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Problem Transaction with janapha - RESOLVED MEMBER MP BANNED

Oct 20, 2010

    1. On September 10th, 2010 I pm’d janapha an offer on her SDF Abadon. In her sales thread (The original sale thread is gone, could a Moderator check the graveyard to see if they can find it for me?) she states that he is used but evenly yellowed.
      I also PM'd her before making an offer, asking again about the yellowing.

      I’m fine with yellowing as long as it is even, and her thread clearly stated that this was the case. So I sent in an offer, she accepted, and the transaction proceeded. It took her a little longer than I’d expected for her to ship but I understood as I knew she’d been rather attached to the doll and sometimes it can be hard to let go.

      On September 25th, 2010 he finally arrived and immediately I noticed his uneven coloring. I gave him a bath prior to sending janapha a pm about his color issue just in case it was yellowed msc. The bath did lighten the coloring but it didn’t fix it. The doll is no less than four different and distinct colors.

      Here are pictures that have been taken under several different lighting conditions showing the difference.


      The hands and feet are white, the chest is greyish, the abdomen is pink and the legs are a different shade of pink. (Please excuse the nudity)

      I also showed the doll to several friends (both doll related and not) and they could all see the difference. I thought at first a partial refund would be alright but soon afterwards decided I really couldn’t do anything with a doll that was this badly damaged (and uneven yellowing, to me, constitutes damage as it severely limits what I can do with him).
      So I told janapha that I wanted a full refund and I would ship the doll back to her.
      She insisted I send him prior to receiving a refund, and that I pay for the shipping back.
      Before sending him, I opened a dispute in paypal, just to protect myself. This upset her, but as I explained, I had to be sure I could get at least my purchase price back (she had me send shipping as a separate payment so I wasn’t able to dispute that as well.)

      So I sent the doll as agreed, and the wait began.

      During this time, janapha was on DoA only sporadically. I understand people have lives and can’t be on DoA every day, but I was worried when time passed and I didn’t hear from her.
      The abadon has been sitting in customs since October 8th, and released on October 13th. But now he is just sitting there, and I found out it’s because she’s refusing to pay the customs fee on him.

      I sent him insured and declared his full value; she didn’t ask me to do otherwise and I would be the one out $575 plus the $75 for my original shipping if anything happened to him. That honestly wasn’t a risk I was willing to take without having received a refund.

      As of now, I have escalated my paypal dispute, although I really didn't want to. (it was the last day so I had no choice) and hope I will see my money back but I’m starting to doubt that will happen.

      I just want the $650 back. I have returned him. I'm sorry she has to pay customs charges, but it's not my fault.
    2. EDIT: the color difference is even more obvious in person.
    3. Thank you, and I will.

      I forgot this: We agreed that I would return him. That part is not in dispute.
      But because she is being charged customs fees, she doesn't want to pick him up from customs. She wants him to come back to me, and have me reship him with lowered value
      This will cost me further in shipping. I have already paid 132 + in shipping already. I am not really willing to pay more.
    4. I heard back from paypal on my dispute today.
      The say
      "We're unable to decide this claim in your favor at this time. PayPal's Buyer Complaint Policy applies to the shipment of goods but not to disputes about merchandise quality."

      So now I am out my money and the doll.
      Now I worry she will pay the customs fee and he won't even be returned to sender.

      Janapha, this is ridiculous. You agreed to refund if I returned him.
    5. hi cathy,
      if you want to discuss here, on public, ok.
      i am happy i can say something to this transaction as well.

      i will sum up transaction from my perspective.
      i tried to described older doll i was selling my best. i am sorry it did not "fit" expectations.
      i was always in touch with the buyer. and i tried to solve it. cathy wanted a lot of money as partial refund and wanted to keep the doll. i could not accept it, i offered lower amount. after some discussions i offered her partial refund in amound she ORIGINALLY asked, because i just wanted to have no other discussions and problems. i let her choose - to have partial refund she wanted or i offered her she can send the doll back to me and when doll will arrive i will refund her. she wanted full refund before doll will arrive to me. i told her that i cant refund her before i see the doll, because she did some "actions" on the doll. so cathy sent abadon back to me. unfortunatelly she specified his price and the doll was at customs for long time. because she did not specify that doll is returning goods, customs wants me to pay 150 usd as if it was a doll i am buying. would any of you pay shipment to the buyer + 150 usd for the doll which was and will be again yours? it is nonsense.
      at the moment i am trying to prove that it is not the doll i bought, so i should not pay taxes.
      another thing - cathy issued this transaction on paypal before letting me known, as well here - again before she even mentioned. sorry, but i am trying to deal with non standard situation. of course i want to refund cathy, but i must see the doll first if it is OK + i am dealing with customs, because goods was not specified correctly. and it takes time.
      sorry, but in the end it will be me, who will be and is beaten on this transaction. i just want to see the doll and return money. but i dont want to pay tax on my own doll....
    6. Jana

      I understand you don't want to pay customs. And I don't blame you. It's a lot of money.
      But you want me to pay for another round trip of shipping. I have paid about $135 or so in shipping so far, and you want me to pay it again so you don't have to pay the $150 to customs.
      I am already $700+ into this doll. I just can't to keep pouring money into him.
    7. cathy,
      as i said, i understand you. that´s why in my mail from 19.10. i asked you if you would be willing to resend him, that i will cover that costs + give you half refund from the doll (to show you i am serious and don´t want to harm you).
      i must prove customs it is doll which is returning and it takes time as every administration and formalities.
    8. According to usps.com, the Abadon was delivered to janapha today.
      I'm hoping to hear from janapha and get my refund soon.

      I will update this thread as things progress.
    9. I have received my refund from janapha.
      Thank you janapha for doing the right thing.

      Mods you can mark this as resolved now.

    10. the way this transaction was treated and the way it was "solved", forced me to react.

      [​IMG] [​IMG]