Problem Transaction with Fanny

Jul 11, 2007

    1. Hi,

      I really really hate to do this, but I also think potential sellers need to be warned so that the same thing doesn't happen to them. ^^;;

      On June 23, 2007 I received a PM from Fanny where she expressed interest in bidding $50 for the SD optional holding hands I was selling. I amended my post to show this, but what I typed accidentally got transfigured so Fanny contacted me again to offer the BIN price. I felt uncomfortable since she was bidding against herself and offered to sell the hands to her at the $50 +US shipping she had previously offered. She happily and thankfully agreed. Late on June 25th she sent me payment for said hands+shipping. However on June 26 (according to PayPal) the owner of the credit card used to pay for the hands filed a fraudulent charge claim and the transaction was put on hold. I was running a little behind and fortunately had not mailed out the hands yet.

      I wrote to Fanny via PM to inform her of said situation.
      Msg from June 28, 8:46 am
      From: Me
      To: Fanny
      Dear Fanny,

      I was just about to pack up the hands when I received notice from PayPal about a problem transaction filing. Until the transaction is resolved I am not going to send out the hands. ^^;

      You paid me on Monday, you or PayPal filed the transaction on Tuesday, I PMed you on Wed having not seen the PP issue and today is only Thurs morning.

      I am more than happy to completely refund your money to you.


      I received the following response a little more than an hour later
      Hi Rachel,

      i didn't know what's going on also. Paypal just asked me to add the expanded use number. I think may be the transaction will be restored after that.

      i can wait until all this things had been settled. please kindly keep the hands for me^^

      thanks very much


      On July 10, 2007 PayPal sent me notice that it was decided that the payment made on this card was fraudulent.

      Fortunately for me, I had not sent the hands, however had I actually mailed the item out right after receiving payment I would have been out the money as well as the item. Despite what Fanny says in her PMs, PayPal informed me it was the cardholder who instigated the claim which lead to the funds being put on hold and the charges then being reversed. As a seller, I would enter into transactions with Fanny with care.
    2. I am currently having issues as well... I put my SwD Suzuna (~$600) on layaway for her over two months ago, she sent the second payment on the 25th, but paypal immediately froze it. She said she sent them the information they asked for, but it has been frozen for two weeks now, and she is no longer responding to my PMs. The last comment she made on DoA was over two weeks ago.

      Initial PM from her, 05/05/07 -

      She sent $100 two days later, but I didn't hear from her for the rest of March, so I contacted her in June, she responded the next day, 06/06/07 -

      After she sent payment, later than she said, but I gave her a limit of 06/30 to pay, so it was okay, 06/25/07 -

      But intead of a payment notification, I recieved this email from paypal:

      I sent the information paypal requested to them the same day (that it was payment for a doll on layaway). After that, status changed to, "Awaiting other party's response", so I sent her a PM asking her to send them the information they needed... she responded the next day, 06/28/07 -

      Two weeks passed, and I hadn't heard anything else, paypal was still saying they were waiting on her response, and I hadn't recieved the remaining payment, so I sent her a PM on 07/04/07 asking her to try to contact paypal again, and send the remaining payment on the doll to my other paypal account. I haven't heard from her since.

      Fanny: I will wait until tomorrow for you to resolve this (as I think 5 days is an adequate wait for a PM response...), otherwise I will consider the sale canceled, and list her on ebay.
    3. Lovely.

      I find this:
      Rather interesting since she had an investigation open at the exact same time with the payment to me.

      It makes me wonder if there are any other sellers in our position. ^^;
    4. Oh, jeez, I was totally misreading that as that the investigation went open on the 10th, not that it was *decided* on the 10th. Thanks for bringing that up!

      I feel much better now about not waiting any longer then. (Not that I feel "better" about it at all... :barf)
    5. No, it was decided on the 10th that fraud had been committed with the payment and the payment was reversed.

      I would definitely but an end to your sale and I just feel lucky neither of us are out our doll/hands and only lost time to this.

      Do you think we should PM a mod, I wonder if there are other people in a similar situation?
    6. I think I will PM a mod, yes... just to see if they will freeze her sales threads. Her profile says she was on yesterday... it's true that it's not that big of a deal for us, because we didn't lose anything other time, but I would hate for someone to try to buy something from her and go through anything like what Jolarocknrolla went through.

      edit: I sent a PM to one, rkold~ :)
    7. I sent a PM to a mod as well. :)

      And while we're both just out time, my story at least could have had a sad ending. ^^;; I usually do ship within 24 hours and had I shipped immediately after cleared payment, which is my usual custom, then I would have been out my hands.

      BTW she PMed me today saying she really wants to buy the hands still. :doh
    8. I am here to declare that i am not a problem buyer and seller.

