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Resolved Problem Transaction with Bloodyrose82

Mar 17, 2010

    1. Problem Transaction with Bloodyrose82 which may turn into a Negative feedback for this Transaction.

      I have been trying my best to complete this transaction with this seller.

      After a mess up on my part involving some missing funds ($300+ was in effect stolen from me) I explained my situation and asked for another chance to complete the transaction.

      as you can see she was only giving me two days after I told her how long the Transfer took.

      Theses PMs are chronological order: (Her unreasonable demands are bolded.)

      After this, She suggested that I find someone with a Paypal with a credit card, but to find someone within two days is really difficult.(However if someone would be willing to volunteer I could make arrangements and pay your fees and plus extra for the trouble.)

      I am asking that she return my full $100 deposit if she does not give me a chance to complete the transaction.

      I have started the bank Transfer for my other Seller and she will be receiving an Extra $50 for her patience and understanding. Pity that Bloodyrose won't do that same.
    2. I have also contacted a MOD and they agree that she had changed the terms of the sale.
    3. Please change this into a Negative feedback. She will not be completing the transaction and I am taking action to get my full refund back.
    4. Grr, I meant "[n]Neutral[/b] feedback" rather then a Negative. Sorry, my mistake.
    5. I have not yet received the full refund as she said she would, Please keep this open until I receive it, I am giving her till tomorrow morning to give me back my deposit. which is was a longer time then what she gave me.
      If not I will contacting my bank and issuing a charge back. I have already called paypal and they told me the steps to get my funds back that way.
    6. Bloodyrose82 was last on the forum yesterday. Has this been resolved?
    7. No it has not, I had issued a charge back with my bank and they cannot do it because paypal cannot get the funds back from her account, (meaning she probably already spent it.)

      I will be filing a FBI report on fraudulent Internet crimes for this transaction.
    8. Damn. Wish I hadn't seen this thread. Bought a head of Bloodyrose82 ten days ago, and am starting to have problems with this seller regarding not sending tracking numbers, after twice stating to do so.
    9. Sheesh. Not long after posting this I get a tracking number. I swear the gods hate me today and has taught me a lesson in patience.
    10. I see that you have had some good luck, I, however was still robbed of my funds.
    11. I would like to chang this to a "Negtitive Feedback" and Close it as "resolved" since I have recived a message from Interpol (via the FBI) that They are conducting an investigation on Bloodyrose82"

      I urge all others not to deal with her and if you are a member of DOA and had a problem with her to PM a Mod right away. Even if the transaction had not taken place on the Marketpalce.