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Resolved Problem Transaction with Katsuyo

Jan 29, 2010

    1. Here is the brief jist of it in timeline form, and her last PM to me. I have many, many more to chronicle the events of the timeline if they would be of help in finding a resolution, but I am sure this note alone is enough of a burden. If you need more, please let me know. Timeline all events from 09-10:

      July 18th (or so) - won a free commission for a shirt and pant set from Katsuyo while attending the Grand Floridian Tea meet up hosted by DOA Member Orca.

      July End/Beginning August - discussed with Katsuyo free commission options and arranged for them to be done at her leisure.

      September 2 - heard Katsuyo was quite talented so asked if she would commission a manga cosplay outfit in exchange for a brand new, never used, DZ BB Leo with eyes and blanket. Informed me Commission for trade would take approx 3 months to create and send. I told her she could include the free commission from the summer in the same box for shipping.

      September 3 - trade accepted by Katsuyo in PM, and while she did not require me to ship the Leo right away (or at all until the commission was complete), I know she was going through some stressful times with other customers (I see why now) and sent it as my payment for the commission early as a means of cheering her up. DZ Leo was sent on this day.

      September 11 - Katsuyo acknowledged that DZ BB Leo was sent

      October 5 - Check on commissions. Katsyuo let me know that she had all the materials for my commission and would start.

      November 13 - Husband was very ill and Katsuyo could not (understandably so) work on commissions. Promised to have them ready by the end of November.

      December 5 - Katsyuo informed me she caught a cold, would send out items either the 11-12 or the 14-15 of December. It should be known we live 2.5 hours away for purposes of mail delivery.

      December 14 - Still no package, Katsyuo told me she would ship package out on December 16 and would be in touch with shipping info. I am still being very patient with her and let her know, that it is fine, I'm not too worried right now as I found out my husband and I will be expecting a baby girl. Nothing heard after this. Each email to her prior to this has been very understanding of all of her aches, pains, ailments and the condition of her husband.

      December 22 - since I did not hear from member on her own mentioned date for shipping, I contacted her. Katsuyo informed me that she that relatives are in town and she is too busy to go to the post office, her husband is ill, and her son is getting ready to go on winter break from grade school so she would go to the post office "tomorrow" december 23. Still very understanding, and I give her the time she needs - again.

      December- January2010 - I did not hear anything regarding the status of my package, if it was sent, if it was going to be sent, or if it indeed was going to be at all. I emailed Katsyuo and she became irate and rude in spite of the fact that my questions of my packages whereabouts came solely from her multiple, widely ranging, promises to ship something out repeatedly since November of 09. Now it appears that the package has been packed and ready to send since at least the beginning of the month but she has failed to do so. In light of her attitude and her last email I told her I don't want to see anything further from her but a tracking number or a package. I do not need the added stress, I do not want to see what she has to say in a thread, she pretty much said it all. And I leave it to the discretion of the mods.

      I told her I would like my package by the end of the month on the 9th, which shouldn't be too difficult since she claims it was packed and ready to go. I even suggested that USPS will pick up the package at her home if she needed it. I have seen no package or tracking number since and I don't think I am going to in exchange for my patience and my giving her of a DZ BB Leo (including shipping at no cost to her) which she accepted months ago. I have been patient with all of her issues, from the sniffles to the unfortunate and dire illness of her husband, to her own general laziness, and it's very frustrating to have been treated with nothing more than an angry email for months of being nothing but understanding and patient.

      In short, in the very least, she should not be in any position to do business here on DOA any further.

      The last PM from her follows from 1/09, it appears she was last here on 1/13. I am still not interested in an explanation or an apology from her, I've gotten all of that up until her last insulting communication. I just want to report what has occurred so this will not happen again as it would appear with one shipping day left to the month, and no tacking number or package provided, for a package she has claimed was ready to ship sometime in November/December and definately January - my doll and my commissions are just a loss.

      Thank you again for your time and attention.

      ~Isola/ Talia

      Dear Talia,

      There has been an excellent reason for my not being in touch for a month.

      I have had a severe sinus and upper respiratory infection coupled with physical exhaustion and the doctor had requested that I rest...which is what I have been doing.

      I have had no opportunity to get online and check messages until yesterday when I was feeling marginally better.

      At no point during accepting your commissions did I consider them less important than any others that I have completed in the past.

      I have not sent the first outfit which was your raffle prize because you indicated that it was fine to send them together after I had completed the Sevy Outfit.

      I realise that you have been more than patient, which is why I decided to redo Sevy's headband, necklace and shoulder decoration with more expensive materials that I felt were better suited for the outfit as well as offer you a third outfit in compensation for your time.

