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Problem transaction with karma_kannibal

May 25, 2009

    1. karma_kannibal is the GO leader for both Fran and Balthier Minimees.

      It's been a pretty hectic order, leaders changing and what-not. People dropping because of this. I was just glad when I sent my money on the 25th of April.

      I will admit I asked if the order could be delayed and if not I would bow out and let someone else take my place, and karma_kannibal was kind enough to delay the order even though it had been delayed for some time.

      However, she stated she'd sent the order on the 27th of April. As far as I knew we never decided on pictures to use and karma_kannibal just never posted in the thread about it when she was posting elsewhere.

      So on the 18th of this month I sent her a PM asking which pictures where sent because I was curious and thought we were voting on them. She has not been online since that time. I waited though because I know not everyone is online every day, especially around this time and you're a student with exams and such.

      It'd been about a week after I sent a PM with no response and her not being online. I emailed Denny about the orders and low and behold, the orders have not been placed and no money has been sent.

      First Response:

      Second Response (I wanted to make sure before posting this thread):

      So this means she's had money for two Group Orders since the 27th of April and not sent anything to DIM.

      She stated she wanted to get this order placed quickly but has not placed the order after everyone has paid? She was online enough times after she received the money so it's not like she never had time to send the order.

      I don't want my money back, I want this order placed so we can get it done, and I'm not happy that she's had $2020 (if my math is correct) of everyone's money for both orders and not sent a dime to DIM. That's a lot of money to not send for a whole month.
    2. Just so it's made clear, I emailed Denny the second time asking if no money had been sent, that was his response. I know it can read as him saying the order isn't finished for casting so I wanted to just clear that up.
    3. karma_kannibal was last on the forum 17MAY. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated!
    4. sadly i think i need to add since her last payment to me around 5-3 she has yet to reply to my last pm sent 2 weeks ago. about finishing paying up her part of the heliot split. i've covered what she was out personally to finish up the order with soom.

      but i thought it'd be best to add that. i'm just wanting her to pm and let me know what's going on at this point.
    5. Just another note to add, if she really feels pressured and unable to do this order she should refund everyone and let someone else take it over. I've just read her feedback thread and apparently she's known for being REALLY slow.

      I know the GO has been passed and thrown about to different people and everyone is stressed out, but I'd much prefer a reliable leader who will send details to DIM and post the changes here in a timely fashion than someone who doesn't respond. As soon as we sent the money she went pretty quiet.

      She did state here that the order was placed as well:

      So unless DIM was mistaken then she lied about sending the order to us.
    6. I think I'm going to have to add to this thread as she joined my cuprit split and never sent her payment for this month. I messaged her before payment was due and she responded with a short pm. When I didn't receive the money by the due date I messaged her again and she responded by saying she would have it to me by the next day. That was the 17th and I haven't heard from her or received any money since.
    7. I thought I'd post the Paypal payment details for reference:

      Also it's quite possible she's gone to some sort of anime convention, as I know there are a few going on around this time. Still it does not negate the fact she never sent the order AND she could have let us know where she was going if this is the case.

      If anyone knows her at all please get in touch with me.
    8. just to add as i also replied to rinoa's pm. but her paypal doesn't have a registered address. :/ i was going to snail mail her but that doesn't seem to be an option.
    9. Postal Address was found so hopefully we can get in touch with her that way.
    10. karma_kannibal was online today, she has not replied to PMs, emails or anything.
    11. Since the attempts at contact are being ignored,I opened a Paypal claim against her.I want my Fran head so hopefully this will be the kick in the butt she needs to get this fixed.I want to protect my investment.I can't afford to lose that money and I dont think anyone else can either.
    12. yeah i really think it best for everyone to open paypal claims with her at this point. that's a lot of money in general as a whole.
    13. Filed claims for both payments for the heads. I hope this is resolved soon. I'm just getting upset.
    14. This is insane:

      Email from karma_kannibal:

      I don't believe her because I mentioned the economy in my email to her and believe she's using it as an excuse because she spent our money elsewhere and is trying to play the pity card as if we'll just let it slide. Even if it were true I wouldn't let her just walk away, I can't afford to donate $230 to a "struggling" family.

      I am, for one, disgusted and I don't expect to see my money returned from this flake. I think she'll just keep stalling like she's been know to do and will not return a cent. Let's just hope I'm wrong.
    15. This is awful. :( I guess I have no choice but to file a claim as well. I guess those of us who wish to continue with the GO should will have to decide on a new leader. I'll post there when I get home tonight.
      I really want Balthier and Fran home.
    16. karma said she can't pay us back until August, I am disgusted.

      My reply to her first email:

      Her very lazy response:
    17. August? Some of this group made payments as early as February-March. This is ridiculous.
    18. she's not even really bothered to be honest, yeah she apologized but her responses seem to be all just be a few words long now. As if it's all such a chore.

      I do wonder what her parents think of what she's done.
    19. also: I'm worried she just won't bother to refund once her Paypal account is inevitably frozen. She apparently had problems setting it up and "didn't trust it" or something so I don't she'll go through the effort of opening another one to refund us.

      I think small claims is probably the best solution here, i still don't believe she spent it on her poor struggling family.
    20. I know I just sent out a mass PM to everyone. I would really appreciate it if you could all also let me know how much you sent to her.

      I think things will be taken more seriously if we add up all the money and let the police know. As it stands alone the payments aren't felony but added up it is and she is old enough to be punished for it.