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Problem Transaction with bambicrony: damaged grey Pepe

Jun 8, 2007

    1. Well , as you can see in the tiny subforum, I´ve had seroious problems with my grey pepe (Farore)

      I ordered her during the coloured elves event and got her three months later, that´s the first one

      I posted repeatedly on the QA always kindly just asking about the status of my doll, just to get some info

      I particularly asked them if there had been any problems with the resin and wether that was the reason for the delay, they answered TWICE that there was no problem, that my doll came out perfectly

      that means I was lied to, twice
      I got the doll with the viya faceup I requested, but the body was terribly damaged TERRBILY

      I sent them the pictures to the board but they did not reply yet (well I posted links to my photobucket)

      I just can´t understand after seing the unassembled body in this condition how could they ever asemble it, send it for a faceup and then to me


      this is the tiny subforum thread about it, with pics. April´s doll on the first page, my doll with bigger and more marks on the second one


      more threads where the subject has been discussed:


      I hope this info is useful to any possible clients, I ´ll make sure to update with any possible answer they give me