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Resolved Problem transaction with clover69 - RESOLVED

Nov 14, 2011

    1. I have tried to be patient, but unfortunately the seller did not bother to keep me updated with regard to the situation, and as such, I am out both my money and a wig.

      About 3 weeks ago I approached clover69 about her Lati Yellow Miel that she had up for sale on the MP. In addition, I also inquired about a couple of her wigs, which were not listed on DoA but on Etsy. At that point in time, she had the wigs listed on a thread here as well, but there were no prices stated, only a link to her Etsy shop. The wigs were listed for 38USD at that point in time, plus 6USD for shipping, and an extra 1USD per additional item. Also on her DoA thread, she stated that buyers were welcome to ask for EMS shipping.

      (I keep saying "at that point in time" because I have not bothered to see if she has edited her DoA sales threads.)

      This might be irrelevant, but I also want to add that when she replied me, she said that she had 2 other people who were interested in Miel. She emphasized this again when she sent her paypal address, and instructed me to send payment in AUD. This was definitely not stated on her sales thread, but since the exchange rate between AUD and USD wasn't too different, I decided not to bring it up.

      I asked her for the total including the 2 wigs that I was interested in, since I wanted combined shipping using EMS. This was where the discrepancies started. She told me that there was no EMS service in Australia, even though she offered it on her sales thread, and I've had dolls shipped from Australia via EMS before. Secondly, she told me that each wig would cost 45AUD, but she would give me a discounted price of 85AUD.

      At that time, if I were to convert the price of each wig from 38USD (as listed on Etsy) to AUD, they would have been only 37.31AUD, which meant that her discounted price wasn't actually discounted, since the prices of the wig had gone up about 8AUD each.

      When I brought up these discrepancies, she got upset. Eventually, I believed her when she said she was tired and did not know about there being EMS in Australia until she went to do an online search. I suggested that she take a rest before we continued the transaction, but she told me I could pay in full for Miel first to hold her, while she went to the post office to get a quote for EMS shipping. To be fair, she did offer to sell the wigs at 35AUD each instead.

      I did send full payment over, even though it was Saturday and she wouldn't be able to get a shipping quote until Monday. She wanted to wait for my payment before she went off to bed, even though she was tired. From my point of view, she seemed really desperate to get the payment, despite her fatigue. Also, I had offered to continue the transaction when she was feeling better, but she only went offline after I sent the payment.

      Miel arrived safely, but one of the wigs was much too big for both my Latis. I contacted clover69 and she told me to use velcro to make it stay on. But it was so big that it just slid off my girls' heads. I asked for a replacement, which I offered to pay the shipping for. I also offered to send the previous wig back. On Oct 30, clover69 said she should get a new supply "in the next week or two"; I sent the wig back on Nov 3rd. She received it on Nov 14, but I only found out that she had received the wig after I contacted her regarding the status of the wig.

      I didn't want to drag this transaction any longer, and requested for a refund instead of continuing to wait for her mohair to arrive, and then for her to make the wig, and then for her to ship the wig, and then for the wig to reach me. She told me that she was still waiting for the new supply of mohair. But her Etsy shop has been updated with new wigs, including the style/colour of the too-big one that I had received. She said it was the same listing as when I bought mine, but that is obviously not true as all the listings have had their prices changed to 42USD instead of 38USD. So she must have relisted the wigs. So the one I wanted should be in stock. I asked her about this and she basically told me that it was non of my business:

      I have tried my best to give her the benefit of the doubt, but I'm starting to feel that if I hadn't PM'ed her, she would never have contacted me, either to tell me that she had received the wig, or that she had yet to get her new supply of mohair. It might not be true, but like I said, it's just what I feel. Right now I'm the one who's out a wig and 35AUD, and I'm waiting indefinitely for her supply of mohair. It has been more than "a week or two", and I don't feel that I'm being unreasonable for asking for a refund. I've waited 2 weeks and sent the defective wig back, but she hasn't done anything to resolve the situation, and she has my money.