      There was no need for you to point out how long you were waiting and when you sent the doll to me.

      I had originally requested you hold onto the doll until I finished the commission but you sent it ahead.

      This was your decision to do so.

      I found your last email offensive but rather than respond in anger which would not be beneficial to either one of us - especially with me still sick, I felt it best to double check I have the correct address for you and allow myself a little time to collect my thoughts before I write you a reply.

      ((This single line edited out for Katsuyo's personal business re:health condition of family that I will leave to her discretion to speak on pubicly))

      This situation is something that I did not foresee and I did inform you of this as soon as I was able to since I knew that it could cause a delay.

      His decline means that there are times that I have to drop what I am doing and take care of his needs.

      I'm sorry if this has upset you but it's the type of person and friend I am.

      Rather than question my ability to produce your commissions, you could have asked me to send you photos of your items.

      I am more than happy to unpack the box and do this.

      There was no need for you to send me this inflammatory email.

      The earliest I can mail your box is Tuesday. I will be well enough to run errands by then and send you an email as soon as I get back.

      If you wish to see photos, I can post those tomorrow.

      I need to drag my sick carcass back to bed but I look forward to hearing from you soon.



      ((and here is my "inflammatory" email after weeks and weeks of being told my items were ready to shipped and even, as seen above, packed and ready to ship))

      I'm re-sending this as I see you have been on yesterday and I didn't get a response like I usually do. I am hoping DOA did not swallow up this sending to you, likewise, I apologize if you responded to this and your message might have been lost, because I do not have a response from you regarding my commissions. You have been good with return messages in the past. Please update.

      Thank you.

      Originally Posted by Isola
      Good evening Marjorie,

      We're approaching a month now from when you had plans to send out my commissions. I know, understand, respect and feel for the fact that you have some pretty harsh things going on right now. Trust me, I know all about that from my end, but I am starting to wonder if there will ever be a package in the mail. Can you please let me know if this will or will not be the case? I have been more than patient and understanding. Remember when in the summer you could not start on my commission because you had to rush another girl's voucher for someone's birthday? Think you might be able to put that same consideration on my items? I have been understanding from the get go and I still am, but I am starting to be concerned with the lack of communication or product. It's not just cashing in on a raffle voucher, I also did send a doll as well, back in early september. Can you please let me know if this commission is going to be sent or not so know what to expect in the near future?


      I will be more than happy to post response to latest email if need be, or member may share it as well at her leisure.
    2. Katsuyo was last on the forum 12JAN. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. Dear Isola and zagzagael,

      My husband is dying of stage 4 colon cancer and is now on hospice care in our home as of Jan 11th 2010.

      He is not expected to live beyond March.

      Isola is aware of this situation.

      His declining condition has meant that I need to spend more time taking care of him and unfortunately, it hasn't allowed me to get a lot of personal errands taken care of.

      Since I have been unable to take care of this matter myself, I arranged for a friend to take the package to USPS yesterday and it is currently on its way to Isola, priority mail and fully insured - before the 31st January Deadline mandated by Isola in her last correspondence to me.

      Tracking number: VI 090 715 768 US

      Isola has been financially compensated for the retail value of the doll in question (per the retail value listed on Denver Doll Emporium), a free outfit for her wait (as promised to her by me), the outfit she received from the raffle in July (that she requested I send with the cosplay commission) and she is receiving the Cosplay commission for her doll (retail value $210) as a gift for the inconvenience this has caused her.

      I am sincerely sorry that she is upset over the delay and it has come to this.

      I am hoping this will resolve the matter but if you need to contact me further regarding this, I look forward to hearing from you soon.


      Marjorie (katsuyo)
    4. I will vouch for Katsuyo, because I have been living with she and her family since the beginning of August. If you do not believe me, I have a good deal of orlando BJD owners who are members here that can back me up on this.

      First off I will also vouch for the fact that the package has been sent. I took it to the Post Office myself as a favor because Katsuyo was at her young son's track meet, but she still wanted to get the package out to Isola on time. It was in the mail by 11:30 yesterday morning. Tracking and Insurance were on it as well, I made sure of that.

      As for the length of time it has taken her to finish your costume, my dear, I am sorry that you think you are more important than her family issues. Her time in making your costume for your doll was not due to laziness, and in fact, she was very distraught that it took so long. However, taking things like they are, the doctor was not the only one who told her to rest. I have, her family has, and her friends have all told her to rest. If you want to blame the time, blame that on us who are making sure she stays healthy.

