Resolved Problem transaction with CleverSneazoid

Dec 2, 2011

    1. I bought a Soom Sabik from her. The doll arrive a few minutes ago and has both broken feet , defect which was not mentioned in the sale post

      Looking both feet, you can tell they both have been already glued at least once. So I paid $900 for a broken Sabik which obviously needs a new body......

      Already glued foot di rumik73 (❛‿❛ )Latified, su Flickr

      Broken Sabik di rumik73 (❛‿❛ )Latified, su Flickr

      Broken Sabik di rumik73 (❛‿❛ )Latified, su Flickr
    2. CleverSneazoid was last on the forum yesterday. She is now Being Paged. Please post what you would like to see as resolution.
    3. I would like a partial refund. I paid a lot of money for a broken doll that will probably need a new body.
      Also, headcap magnet is broken, ankles have issues, and he has a mark on his chin (other marks and chippings on the body too). I can provide pictures upon request.
      I would appreciate a $ 400 refund and forget all of this bad transaction :(
    4. Hello, I've had this doll for now over 2 year now and have never had any problems with this doll. we've only taken him out a on 6 occasions to take pictures with him.
      After stating that you would like standard shipping and that because it was expernsive (so it was the cheapest method) you opened up a paypal claim that you did not receive the doll even though it had been only 3 weeks. I had my suspicions. I've talked to many people about what had been happening over the past few weeks and they all said that in the end it looked like this was going to end up as a bad transaction.
      After I have purchased this doll in 2009 I have never had any of his feet pop off like that (It looks as if it had been purposefully broken) and I have never seen glue being stuck in the ankles like that. you have already taken the $498 from my account 1 month ago. So basically you want your a full refund.
      If I can request I would to get my doll back and I will pay you the rest of the payment owed (since you have already taken $498 from my account). I will pay for shipping back to me.
      It's unfortunate that sabik had to go through all this (If anything I would just like him back home).
    5. I haven't taken money from you. Please give proof of this. Paypal blocked your account but I did not have a refund. Give proof of what you are saying. I cannot say things like that so lightly...I do not have your money: I payed $900 plus shipping and ended with a broken doll. I gave proof of this. Please do the same.
    6. *edit You cannot say things like that so lightly
    7. Then this is fine. I will send you what you payed for the doll (your full refund) plus shipping back to me, and we'll let paypal know how we resolved this issue (Since they seem to have the payment of $498 in limbo). So you will have your money back and I will have Sabik back. Is this alright with you.
    8. No, it is not. I asked a partial refund, as I waited very long time ( not your fault, I know that ) and want Sabik so back. Please refund me a quote so I can get him a new body, not a Mecha Angel one, something less expensive will do too.
    9. *bad* Sorry for my mistakes ^^'''
    10. I understand that you have been waiting for Sabik a long time. Though in the end we are talking about $1000 (that includes the shipping). Though this is a way that you could get your money back from the beginning and I will be back at the beginning but with a broken doll.
      I did not sell broken goods, Though if you have received it that way I have nothing to say since I am not there with you. When I wrapped him up and shipped him off he had no broken parts. He may have had a minor scratch or 2 since he has been through 3 owners (me being the third).
      If I do send a partial refund I would basically be in $1500 debt for something that I have not done. which does not sit right with me. I am willing to refund you your full payment in exchange for Sabik who is now broken (But I'm fine with having him back).
    11. You will not loose $1500. I will close claim and paypal will free your account with your money again. I showed you proof I did not have a refund, so you cannot say you lost $1500....That makes no sense..
      I'm keeping Sabik, and asking you a partial refund. If you do not agree with $400, please make you money offer...I just want to get him a new body forget all this, thank you.
    12. Actually yes I would. Sabik is more than $1000 that I have paid for him and I would be giving you your partial refund You are asking for $400 back so it would be $1400. I too would like to resolve this. I don't think I'm being unreasonable since I've I believe I did not ship Sabik with his feet broken off. I've never had any problems with his feet, ankle or any part of him. And I did not expect him to end up this way.
    13. Well it would be $1400 less the $1000 I paid, which makes $400 . I am getting tired of this. Please give a refund, or else I will leave negative feedback supported by pictures and screenshots I already showed here and will keep going with the paypal claim.
      You offended me here saying I broke him on purpose. I did not offend you, not once. But let's stop this. Do you want to give me a partial refund? If so, please do . If not, I will continue via paypal.
      I am the one who lost money, not you. You have all of my payments in your paypal account and I gave proof of that so stop saying you are loosing money.

      It's up to you
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    18. CleaverSneazoid was last on the forum yesterday.