Resolved Problem Transaction with ChloeisCrazy - RESOLVED MEMBER MP BANNED

Apr 19, 2011

    1. Hi everyone,

      So I got my doll today, finally. After I paid for this doll on the 17th of March and raised my concerns on this thread and with heron the 6th of April, it turns out that the doll wasn't actually posted until the 12th of April at which point I would have much preferred a refund. Here's a list of concerns:

      1) Doll not posted for nearly a full month.
      2) Doll marked at full price, despite an agreement that she would be marked at a $50 gift due to UK customs and an initially high purchase price.
      3) Charged $25 for shipping and told that tracking would be over $40, yet the actual total is $8.53?? I'm concerned I was told tracking would be pricey to discourage me picking that option so she could relax about getting the doll in the post. Normally I would go for tracking in any situation, but EMS is usually about $40, not tracked airmail!
      4) Doll was posted in a bubble mailer, with a single layer of bubble wrap and no face protector. I am only thankful that she arrived unbroken, if a little dirty and bashed.
      5) I was lied to about shipping times, and told that the package might take two months hence why she hadn't arrived nearly a month after my payment.

      I really don't know what to do with this situation, as I'd consider this who transaction deceitful. I still have a hold on Paypal and will be considering claiming shipping fees back as $25 for a three week delay on a $9 shipping price is ridiculous. I just wish I'd never bought this doll as she's beautiful, but not worth the stress. I'd appreciate some advice on bringing this to a close as I have to doll but am disappointed with the transaction.
    2. Gantaeno ~ Please state clearly what you would like to see as "resolution" in this problem transaction. Thank you.
    3. I would like a full refund for shipping and an apology for the deception, minimum. Ideally I would have been wanting a full refund before the doll shipped instead of the lies, but she's here now and mercifully undamaged.
    4. Today I have escalated this to a claim through paypal and will see what they do with it: I have had no contact from her at all.
    5. I have resolved this transaction with you at least a week ago, I sent you the partial refund which you requested. I'm sad to see you didn't clear my name here for that...

      I can provide proof that I have resolved this transaction via paypal.
    6. This transaction is now over: the refund didn't actually clear into my account until yesterday, but it is cleared now.