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Resolved Problem Transaction with ChloeisCrazy - MP BANNED

Apr 26, 2011

    1. 22nd March
      I contacted ChloeisCrazy with question for trade. She was very nice and fast to answer. We agreed for tradeing 3 set of clothes (long sleev shirt + pants + short sleev shirt) for my puki Cupid (160$). She had good reputation and nice feedback so I shipped Cupid next day. ChloeisCrazy promised that my clothes will be finished at 3rd April, but she will contact me in meanwhile. She didn't, but I was still waiting patiently.

      7th April
      I wrote PM to ChloeisCrazy to ask if she has any news for me. Did doll that I sent arrived or how is proggres of my comission. I didn't get reply.

      12th April
      I sent PM again asking for any explanation. I got answer this time, that she was sick. She said that Cupid arrived safely and that she is in half way to finish clothes for me. I asked her for pictures and she said that she will post them for me by end of week (17th). This didn't happen.

      24th April
      I wrote to her again asking for information about progress. I didn't hear from her...

      As I'm made trade I have really bad situation, cause I can't ask Paypal to start claim.
      I would like to get refund for doll or get clothes that I supposed to.

      I'm very disapointed with this girl, cause we had really nice contact at the beginning of transaction.
    2. ChloeisCrazy was last on the forum 12APR. She has outstanding Unresolved Transactions and has been banned from the DoA Marketplace.
    3. Hi there, I am just about to send you a PM with photos of your clothing items as I stated I would send to you (hopefully you'll like them!) and a photo of the receipt showing proof that I have mailed your order out.

      Mod, if I should post those photos here as well please let me know...
    4. I recived PM with photos. I will update when clothes arrive.
    5. I recived my clothes. I think thread can be closed. I will post link and my opinion in ChloeisCrazy's feedback thread.