      My proposed resolution: Refund my 35AUD. I don't want to drag this transaction any longer.
    2. I have PM'ed clover69 informing her of this thread, as well as my desired resolution.
    3. I have found this entire situation to be totally un called for and rediculously immature!
      From the moment she messaged me about Miel she seemed rude and assuming that I was going to "Rip her off"! Paranoid perhaps.

      I have had 100% positive dealings since being on DOA and most of the ladies who I've delt with I have re dealt with them over dolls or clothing etc and every transaction has gone smooth and friendly.

      This bbotss took it upon herself to assume I was shady from the mement she enquired about my doll sale and of course that is upsetting to any one who obviously is an honest person.

      Her issue is with the WIG, not anything else because her lati yellow doll Miel arrived in good time,was sent out as promised, exactly as she had asked and she was well wrapped and arrived in perfect condition.

      EMS!!! Until the night that she basically called me a liar I had no idea we actually had an EMS service in Australia! I went to the PO not too long ago and the woman there told me we do not have EMS!

      After this bbotss upset me by some of her accusations I did several searched on google and found that we do intact have an EMS service but....Its called international courier express.
      Problem was solved,so I thought! Here she states and tries to imply that I was being un savoury about the EMS service! She unbelievable seriously.

      She had asked if I would sell her two wigs which I had on my Etsy site.

      I would have preferred her to go directly to my etsy as the items were already up and the slot was paid for but she insisted that I sell them to her over DOA so she could save on money with shipping.

      I live in Australia and by the time I finished my conversation with her it was like 4am and I was tired!
      Yes I wanted to sell my doll...but in no way was I desperate.
      This is a woman who seems to think the worst of everyone from the get go. I gave her no reason what so ever to think i was not honest.

      I thought it was weird how she got upset because I added up the wigs wrong. I was in a rush and I had to convert from US to AU (I live in Australia so it makes sense to want my OWN currency) and of course I accidentally ended up not taking off the Etsy shipping price!

      There she got annoyed and suspect that I was going to rip her off!
      Geee things happen sometimes,honest mistakes happen!
      I apologised and I even gave her a discount for my mistake!

      I wish she had of kept the dolly side to DOA and the wigs side of things to ETSY but she was determined to save herself some money,so I thought this time I would agree,under my better judgement Id add them together for her.

      It seems she has had it in for me from the time she messaged me about the doll and now she is trying to discredit me,when in fact I have taken much pride in the fact that i am fair and honest and friendly with everyone I've delt with on DOA.

      Now...as for the WIG!
      She complained that the wig was too big! She had asked me if I would make her a new one!
      I said I would and I thought Id be decent and not ask for the original wig back,but seeing as she offered I agreed,if shed like she could send it back!
      I told her I was waiting for a new batch of mohair soon and assured her as soon as it arrived id make her one slightly smaller and have it posted off to her.

      This wig fits every single lati yellow I have,so I'm sure she was simply being pedantic,however I was nice about it.

      I received her returned wig today!
      Because I didn't email her straight away,she sent me this email:

      First of all I thought it was extremely rude of her "Again" and i stated to her that what ever I have in my etsy shop has nothing to do with this situation.

      I was going to make her a new wig as a replacement so what should it matter what i have in my shop?

      My shop has the same colour wig she had originally bought/bleach and I upped my prices from $35 to $42,but I also reduced my shipping costs on my site! SO does that make me a liar?
      Im confused????
      I dont understand what having a bleached coloured wig in my shop has to do with anything. That wig in my shop is too big for her,which is why I was going to make her a special one slightly smaller.
      I had two blonde wigs...she bought one and the other one went in my shop!??

      I have several suppliers of mohair and today received my pink and yellow supply....my bleach has not arrived yet but should be here any day!

      I do not issue refunds from my easy shop.Unless of course there is some breakage of the wig cause by sewing issues etc!

