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Resolved Problem transaction with kazesama - RESOLVED

Jan 1, 2012

    1. I hate to be doing this as I have offered for this person to cancel early in the transaction when they had to keep delaying their second payment, but they wanted to proceed and have always rejected my offer to cancel.

      Kazesama had a want to buy thread for a Iplehouse Ryan. I contacted her about my boy on the 19th of June and we proceeded to organise a layaway for her to be able to get the doll I was selling. She made a payment of $70 and although there was a few messages about having to delay payment, she made no further payment within the initial month or more of "I will pay next week". There was no communication at all between the 10th of July and when I chased her up again on the 25th of September. Within a few days of chasing her up, I received an additional $100 for her purchase. Making her total payment $170.
      Since that payment, there has been promises of payment going to be made .... but never is it actually done. I asked her to have the transaction finalised by the end of the year as this has been 6 and a half months and I have only received $170 of the $440 (including postage) that was due.
      I have offered throughout the transaction for her to be able to cancel if she wanted to, but she constantly said she did not want to cancel. So I have been waiting for her to do what was necessary to make payments. I am now at the point where I have waited more than an acceptable time frame and have stated this to the buyer and all I received were promised of payment next week.
      I do not know what is expected of me when a buyer fails to complete their transaction.
    2. kazesama was last on the forum 29DEC. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Is there anything more I need to do ? What is expected from the seller now for an incomplete sale ??
    4. I sent you a pm.
    5. PM received with your refund paypal address. I will refund to you in a week or so. Minus all paypal fees.
    6. okay, thank you.