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Negative Feedback Problem Transaction with FunnyLori

Apr 18, 2010

    1. Back in August of last year, I sent my Iplehouse LE Swan Lake Cocori off to funnylori to have some work done. (Correction of her difficulty in sitting up, and some very minimal body blushing.) Lori was a friend and someone I trusted, someone that had done work for me, and several of our local group members with awesome results in the past. I am usually quite a patient person with artists and settled in to give her plenty of time and space to do the commission. Lori is online quite a lot and while we weren't necessarily in direct contact, I felt like I had at least a rough idea of how her time was progressing.

      Well, to make a long story short, when I reached six months of waiting, I began to feel like my patience was being taken advantage of. I politely inquired as to the status and got a non-chalant 'it won't be much longer.' A month later I emailed and suggested that if part of the work was done that would really be just fine, I just wanted to have my girl back, and was told 'oh no, I'm waiting for something from Iplehouse that will make your girl perfect.'

      At that point I was alarmed, because the work I'd sent my doll off for shouldn't have required anything from Iplehouse, and nothing beyond what she'd been sent for had ever been discussed. However, I chose to trust in my friend until another two weeks went by without a word. Patience exhausted, I sent a long email detailing my concerns and disappointment over how the commission had been handled and asked for a firm estimate of when I could have my doll shipped home.

      In response, I received an email written in a very disjointed and passive aggressive tone, confessing that Lori had lost one of my doll's hands at the end of October, something she had willfully concealed from me for over four months. Apparently she had been attempting to deal with Iplehouse to obtain a replacement, which I'm surprised Iple even discussed with them without an order number and/or documentation. Iple had sent her something but apparently it wasn't the right thing, but in the course of a very long email I was never told what they had sent or what the actual current status of my doll was.

      I replied back and stated just how unprofessional that sort of behavior was, and that it certainly wasn't the way one friend treated another. I asked firmly for a clarification on the communication with Iple, what had been sent, and what condition my doll was currently in. Over a week went by with no response, a week in which Lori was online, had time to take pictures of her own dolls, post on forums, etc, but could not be bothered to discuss with me my very expensive, limited doll she had in her possession for over six months and potentially ruined.

      It required posting publicly about the situation on another forum for her to respond to me, and initially her sole reaction was outrage that I had done so. After getting the moderators of that forum involved, only then did she offer a grudging apology. I told her in no uncertain terms that I wanted my doll back, paid for shipping with Fedex, and sent her a shipping label.

      At that point, I did receive the doll within a reasonable amount of time (within a week of that email discussion, the second week in March) with the items I had sent with her accounted for. That night I posted to the hospital board at Iplehouse with the original order number and information, received a prompt answer and placed a small order including a pair of replacement hands for my doll. The order, including the correct replacement hands was at my door less than two weeks later.

      For what she was asked to do, Lori did a nice job, and I really have no complaints about her work. However, the dishonesty, the avoidance and the general bad attitude was very unprofessional. She did not charge me for her services, but it was an offer made very grudgingly, and from start to finish she seemed reluctant to take any ownership for the problems that occurred in this transaction. I have kept all records of this transaction and will happily provide them, in detail, to anyone upon request.

      I would strongly encourage those looking to deal with her in the future to approach the transaction with caution and expect minimal communication and potential long delays coupled with questionable excuses.