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Resolved Problem Transaction with Bjdsan - RESOLVED

Jun 25, 2011

    1. ::Negative Feedback for Bjdsan::
      Seller of SOOM Dolomi Horns and Tail
      Original Sales Thread

      - One horn magnet was broken in half
      - Tail magnet had a chip out of it
      - Horns arrived in perfect condition
      - Tail had a scuff mark, assumingly from the magnets, which came off with soap and water

      - Sparse and sometimes a little unclear (I assume Bjdsan's primary language is French, not English. Whereas I only speak English.)

      - Took 23 days to ship (states 1-3 days on sales thread)
      - Said would mail the items 4 times before they were mailed
      - Claimed it was mailed on 6/9/11 but was post marked for 6/18/11


      Here is a timeline for the transaction I had with Bjdsan.

      Please note that Bjdsan is in France and I am in Washington State in the USA which means that the time zones are different. All dates posted are in my time zone. I have all the private messages sent and received saved, and am more than willing to provide screenshots if needed.

      5/24 - I messaged Bjdsan asking to split the tail and horns from the head and if that was possible how much it would cost.

      5/25 - Bjdsan agreed to the split and we settled on $100 shipped, including insurance. I sent payment to the paypal email address provided (Bjdsan's father's). I was then messaged me saying that the email address was misstyped and included the correct address. I canceled the first payment and was waiting for the money to be back in my paypal account before I re-sent it.

      5/26 - Paypal hadn't taken the hold off of my $100 yet, and after doing some internet research I found that sometimes it takes them a while to do so, so I sent another $100.

      5/30 - Bjdsan messaged me saying she/he hadn't had a chance to check if payment had been recieved, but she would check that evening.

      5/31 - She/he messaged me saying that she needed my full address and asked if I wanted insurance. She would mail the package "tomorrow." The hold on my first payment was lifted by Paypal.

      6/03 - She/he apologised for taking so long to get back to me, she said she tried to mail the items on Wednesday (6/01) but the post office was closed due to religious holiday. She said she would try again Monday with a present because of how long it took. I told her that I was in no rush as the doll they are for isn't coming home for a few months and thank you for the update.

      6/09 - I sent an inquiry in regards to shipping status.

      6/10 - She/he went to the post office yesterday (6/09) but, "The parcel was too small so I had to send them a letter." and said she would get me a tracking number tomorrow. I replied saying that, "As long as they are packed well enough that they don't break I'm happy" and that I was looking forward to a tracking number.

      6/13 - Having not gotten a tracking number so I sent another PM saying that I had not heard from her/him over the weekend in regards to the tracking number.

      6/17 - I recieved a tracking number from bjdsan but it doesn't work on the USPS website. I PMd her/him back asking if there was a French site I could try it on. Another DoA member found the site for me http://www.courrier-suivi-export.laposte.fr/webapp-primeweb/ where I put in the number and it came out with "Il n'y a pas de suivi pour cet objet," which translates to (according to google translate) "There is no tracking for this object." What is the point of offering a tracking number that is not trackable? I assume this is just the customs number and tracking was either not bought or was not part of the shipping service.

      6/18 - bjdsan sent me a reply with another tracking site. This one didnt give me any usefull information either. She/he said she/he was going to the post office "tomorrow" and would "ask if the package is a good start."

      6/23 - I recieved the parts today. The tracking number on the box was a different number than bjdsan sent me originally. The box has what I assumed was a shipping date of the 18th on it. So I searched the number on the usps site which confirmed it. All 6 items (two horns, one tail, three magnets) were all in the same bubble wrap pouch rubbing against each other. One of the horn magnets has split in half, and the tail magnent has a chip out of it and there was a scuff mark on the tail which I was able to get off with soap and water. I sent bjdsan a message as soon as I opened the box stating the damage. That evening I sent another message with a picture. I recieved a reply saying "Everything was in good condition when I wrapped the package... I can try to send you another if you want." I sent a reply saying that it would cost more for her/him to send me replacements with overseas shipping than it would for me to buy them myself so I asked for ~$5 so I can go and order new magnets.



      Shipping Box (proof of ship date circled in pink) - Front, Back, Insert

      Magnets -Together, Horn Magnet, Chipped Tail Magnet, Tail Magnet Chip


      Final notes/My comments: Yes, 23 days to ship from the time I sent payment is outside the range of when Bjdsan said my items would be shipped but, as I told Bjdsan early on, I was not in a rush to recieve them as the doll they are for isn't going to arrive for another 2-3 months. What really bothered me and caused me worry was that Bjdsan kept saying that my items would be shipped and they weren't for various reasons. If Bjdsan has just told me that he/she woulden't be able to ship for a few weeks I would have been fine waiting. And then Bjdsan said that they were shipped on the 9th whereas the date on the box proves it wasnt shipped until the 18th, so when Bjdsan told me that they had been shipped it was a lie.

      Also, when one ships loose resin items and metal items one really should at the very least put them in seperate baggies. I was lucky that the scuffs on the tail came off and that they weren't scraped by the rough edge of the broken magnet.

      I would really like some sort of compensation for the broken magnets. As I told Bjdsan, ~$5 would suffice.
    2. Bjdsan was last on the forum today. She is not Being Paged. Please post a link to this thread in her individual feedback thread.
    3. I have recieved money for replacement magnets from Bjdsan today. I am glad to say that I consider this transaction finished.