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Problem transaction with chobits332 - RESOLVED UNHAPPILY

Mar 1, 2011

    1. Problem : I made a payment to chobits332 for buying Leeke world Leeke-D peanut head. A few day later she pm me with tracking number. But after waiting for 2 weeks the package.had never arrived i contact her. She claimed that she went to post office and found out that the postage was not enough, therefore the package did not ship,but she said she will reship it to me soon. I waited for 2 more week and nothing happen. I p.m her again, but she did nit answer my p.m anymore.

      I was so lucky that i sent payment as purchase and paid extra for paypal fee(Chobits332 wanted me to send money as personal.) I contacted paypal and tried to reach her, but she ignored me.

      Solution resolve: Chobits 332 did nothing. She did not try to solve problem at all. I reported my problem to Paypal and Paypla refund money back to me.
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