      It is paypal who whole all of my funds and make me in trouble.

      I am capturing my paypal information.

      Proof will be shown within today!!!!
    9. Fanny,

      If this is all PayPal's fault, then please explain why YOU wrote the following to Lelei
      You wrote this on June 28. On June 28 you also had an open investigation with PayPal because of a payment to me.

      I personally am not changing my feedback and I will not engage in any transaction with you ever again. I really don't care how much money you currently have in your PayPal account. Your PayPal payment to me was REVERSED because PayPal found that the payment was FRAUDULENT.
    10. Rachel

      this is my paypal account under my friend's name
      it is how it appear since Jun 28
      and that's why i sent that msg to Lelei

      i didn't file any investigation in my side.
      on Jun 26 , paypal request expand use number and fax document.
      I followed what they requested me and upload the documents they need.
      Since than, i emailed paypal and recieve no respond.
      the payment reverse in your side but not my side, i didn't recieve any reverse payment. the hold amount is still on hold and the credit card is still chared for the amount.
      I called paypal several times before my trip to Japan , what i recieved in the phone call is like that
      " i will transfer your msg to paypal office in US and ask them to reply you."

      this is the only account which have case open of my payment sent.

      My boyfriend and my other account is facing unreasonble access limitation by paypal , too!!!
      This is my account under my own name
      my account access was limited and the account was closed for the following ridiculous reason
      "Every business must balance its exposure to risk with its business goals.At this time, we are not comfortable with the amount of risk your business exposes itself to. We would like to begin the process of ending our relationship in a mannerthat is least disruptive to your business."

      My boyfriend's account
      my bf followed the request of paypal and gave all the information.
      international fax of 12 pages had been made to paypal
      what paypal further asked for is ridiculous.
      They asked for the original volks reciept of the BJD which my bf bought second handed.
      they hold up all the fund in the account.
      my Bf had sent email to tell them the 2nd hand matter.
      What recieved from paypal is request of original buying receipt AGAIN!!
      what the worst is that the EMS to seller had not arrived after a month.
      this is the EMS reciept of the selling dolls
      we still have to due with post office about the parcel.

      The total amount hold by paypal in the above 3 accounts of us is about US3000
      Although we can recieve payment from buyer, we can't use the money recieved and can't transfer the money back to our bank account.
      what is more important is that, the reasons for the hold of money are totally ridiculous and unreasonable.
      paypal had made me under big trouble and turned me into a bad buyer.
      me + my bf had decided to seek help from police force and urge paypal to release the fund to us.
    11. Fanny,

      By our own admittance, you used a friend's PayPal account to pay for the hands you wanted to buy from me. You did not inform me of this when you were purchasing them and in fact did not share this information until the above post. Perhaps your friend instigated the investigation since they did not want you using their account.

      At this point, I don't really care. I have lost any faith I had in you.

      There has been a reversal. Your friend's account had the money credited back to it or the credit card that was used for the transaction did.

      I refuse to remove my negative feedback. Had I shipped the hands within 24 hours was was my custom until this incident I would have been out the hands as well as payment.

      You did LIE to Lelei. You had two payments that were being held at the same time, both from your friend's account.

      You did not tell me you were using a friend's account to pay for the hands.

      None of your pictures or attempts at explanations have changed these two facts.

    12. The paypal account holder name is my friend's name, but the credit card is mine.
      I am make the payment with my own money.
      My friend open the paypal account for me to recieve fund and make payment as my own account was limited by paypal. \

      i had called my credit card hotline at once when i saw this thread. the paypal account didn't have any fund added back and neither my credit card did. The payment is only reserved to you only.

      You have no need to re-announce that you "refuse to remove your negative feedback" as i had never asked you to do so.

      Why should i tell you that i use my account under my friend's name when i am the only user and the credit card owner of the account??

      When i saw Lelei's pm in th morning, i checked my paypal and lelei's case was the only case. And of cause i reply her that "that was the only payment being investigated."
      in the afternoon, the payment i made to you had been hold by paypal also. if i intended to lie, i should have sent you the same message.
      And that explain the matter.

    13. Fanny, as I mentioned in my PM, I won't be selling the doll to you anymore, and I find the fact that you asked me to refund your deposit (which was agreed in the beginning to be non-refundable if you failed to complete the layaway) so you can pay the "whole amount" through another one of your "friend's" paypal accounts highly irresponsible and implausible. If you have $3000 frozen by paypal, where will you be getting the money to pay me? I assumed you didn't have that much money to begin with, otherwise why would you have asked for a layaway in the first place?

      You say that you were out of the country for the past two weeks, and had no access to internet? But you never even told me you were leaving, or made any effort to send the rest of the remainder of the payment (other than what was frozen) that you agreed to send on the 26th, and left the whole mess without any resolution (as far as I can see on that screenshot of our transaction, you still had not provided them with the second thing they requested...) or letting me know what was going on.