      Ive never had a complaint ever only 100% feed back on quality and fit!
      I think she just doesn't want the wig any more and simply wants money!Thats not how it works especially seeing as there was nothing wrong with the wig in the first place and she should have kept it to ETSY and not insisted I add it with the doll to save her money!

      To me this is silly and embarrassing and it seems as thought she has just targeted me over nothing!
      She also seems to be extremely paraniod.

      If she is complaining to me about the wig being too big and I have done the right thing and offered to make her a new one...she needs to realise that for one: her wig only arrived TODAY and two: my blonde moair is still in the post and will arrive soon at which time I will make her wig and post it to her.
      I can only do what I can,I can't make miracles happen.

      I have NOT given her any reason what so ever to even think that I would not have contacted her!She was angry at me because her returned wig arrived today and I didn't email her about it straight away!
      Geee I do have a life out side of the computer and something such as that was not on my important list for today!

      She will not be getting a refund as the wig was not defected and once my supply arrives I will make her a custom sized wig especially for her special small sized lati yellow head.

      Thank you

    4. I would like to point out 3 issues stated by clover69:

      1) I did not assume that she was shady and going to rip me off from the moment i inquired about the sale.
      2) I do not believe I was being rude. Also, I was being cautious, not paranoid.
      3) At no point in the transaction did she tell me that she would have preferred me to buy the wigs separately from Etsy. I did not insist that she sell them to me on DoA. I only asked for combined shipping, which is the logical thing most buyers do. If she had told me about preferring me to buy the wigs and pay for shipping separately, I would have passed on the wigs altogether and just gotten the doll.

      Here are the PMs from the beginning of the transaction. I will gladly provide screenshots if requested.

      This was the first discrepancy: that payment should be sent in AUD. This was not stated on her thread. I didn't see the need to bring it up as the conversion didn't make a very big difference.

      I went off DoA for about 30min, so she PM'ed me again.

      This was where I pointed out the discrepancies... the difference in wig prices and the supposed lack of EMS. She had stated on her sales thread on DoA that buyers could ask for EMS. If she thought that there was no EMS in Australia, wouldn't it have been logical to state that instead on her sales thread? So I told her that I was no longer interested in the sale, since the prices for the wig were so much higher than I had expected.

      She got upset after receiving my PM, so I tried to clarify:

      I honestly do not think that I was being paranoid by calling off the sale, since there was such a great difference in the prices listed and the prices she had quoted. My main argument is, at that point in time, the AUD was stronger than the USD. 1USD converted to less than 1AUD. Logically, even if she had added a shipping price of 6USD for each wig, each wig would cost 44USD, which could not possibly convert to 45AUD. The amount when converted to AUD should logically be lower than 44.

      Also, at no point did she tell me she would prefer me to buy the wigs separately from Etsy. So, I definitely did not insist that she sell them to me on DoA.

      I did not get annoyed, I just thought it would be a better decision not to buy, since there were obvious gaps in what she was saying.

      As for the wigs, I stated that I would send the white wig back if she wanted. She told me she wanted it back. So I would like to reject the implication inherent in clover69's statement that "if I liked" I could send the wig back. I only sent the wig back at her request, since I paid for the shipping back.

      Also, she did not offer to make me a new wig. I requested for a replacement.

      We could go in circles arguing about this, but as long as she fails to see the reasons behind my caution, she'll just insist that she's right and being unreasonable.

      So the fact remains that she has the wig back, she also has my money, and she does not have a replacement at hand. Neither does she have a replacement in the process, nor the materials for said replacement. As such, I do not think a refund should be out of the question. If I had wanted to wait over a month for a wig, I would have commissioned someone instead.

      With the situation at present, I would also be more comfortable with a refund than with an actual wig. If I received the new wig and it still didn't fit, I think I would actually have to provide photos/videos to show proof that I was not deliberately "targeting" clover69. So to make matters simpler, I still feel that a refund would be the safest and easiest way of resolving this situation.
    5. Well to me you sound like someone who loves conflict and who makes a huge mountain out of a mole hill!

