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Resolved Problem transaction with Catdancer - RESOLVED

Jan 25, 2012

    1. I really, really hate to do this. Catdancer is a wonderful person to work with. I've always been pleased by the quality of her work too. But this time there are some issues that nobody seems to be able to resolve.

      Astarvingartist and I commissioned Catdancer to do angel wing mods on her Soom Nor (bronze) and my Soom Dune (WS). Catdancer agreed to take on the commission, which included creating the mods and blushing them to match the different resin tones. Since Starving and I live near each other we agreed to send our dolls at the same time. Catdancer would work on both of them. I would send Catdancer the money for the mods (plus shipping), and the dolls would be returned to my home. I spoke on behalf of Starving and myself. The dolls arrived at Catdancer's place on November 19th.

      At first everything went swimmingly! Catdancer always kept me up to date with what was going on. She also sent me tons of pictures. I would discuss how the mods were progressing with Starving and relay the information to Catdancer. We were both really happy with how the mods were looking. However, when the parts (torsos and wings) were returned there were several issues:

      - Both dolls reeked of cigarette smoke. This wasn't a major concern, as the dolls aired out within a day or two. However, it should have been noted in her thread that she worked in a smoking household. (She later updated her thread to include this information.)
      - Nor came back with scratches in the middle of his chest and white apoxie specks on the rest of his chest. The blushing on the mods was only somewhat close to his bronze resin tone. It was also sprayed in one brown sheet over his back. There was no attempt to blend or "fade" the brown paint into his skin tone.
      - The blushing on Dune was somewhat better. The white paint is a better match for the CW resin. However, it was also sprayed in a single sheet down her back. There was no attempt at blending. Dune also came back with large-ish yellow patches along her neck, sides, and on a couple of her wing bits.

      Starving and I tried to remove the defects with a Magic Eraser (apoxie specks and yellow discoloration) and our fingernails (apoxie specks). We couldn't remove anything. Both dolls were ordered brand-new from Soom. Neither doll had any defects when they arrived or when they were sent to Catdancer. If any defects were present we would have 1) contacted Soom for replacement parts or 2) sent them to Catdancer with a note explaining the damage. Both dolls were shipped (both ways) in plenty of bubble wrap. This isn't damage from the box.

      I messaged Catdancer about the defects and asked how she wanted to handle this. Starving and I were more concerned about getting the defects fixed. We'd rather have that over a refund. Catdancer appeared to flop between "send them to me and I'll see what I can do" and "none of this is my fault, I won't work on them". She stated that she saw the yellow discoloration on Dune when she arrived, but didn't say anything because she thought I already knew about it. She stated the apoxie flakes were just dust and should be easy to remove. She also stated that there's no guarantee she could match the bushing with the bronze resin. As such she's since altered her thread to state she won't take angel wing mods on tan dolls any more.

      Again, the mods themselves are well done. The holes are drilled properly, and the cups for the wings are nice and smooth. It's the extras we're worried about. At this point Starving and I would like Catdancer to fix the issues noted above for free. Since we both believe the dolls were damaged while in her care we also would like her to pay for shipping (with full insurance) both ways. If she is unwilling to fix the damage we would like a partial refund. The mods were $60 each and were only 2/3 completed. Thus we would each like a $20 refund.

      Images of the damage can be seen here. My strong artificial light bleached out the yellow patches on Dune. I plan on adding images of her in natural light. I'll update this thread when the images have been uploaded. I can also post our PMs if necessary.
    2. a refund of $40 has been applied.. and as I stated before, there were multiple layers of color not one sheet of color.. and it was blended to the best of my ability and I am sorry you weren't happy...
    3. Confirmed. Catdancer sent me $40 via Paypal today. I'll forward $20 of the $40 to Starving.

      Catdancer - Thank you for resolving this so quickly. :) I'll be leaving you neutral feedback and linking to this thread.

      Moderators - This thread can be closed (resolved).