      The reason I am replying here is not to just back up the claim by Katsuyo, but to express my extreme ire with Isola in the stress she has caused someone who I call my second mother. How dare you imply in your messages that your costume is far more important that her health and her current situation. What would you do if you were in her situation? Wait, please don't answer that, because I don't want to hear excuses. The fact that you took this to complaint level is a sad fact indeed, and just goes to show how selfish people in the world are. Get over yourself and start to realize that there are people in the world other than yourself.

      I apologize for the outburst at the end, Zagzagael, you can edit that if you'd like. The point is, this has affected me as well because of the fallout it's had around the house here, and miss Isola needs to know the truth. I did not want to PM her earlier in respect to Katsuyo's wishes, she wanted to turn the other cheek and finish the commission as promised. The fact that it is public now means that I can express these feelings, as well as back up Katsuyo. I hope you can understand.
    5. Isola ~ Please pm a mod when the package arrives and this thread will be unlocked for resolution.
    6. I have a tracking number now. I take no issue with the horrible ordeal that Katsuyo is dealing with but I do take offense with such inflammatory responses from others uninvolved here. It is not a matter of thinking anything is more important than family, it is the fact that since the end of November/beginning of December a package was ready to ship and it did not in spite of promises from Katsuyo herself, and certainly not demands from me but checking in if it indeed sent so I did not leave the package on the doorstep to be taken. I did not question her issues, or the severity of them and every step of the way I expressed that I understood and and have great empathy for the fact that she had alot to deal with which is why I went days and or weeks between inquiring about the commission, and sent her the doll she by no means requested well before the commission was even started to cheer her up, and I defy anyone to prove otherwise. In fact, feel free to post each and every communication we've exchanged to see all those 'horrible things I've said.' I asked, in light of multiple promises by the commissioner herself when the package that was already packed and ready to ship - would ship.

      I did not question her ability, I did not question the production of the items, and I certainly did not question the horrible condition of her husband. I questioned only when she planned to send them and even suggested that USPS can pick them up at her home after a weeks worth of her own promises.

      What would I do, sweetheart? I can tell you from my own experience with death and the many horrible things that happen to each and every one of us in our immediate families - what I DID do. I still had to pay bills, I still had to go to work, and if I made not one - but many promises to do something, I would do it, and if I couldn't do it? I'd stop making multipe promises and be upfront with others. That, my dear, is not an excuse, it is the fact. If she explained to me that she couldn't do the commission at all, I would be more than understanding. If she said she could not or would not ship it, I would expect the doll to be returned and it could have taken 6 months or more to occur if that was what her word was and if that is what she wanted. But no, even after our last communication on the 9th of this month, a tracking number does not appear until lo and behold - a complaint is filed. This being after all niceities and pleasant dealings and giving her the time and space that is needed is obviously something to be punished for later. In addition this complaint was after the advisement of moderators that I place this here, since there is no other means of resolution.

      But the truth is, the commission was complete *and* packed - at least since the end of November/beginning of December. But you come here, uninvolved and clearly uninformed and think that I cracked a whip while she is beside someone's death bed. Really? Wow. I do not think I am selfish, I think however I am a fool for taking people at their word, and when they make a promise - not just one, but many over many weeks for a very simple thing that they do not even have to have any further control over than a call to the post office? I am a big selfish idiot for that, aren't I?

      So, I did not get a PM from KeyofTwilight so that he would preserve Katsuyo's wishes to turn the other cheek in a situation that he is not involved in or fully informed of...instead, I get a public smathering of uninformed ire on the boards? I'd question the logic, but, what logic would I get in that in return when it is clear the uninvolved poster didn't even read the full of my posting or comprehend the timeline and the commissioners own communications of multiple promises to me?

      But if you, any of you, feel the need to slander me further? Go for it. I think it's sad and unfortunate that someone's terminal condition, that was NEVER questioned, is put up for fodder for the masses just to prove that a perfect stranger who was patient and entered into a business agreement, months ago, with someone expects after weeks and months of the commissioners promises that those promises are going to be carried out, or that the commissioner would be upfront of her intentions. Terminal illness is one thing, the sniffles, chores and relatives, that is another. There isn't anything to back up, I fabricated nothing in my timeline. Turn that cheek, sweetheart.

      Dear Moderators and those others who feel they are concerned in this. As of the date of this posting I have a tracking number this morning from Katsuyo. As I have always put my trust in Katsyuo's word, selfish of me, foolish of me, or otherwise, I do not even need to wait for this package to arrive.

      I will consider this matter resolved and ended.

      In addition for all those uninformed cheek turners out there, I am placing this warning now, if I get any further negative communications regarding this matter - your message will be forwarded without hesitation, to a moderator. There is nothing further to discuss, I am satisfied that this issue has been resolved and wish, as I always have, Katsyuo and her family well.

      Thank you.