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Problem Transaction with highpriestessice - RESOLVED

Jun 4, 2009

    1. I first contacted HighPriestessIce on April 26th to purchase a pair of ultra short PVC zipper shorts she sells in her clothing thread. I had originally gone for black as they were stock but changed my mind after a discussion through pms about places where I could purchase thigh high boots. It was pleasant speaking with her but I found that her inbox gets full fast so I added her to my MSN. Through MSN I told her I rather have the pants in red which meant she would have to sew a new pair. I didn't mind that at all since it was what I requested.

      I was told it would be about a week and I could understand that as well since I myself sew and it takes time to make things. Working with PVC is difficult.

      On the 30th I decided I would see if she could also make me a vest to go with the shorts in the same material and color. I was told that yes it was possible and it would add another week to my wait time. That was fine since it was my own fault for not mentioning it in my first order of PVC shorts and two rings from her prop thread. I paid her $15 for the vest on top of the money I had already sent earlier for the shorts.

      Some time had passed since then and I saw a thread on May 9th that she had been injured tripping in the mall and her dolls suffered some damage. Concerned I sent her a message. At this point I was not worried about my items as I believed that likely by this time at least the shorts were done. I was just spoke to her conversationally. It was on May 15th that I was told she would have items ready to ship and would hopefully send them out before she went off to an anime convention. I thought this was strange as if she had somewhere to go shouldn't she finish her transactions first? I decided to just be patient as I was already told by previous customers shipping tends to be a test in one's own patience when it comes to her.

      On the 22nd I saw she had put up she left for her convention. I was rather upset by this as no one had received any shipping notice at all. I sent her a message telling her I though this was very irresponsible and asked that my money be returned. I had waited now since the 26th and had yet to even hear if my commissioned items were complete when each time I was promised one more week, one more week... it made me wonder how many weeks are in her month as we were already nearing the month point from my initial order.

      Since she was at the convention I did not expect to receive a reply to my message till she returned. When she returned she replied to my pm (the 24th). She was a bit upset about what I had said and explained she had let things slip to the last minute and had items that needed to be complete for sale at the convention. She also stated my items were complete. My money was returned to me not long after this message.

      But after searching for other means of trying to get this outfit and in light of her saying it was complete I decided to try my patience once more. So the next day I sent her a pm asking that if the outfit is indeed complete to show me pictures to prove it and if she can do that I will send her back the money and sit down for the long wait I was expecting for the items to be shipped to me. I know that is common with her but people do eventually receive their items even if they have to wait a long time. I really really wanted this outfit for my CP Dreaming El (Julius) as I expressed to her many times through our communication. It was to be his primary outfit.

      She tells me that her camera broke at the convention and can I wait for her to get a new one. I say I can and am promised pictures the next morning. No pictures come and I am now promised pictures by midnight. Again no pictures come. Instead I am told she can't seem to get the camera to work or that its just not syncing up with her computer.

      On the 27th the excuse is that her computer is having problems and she will send me pictures from a friend's computer. I receive nothing. I tell her the next day I am willing to wait a bit longer. She replies that on the 31st she can get them to me shortly. That is the last time I hear from her. I never receive any pictures at all. Not even a reason as to why shortly turned to 4 days of no communication. I understand people are busy but these were deadlines she set herself. I never gave her any deadline for when I wanted the clothing completed though I was hoping that it would be in time for my visiting relatives to see them. That time passed and was actually within the scope of her second one week promise.

      So today I have decided she has no intention of taking pictures and I will only continue to hear excuses if I continue to wait. I think I have been patient enough and I just wanted people to be informed that if they are doing business with her prepare to have deadlines she sets broken and don't expect to have items at any certain time. Also be prepared for a long list of excuses. In the end I got my money back but that never was what I really wanted. I wanted my boy to be complete and have the clothes he needs and she stated many times she could deliver that but couldn't even so much as give me pictures of what I paid for. Thank you for altogether being one giant disappointment.
    2. As per mod permission I am allowed to respond to feedback.

      If you look at my shop guidelines it clearly states "For custom colors and fabrics please give me 1-2 weeks working time" But due to circumstances there is a possibility of a slight delay. Given two accidents, it caused a small delay.
      Also I complete all orders in the order they are paid and ordered. As I should. I will not shove anyone aside for someone else.

      Aside form this I normally work in 2 way pvc, Unfortunately the red is only available in a 4way PVC and it's extremely difficult to work with.

      If you want someone to take their time with your item and to give you the best quality item that they can produce by all means order from me. If you want something to be done quick and half assed go somewhere else.