      I do my best to be patient with buyers and make my sales pleasant and successful experiences and I have never had a complaint before or a single one of my payments frozen. I find all of this really insulting. You keep saying that you don't want anyone to treat you as a bad buyer/seller, but you are doing nothing to actually resolve the situation but complain about how unfair paypal is being.

      You should have informed rkold that you were paying through a friend's account if the reason you were paying through a friend's account was because your own was frozen. To begin with, you shouldn't be opening all these extra accounts in the first place, and should be aware that doing so makes all of your behavior highly suspicious. Furthermore, why did you keep continuing to open them when the same problems kept arising? You knew that this was a potential problem but said nothing to rkold or myself about it when you were sending payment. For all we know, your accounts are being frozen for your blatant violations of Paypal's TOS. If you want to be treated as a good buyer/seller, try resolving all these issues before asking us to still let you buy our items from us. But at this point, there is honestly nothing you could say or do to convince me to sell to you ever again.
    14. Fanny,

      Maybe payments made from your "friend's" account have been placed on hold because the information your friend supplied does not match with your credit card. If I were PayPal I certainly would not allow someone to use an un-matching credit card.

      You did not inform me that your original PayPal account was frozen and you had to create a new one.

      You did not tell me on the 28th that you also had a payment to Lelei that had been put on hold as well.

      You did not tell me you were going away for 2 weeks and would have no internet access.

      When I wrote to you on June 28th, I informed you that the payment had been put on hold by PayPal. You informed me that you knew about the problem and were adding an "expanded use number"
      The email address attached to this payment should have received a notice on June 26th, just like I did. If you had checked PayPal post June 26th like you claim, you would have seen the hold on the payment to me. In the above response from you, it is clear that you realized there was a problem with the payment and that it needed to be "restored."

      I have no idea where the money has gone, but *I* do not have it. I called PayPal on 7/10 to ask about the reversal as I was concerned I was charged twice, but had not been. The payment was reversed. Perhaps your card is being slow to remove the charge, but notification was sent to me and the email for the account on 7/10 that the charge was reversed.

      Perhaps my case is no longer showing up in the dispute center as it is closed and the charges were reversed.

    15. i don't mean to butt in on this but i do have to agree with rkold and Lelei. if you have 3 accounts under different names but the same credit card, even if it is your own, Paypal is going to get suspicious. with increasing credit card fraud, they want to make sure that the card is, in fact, yours. my main suggestion would be to supply Paypal with all information needed, get this resolved, and close 2 of those accounts. Paypal is not being unfair, just cautious.
    16. The three accounts are opened by 3 persons and the credit cards associated to the accounts are different.

      i had provided everything i can provide to paypal, what paypal asking for is something that i am not possible to have.

      Lelei said that i still have things not provided to paypal, but i had uiploaded the requested documents on Jun 28th (paypal asked for them on Jun 26th).

      Okay, i am sorry for not informed the buyers in details of each particular. I am now heading to the police office and seek help from them and ask paypal to restore our accounts. I will stop doing trades in DOA before my paypal accounts are restored. (except lelei, i really want suzuna >.<)
    17. Well, she's already sold, like I said.

      Although now I think I understand why you want her so badly... you mind explaining this PM I just received:

      Now, WHY, exactly, have you already sold a doll that you haven't even paid for?

      I didn't want to post all of this publicly, but as you seem more interested in this thread than my PMs, have it your way.
    18. Fanny,

      Yes, you SHOULD NOT be engaging in marketplace transactions while one of your PayPal accounts is frozen/payments are on hold. If one froze or a payment was put on hold while you were in the middle of a transaction you ought to have contacted any buyers or sellers to inform them of these very important facts. It is part of being a good buyer or seller, something you claim you would like to be.

      If I set up an account in my name and that of my friends (example only, these are not actual people that I know) Jennifer Smith and Madison Jones with their information, unless I have credit cards in Ms. Smith's and Ms. Jone's name, if I were PayPal I would freeze the accounts. The name on the credit cards (it doesn't matter how many different credit cards you use) and the billing information on the cards will not match that of your friends. It doesn't matter if the credit cards are different, the name on the credit card and its billing address needs to match the name and preferably mailing address of the account. Differing from this will rightly raise red flags.

    19. Lelei - I just wanted to say that it is now against DoA rules to do any buying or selling for 'friends' or pre-sales like this. Did you forward this information to a mod? I would not sell your girl to the person who PMed you, if I were you. Either knowingly or unknowingly, there is some skirting of the rules going on here. Be very careful in dealing with any 'friends.' Good luck!