      There was no need to "Have me paged" considering we had only just been messaging one another and Im sure you know that you are completely in the wrong.

      I would never ever recommend you to any one here on DOA.
      I woke up to several "Support" messages this morning ,which was really endearing and I received those because people who know me here on DOA know I'm honest and fair and giving!

      This issue is about a tiny wig! NOT a doll,which you received wonderfully packaged and in good time and order and if remember I even put in a little gift for you as a treat despite your unpleasant communications with me during the dolly deal.

      It seems to me that you simply decided that you didn't want another wig OR you didn't like the colour for what ever reason and made your commotion over it just to simply get your money back!

      If it was simply the colour you didn't like I would have been happy to swap it for any colour of your choice.

      I am happy to take photos of this wig on each and every different sized Lati yellow just to prove that it fits well!!!!

      My second mohair supply arrived today and once I have made your wig up it will be sent out to you.

      Please close this dispute because as far as i am concerned it should never have been opened.
      You asked for another wig to be made for you so that it fits your unusual sized lati head and I agreed....there never was an issue!!!!

      I won't be reply to this thread again.
      I don't need any more stress especially over such silly little stuff as this!
    6. I opened this paging thread because you said that you would no longer reply to my PMs. I do not think that is what a seller should do in the middle of an unresolved transaction. As far as I'm concerned I have every right to protect my own interests as a buyer. When a seller lists something as $50 and then asks me to pay $60, as a buyer I have every right to question the extra amount charged. Just because a seller has good feedback does not entitle her to changing prices as and when she likes.

      Also, please do not make baseless accusations. If I wanted a different color wig I would have asked for a swap, not a replacement. I also would not have waited for your supply to come in, but insisted on both of us shipping our wigs at the same time. Why would I make myself lose money by offering to pay the extra shipping? It doesn't matter if you show pictures of the wig now, because you already said you got the new supply in, nice coincidence.

      My statements can be backed up by our PMs to each other. Before accusing me of duplicity, please provide proof.
    7. YOU have been making BASE accusations the entire time we have spoken so please do practice what you preach!

      regardless of what mindless conspiracies you have conjured up in your head the fact remains that there NEVER was an issue!

      YOU GOT YOUR DOLL and asked for a replacement wig which I happily complied!

      Your the one who asked for a replacement...you need to have some patience and respect as things take time. you can't expect to get what you want as soon as you want it!

      I didn't have the hair in the colour you wanted until today! Regardless of what babble you've been going on about (quite frankly you lost me some time back)

      Cant figure out WHY you keep going on about wig prices!??? its not about the price of the wig which might I add you got for $35 and my normal price was $38 + shipping...

      its about you wanting a replacement and because you are too impatient and decided for what ever reason that you'd rather your money back instead!



      Now grow up and have a little decency about you...if you can and close this!
    8. One last thing!

      I told you I was no longer replying to your PM because you were being RUDE! and ASSUMING as you have been the entire time!

      I am a little over putting up with rude people and bombarding emails.
      It was getting no where.

      I told you I would not reply to you UNTIL I had your new wig ready at which time I would message you to let you know it was on its way!

      So was there a need to PAGE ME? NO!

      Grow up!
    9. The reason why I mentioned the discrepancies about EMS and wig prices was because you accused me of "having it in for you" since the beginning of the transaction. I needed to explain why I felt cautious about concluding the sale and told you I was no longer interested. However, I believed you after that and you said it was ok. So why accuse me of deliberately targeting you? I am happy with my Miel, and I'm grateful to you for letting me adopt her. Once again, I only brought up the discrepancies because they were needed to explain why I felt uncertain about buying from you.

      Also, I waited two weeks before PM'ing you that the wig should be arriving any day now, and also to provide you with the tracking number. That was 1 PM, not a bombardment of emails. I questioned why you still had yet to make my wig, considering that you had relisted it and added new wigs. I do not see how this question is offensive.

