent an email this asking for the package. If any can tell, please again.

      I get packages form spain, japan and never took so much. sometimes i just thing i will never see my eyes.
    7. Well i'm tired so wait. and dont get an answer. I want a refund for the eyes. the totally amount including the fees. thanks

      is the first time some one in here fail to me. I want the money back. i will start to look for other pairs of eyes.
      I just sent an email to astarvingartist

      Note: she give me a refund for the shipping. (only a refund, and paypal don't return the fees)
    8. Well end of the problems,. I never get my eyes.. but astarvingartist sent me the money that i pay. Thanks for your help.