      Occasionally there may be some delays but know that I put everything into the items that I sew. If it's not something that I can proudly show off on my own dolls it doesn't go out. That is my rule.

      For the record I gave a good month's warning about my convention trip so people were aware when ordering from me, as I always do when I know I will be closed for any period of time). As well as offering the option of convention pick up rather than shipping. I do not see why I could not have a weekend to myself ): After all my hard work.

      Looking through My Pms I believe my exact words were "I should hopefully have them all packed for shipping sometime next week. Sorry if it's a little long, I'm swamped with the Anime North event and all."

      She was extremely impatient, I recieved quite a nasty PM after returning home where I offered to either ship them or refund, she wanted the refund so that's what she got. Normally I would not consider re opening the transaction after this but I wanted her to have the outfit. I don't care for the money I just like to sew for people.

      And yes my camera did break as the people that attended the saturday afternoon doll north social can tell you. My screen randomly went black and I still have no idea what caused that o.O

      I have not been well. I have been extremely sick for the past week and a half. If you note I've hadly been on, also feel free to check my other forums and such that I have freely given out. If anyone doubts me I can send both pictures of my legs from my accidents as well as provide all links to anything you wanna see.

      While I do apologize for delays I do not however apologize for being sick or for the accidents. These are things I cannot control and I certainly do not appreciate the thought that I some how can.
    3. You set the deadlines not me. I can quote pms as well if that's what you wish. And I think waiting for so long is being pretty patient. I sent only one pm being upset as I informed you because right before going into this transaction with you four people ripped me off. And about your health issues I can understand that and I did state so in pm so don't make it seem like I am an uncaring person. As a person with both anemia and asthma I understand health issues more than anyone else.

      The point still stands you made promises that you did not keep to. All I asked for to get this complete was pictures and I still don't have those. Even when I am unable to get out of bed all it takes it one hand to upload a picture.
    4. And just so people may see, this is the one pm I asked for my money back and I think I was within right to say what I said after waiting a month and not even knowing if the items were worked on. As per her list on her thread I was listed as the first person needing commissions completed so I had no idea others paid before hand. As in my threads I list things according to who contacted me first I assumed that was what she had done as well. Anyway here is the pm:

      Her reply:

      I stated yes I did want the refund because I feared that the clothes likely were not complete if she were so busy. But then after a while decided that I really wanted the clothes for him and since she did say in this message they were complete I'd give her some faith and try once more.

      Her reply:

      Then came all the excuses. I didn't know till today that she was having issues since after my pm on the 31st I heard nothing from her. And as stated above I more than anyone understand health issues. And actually I would have contacted her before the 31st but I myself was in bed whining to friends about difficulty breathing and a body that did not want to cooperate with me. It turns out it was the lack of iron in my blood stream and I am now on supplements. So I am not unsympathetic to health concerns.

      And for the record I would also like to state that at this point if she does happen to send me pictures I would very gladly ask a mod to delete these posts and send her money for the items I commissioned. I like her clothing and I commissioned her knowing their would be delays but unaware that they would factor in even getting to see if the items were done.
    5. pictures were sent o.o and she has sent me money o.o
      heck here's the picture [​IMG]

      i would also like to state when my computer broke i had friends not only forward my mobile msn to her but my cell phone number aswell.

      if you have followed my shop you would know that i was scheduled to have surgery earlier this year. oddly enough I also have asthma and anemia as well. >< and there was a lack of iron in my blood too spooky enough. The food poisioning and the accidents did not help. good god ><
      It's kinda hard to get out of bed to the computer when it's on the other end of the house ):

      I am saddened that this came up at all as I really did try. Unfortunately there is nothing I could do but attempt to resovle this.
    6. O.O I didn't even realize this had been moved here. I had thought the conversation was deleted from your thread.

      But yes mods as you can see pictures have been sent and things worked out. I paid for the items and now HighPriestessIce will be shipping to me.

      So either this can be deleted as I really thought it had been in the past or marked resolved. That's all up to the mods' discretion but yes all of this is done and over with. All settled through pm.

      And also to note she did indeed have someone pm me and I received the message this morning but I don't have text plan on my phone :sweat: But yes its all well now. ^__^
    7. Zion ~ Feedback is never deleted from this forum. Your issue was much larger than a "flakey feedback" and should have been posted in this subforum to begin with, thus, it was moved. Are you willing to close this without having yet received the item?
    8. The item has been mailed out so it can be closed. Been assured it'll arrive in a week. If anything goes amiss, which I doubt will happen, then I'll take the proper measures. But I'm certain this is resolved. So yes please mark as resolved.