      Yes, there was a need to page you because I dislike the idea of waiting an indeterminate length of time without any update about an item that I paid for over 3 weeks ago.
    10. .......................................................

    11. The day you messaged me was the day I received your wig!
      Just because I had not messaged you immediately once the wig arrived does not make me a criminal!
      I had planned to message you a little later!
      The 2nd mohair had not arrived at that point anyway so what was the rush!??

      Today the white mohair arrived.
      If you could send me the exact measurements of your latis head,this will help me to make the correct custom sized wig for you and will help avoid any other issues in the future!

      I plan to have this over with and do not have any intentions of ever dealing with you again!
      I will pay for the registered shipping to return the new wig and lets just have this resolved please!
    12. Yes, I was upset because I thought you received the wig but didn't bother to let me know. I never received any sort of communication from you after you PM'ed me your address. You could have just set me straight and told me that you just received it. As well as tell me about the mohair situation. How was I supposed to know that you had yet to get your supply, without any sort of communication from you? All I know is that while surfing Etsy I saw you had the exact same wig relisted. Even if it wasn't in stock, one would assume you had the materials ready to make it.

      My Sheep Miel wears Rosen Lied Monday wigs perfectly. Those are sized at 5-6", but to be on the safe side make the wig 5". You can use your Sheep Miel to size the wig. I give 2 weeks for the wig to arrive to me, and until then - or until I receive the refund of 35AUD - I consider this transaction unresolved. If the wig is not received within 2 weeks, I will also consider the transaction unresolved.
    13. Just for the record, the previous defective wig had a hard knot (I have no idea what, it was just some hard spot, like the fabric was glued while clumped together) at the base of the wig. The other blue wig I bought does not have the same issue. So please do not send me the same defective wig again, because I will be able to identify it.
    14. I can assure you I will do my very best to make the wig 5" and to fit your requirements but....once I send the wig back to you and you receive it...I will not accept any more complaints regarding the wig!

      If you have a problem with it after that its up to you to either sell it on the MP or deal with it because it seems to me you may be just slightly over reactive and to me the original wig was perfect!

      I will not agree to send it back to you until you agree to my terms seeing you have a set of terms yourself.
      and Id like you to UN PAGE me first!

      I will not have this paged status on my avatar for two weeks,especially when I have been ion the right the entire time!

      (If i don't send you the wig.which I will via registered post- you can always re page me)
    15. OMG are you serious!?
      You are unbelievable! I feel sorry for any one who EVER comes across you!
      A hard knot....this is how they are made! They are HAND MADE!!!! not factory made!
      Each wig is different!

      Oh please spare me! your pathetic!
      send me your paypal address ill send you a refund!
      I don't want to deal with you at all ever again!
    16. Actually, no, I will not consider this transaction resolved until I get the wig (within 2 weeks) or a refund. My only resolution at first was a refund, but I have given in to your demands to let you send a replacement wig, after waiting 2 weeks and finding out that you have done nothing. If you do not agree to send me the wig that I have already paid for, I will have no choice but to open a paypal dispute.

      I will not agree to your terms. This is my final proposed resolution - the wig within 2 weeks, or a refund of 35AUD. This thread will remain open until resolution has been reached.
    17. The payments that I have made to you are not personal payments, so you should be able to refund me via the refund button on paypal.

      I will post again once I have received the refund.
    18. Pffft your still going on that I did nothing! I DID NOT GET THE WHITE HAIR UNTIL TODAY!
      what can't you understand!~????????

      send me your paypal address as i can't issue you a refund. its not that simple.
    19. Just go to "payments received" on paypal, it will be between 20th to 25th Oct. There will be a button under "order status/actions" allowing you to issue a refund. You can then choose to issue a partial refund of 35AUD.

      I really do not want you to send a new payment unless you send it as a personal payment, with you paying all the fees.
    20. Its been sent!~